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By 2016 more than 67% of new leads were generated by companies around the world thanks to frequent updates on an active blog. Businesses that are realizing the new landscape of digital marketing are making huge gains against their competitors who are slower to adopt to new business playing field. In 2017 and well into the future, the most successful marketing strategies will hinge on the ability to master the new digital social environment and the opportunities it has created for business.

Missing the mark when it comes to digital marketing means leaving points on the board. The better your web pages and ecommerce stores can attract high value you leads, the higher your profits. There is literally no reason not to be deeply concerned about how to get your digital businesses engaged with as many high value prospective leads as possible. This is where applying the best practices in digital marketing come in handy.

The most successful brands are already focusing their efforts to improve their:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Fortunately brands like Infusionsoft have rose to the challenge and now provide complete, all-in-one, scalable business automation which allows brands of all sizes to employ the best current digital business strategies to optimize conversion rates (CRO) and boost return on investment (ROI).

Whether you are just getting started or looking to completely dominate your market, Infusionsoft is the customizable customer relations management (CRM) platform you need.  It’s so much more than that though.

Keep reading to learn more about why Infusionsoft is the premier scalable business automation service available in 2017!

Content marketing

2016 marked a massive shift in the business world.

For the first time, brands of all sizes were not focusing the bulk of their marketing efforts on the large scale, untargeted scatter shot type advertising which was so popular in previous decades and revolving around what was the advertiser’s dream platform: television.

Today, the mobile internet is the premier arena for cultivating and converting sales leads into satisfied repeat customers. Over 90% of digital marketers are using content marketing to better reach the specific niches which make up their target customer user’s profiles.

Content Marketing relies on producing blog articles, videos, how-to guides, ebooks and many other forms of digital content which better attract interested customers than random advertisements simply thrown into the heavily saturated media landscape.

Today, most people learn about brands by reading online. The conduct searches for the things they are interested in and the content they find can be extremely influential in their subsequent decision making processes. When you hedge bets in your favor by optimizing your content marketing strategy, you will be constantly pulling high value leads to your landing pages and payment processing areas.

Strategies like content marketing allow brands to attract high value customers who gain tremendous value from the various content channels that may have pulled them off a google search, onto a company blog and from there to a secure ecommerce checkout.

As popular as content marketing has become for the break out companies in various industries, it is still a strategy being employed by less than 50% of businesses. A tool like Infusionsoft will allow you to design and automate an effective full spectrum content marketing strategy that will allow your business to attract high quality local and international leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email marketing

Email is often overlooked but it really shouldn’t be. The fact is, emails can be produced at an extremely low cost which lead to serious sales conversion.

Email is likely 40 times more effective at creating new customers than other methods such as Facebook or Twitter. The key is in sending personalized content messages which instantly call your readers to action from the moment they see the subject line.

Email is a great strategy for pulling new and previous customers back to your social media, blogs and actual ecommerce shopping carts. Sometimes all it takes is one well timed and executed email to influence the decision to engage more meaningfully with a brand.

Not only do customers trust email as a communication method, it offers the highest ROI of just about any marketing strategy. As a result, email marketing efforts should be central to your modern digital marketing strategy.

Infusionsoft is a complete solution for mastering email marketing strategy.

Social media marketing

Social Media has really transformed the business landscape. Today platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ all offer unique access to customers from around the world.

What’s even more exciting is many customers are much more influenced by their peers than by any other form of advertisements. Just a few customers engaging with a question on your Facebook page could lead to hundreds of new leads. Employing tactics like posting videos, infographics and images can be one of the most important ways to establish brand identity and cultivate new interest in the products and services you sell.

Social Media marketing does not have to be a mystery. With systems like Infusionsoft, you can automate all your social channels to move cohesively with the needs of your target audience

Mobile marketing

As soon as 2019, mobile advertising will account for as much as 72 percent of total digital spending. The future is mobile and the time to focus your strategies on this arena is now. Currently only 60 percent of companies have comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. Tackling this area will help you pull away from your competitors.

According to the world’s premier search engine, Google, 61 percent of users will not return to a website if they had trouble accessing it on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. As many of 40 percent will instantly head to a competitor. 83 percent of internet users deeply value a fully integrated experience across all devices. The average purchase is taken up on multiple devices before the product or service is actually received by the end user.

Having a complete marketing strategy involves a lush and expansive HD experience on wide screens as well as an optimized mobile platform or application which allows for continuity of experience, branding and the opportunity for engagement. Infusionsoft is a top choice for creating fully integrated marketing strategy which transfers seamlessly across your user’s mobile devices.

Infusionsoft: The Entrepreneur’s Total Business Tool

More than 25,000 small businesses around the world rely on Infusionsoft to automate processes that enhance organization, time management, sales acquisition and overall marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you are running. An Amazon Drop-ship operation, brick and mortar supplement store with an online forum, or opportunity products and services sold through a website,

Infusionsoft is a great choice for any business. It allows you to develop sustainable organizational processes that will allow your business to achieve more. Customer relationship management (CRM) is extremely important to boosting conversion rates and driving repeat sales. As you integrate Infusionsoft you will be able to manage repetitive tasks like following up, saving you time and creating more enhanced lead prospects.

Infusionsoft gives you greater control over so many unique areas of your business. Payment processing, customer relationship development, marketing strategization, Infusionsoft is truly the entrepreneur’s total business tool. It scales to your needs and simplifies every aspect of managing your online ventures and businesses.

Overview of Infusionsoft Benefits

Infusionsoft is a web-based solution that coordinates all the tasks many company and business owners would prefer not to manage on their own, allowing users grow sales, help organized, and save them time when dealing with basic business issues.

By automating sales and marketing efforts of your business, Infusionsoft enables you to have consistent brand messaging throughout all your campaigns and to assure personalized customer experiences. Overall, using Infusionsoft will help boost your good reputation among current and prospective users, and help you provide professional and efficient service.

By centralizing your contact information about your clients in one place, Infusionsoft improves the efficiency of sales teams and eliminates redundant sales activities. Data can be accessed from multiple different devices (including smartphones and tablets), and is completely secured according to the newest safety standards.

The solution also fully integrates powerful marketing tools to connect you with leads through email, social media and offline channels to create relationships and nurture leads. There is also no need to use separate online systems for sales reasons since Infusionsoft includes all the e-commerce tools you need to create a storefront or order pages, handle billing and collections, do post-purchase follow-up and more.

Infusionsoft combines everything your company needs—contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce—into a single, efficient online system. It’s the quickest way to grow sales and save time.

Infusionsoft: The Scalable Business Automation Powerhouse In-Depth

Total Customer Relationship Management Platform
Full Spectrum Marketing Automation
Complete E-Commerce Support
Powerful Multimedia Marketing Management Strategy
Creation of Web Forms
Social Sharing Integration with All Providers
Built-In Metadata and Keyword Fields
Send Invoices, Track Orders, Manage Accounts Receivables
Secure Payment Processing System
Extremely useful Drag and Drop Builder for Landing Pages that Convert
Simple Publishing of Web Content
Email Marketing Strategy, Automation and Support
Customer Opportunity and Prospecting Support
Comprehensive Referral Program Management
Lead Scoring and Distribution Mapping
Price Quotes, Orders, Returns, Shipping

Infusionsoft: Small, Medium and Enterprise Level Solutions

Infusionsoft offers complete solutions for businesses of all sizes:

Starter – $99/month

Best for companies with basic marketing automation needs

Contact Management
Marketing Automation
500 Contacts
2,500 Emails/mo.
1 Users

Essentials – $199/month

Best for companies with basic marketing automation needs but larger email list to manage

Contact Management
Marketing Automation
2,500 Contacts
12,500 Emails/mo.
3 Users

Complete – $299/month

Now $179.40 (40% off) for the first 3 months!

Best for companies with both an online store and a sales team

Contact Management
Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
10,000 Contacts
50,000 Emails/mo.
5 Users

Master Your Market, Rule Your Niche

There comes a time in every business’ life when it is time to separate itself from its competitors. Forget competing, eventually you just have to win and you will accept nothing less. Infusionsoft is the kind of tool that will help you to prepare for and execute epic and life changing victories.

Applying it to your marketing strategy will help your business to grow and you dreams to flourish. Instead of relying on multiple other tools, providers and services choose the perfect small business solution and start mastering your market and ruling your niches.

Supremacy of the skies and the ability to influence your target market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All this and so much more can be yours with this game changing entrepreneur’s dream platform.

Check Out Infusionsoft Today!

If you are in business in 2017, you need to check out Infusionsoft’s complete business automation tool. Everything you need to break away from the crowded pack, put your conversions, commissions and profits into overdrive can be yours.

Instead of wishing your website or ecommerce store would convert, start managing your marketing efforts with the attention to detail and analytic sophistication that was formerly only available to the Fortune 500 Companies of the world.

Now even small entrepreneurial operations can be marketed using the absolute best practices from all across the digital marketing world.

Mastery in these areas pave the way for engagement, profitability and enhancement of brand reputation:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Even if you are already doing some or all of these pretty well, you can be excelling at all of them. Infusionsoft is a total business tool that will allow you to leave nothing to chance. You will know how and why your marketing efforts succeed and better yet how to use leverage in your favor to drive profits

Infusionsoft is the perfect small, medium and enterprise level business tool. It features extremely comprehensive support and can be purchased at different tiers depending on its users needs.

Check out Infusionsoft today!

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