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JetSmarter: An Honest Review of the Luxury Travel and Private Jet Service

Updated: 10-21-2018

    The User Interface of the JetSmarter App

Update 10-21-18: Halfway though my membership around July 2018, almost all free flights are gone. I paid full membership price and was expecting the same service the whole year of my membership. Now my tokens are worth practically nothing. I live in south florida, a main hub. I used to love to be able to hop on to the Bahamas pretty much for free, both me and my wife have memberships, and only have to pay $350 for my son if we took the family, Brielle could sit on our lap, or we just bought her a seat too. NY trips, practically free as well.

Taking the kids to Orlando, FREE as well

NOW, nothing is free, every flight is alacart, and costs anywhere from $600 to $2000 for a flight to Bahamas or New york.

Cant find any trips to Bahamas or Orlando like we used to get for free

We planed on going to New York towards the end of our membership a couple times, now im forced to pay $1500 to $2000 for the exact same flight that i was supposedly to get for free.

This change half way through my $15,000/year membership really pissed me off.

What I liked about it, was it was exclusive, and not everyone could become a member for the $15k, which my rep said it was going to increase every year, “get it now before it goes to $20,000. “next time this  year it will be $25,000” via their top sales rep Vlad.

Little did i know, all this would change and memberships are like $2000 for the entire family. just pay the premium for all flights….smh

I feel like filing a lawsuit, but Im not, ill just tell people its not worth it anymore, you live and you learn.

I think they have changed their plan over a dozen times over the last few years, seams like they just cant get it right.



JetSmarter is a premium luxury travel and private jet service. Recently, a friend hooked me up with a flight with the gift a seat feature on the app, (we’ll get to the perks of this amazing feature later on). I opened the JetSmarter app and began to accept the free seat.

The user interface is really smooth. I was able to book my trip in a matter of minutes. I even received 1 on 1 instant messaging support from a personal JetSmarter concierge who graciously welcomed me to their service.

I had never flown on a private jet before and was curious about what the experience would be like. To be honest, I booked this first flight thinking being on a private jet would create some memorable pictures and videos for Instagram. I was intrigued but I didn’t think I would be as hooked by the entire experience as I was.

My wife, a friend, and I all decided to fly from Miami to Chicago since we have never been there before. Taking a free luxury flight was the perfect opportunity to go explore a city we had never been to before. As a JetSmarter member, a flight like this, on a luxury private jet, would be totally free for members.

Booking a private plane for a similar flight could cost tens of thousands. JetSmarter really opens up an exciting new way to pay less for ultra-premium flights.

After using the service, I can see why international high-rollers such as Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Saudi Princes were among the first people to invest in JetSmarter.

Luxury Travel is Convenience

Relaxing in Style on a JetSmarter Private Jet

Flying by private jet is luxury travel at it’s finest. Everything about flying on a private jet is more convenient than normal commercial travel.

The whole process is smooth. This is in stark contrast to the travel experience on commercial flights. With JetSmarter, a personal concierge is waiting to whisk you through an extremely simple boarding process.

You can pull right up to the tarmac next to your plane, definitely a great excuse to take the Lambo out! You do not have to pass through TSA or wait in any lines whatsoever. For someone who values time, private jet travel is a real game changer.  One thing I really hate about flying commercial is you have to get to the airport so early! Often you need to arrive 2-3 hours before your departure, and then actually making it through customs is even more of a mission. Sometimes you can kill a whole day just with airport missions!

The convenience factor of JetSmarter is amazing and really makes this premium service a major asset for entrepreneurs on the go.

Not having to go through the normal airport boarding ritual is a major plus and something that completely sold me on traveling by private jet. The convenience is something that will completely change travel for you!

JetSmarter Helps the Busy Entrepreneur to Save Time and Money

JetSmarter: The Complete Luxury Travel Experience

 Since it was launched by Sergey Petrossov in 2012, JetSmarter has seen exponential growth year after year. There is a really great reason for that. Sergey and his team hit on a really unique concept which makes luxury travel accommodation accessible and advantageous for the entrepreneur to consider.


JetSmarter founder Sergey Petrossov

Once a member of JetSmarter, fly for free on private jets in between many regional hubs across the United States and around the world. While being on an ultra-premium, G4 private jet is absolutely a perk in and of itself, I think what I loved most about the concept was the convenience!

Checking into and flying with a private jet really cuts down on the amount of time it takes to fly. The easy onboarding and baggage pickup really makes this a great option if you are someone who travels frequently.

I am really excited to explore flight and ground service benefits of being a JetSmarter member. The service is constantly improving but if you join now, you will lock in your pricing for life. This is a really big deal and why I think it is the perfect time to get involved with this amazing service.

JetSmarter: The Complete Luxury Travel Experience for Entrepreneurs

JetSmarter App Private Jet Flight Service Benefits

A membership with JetSmarter offers the following Flight Service Benefits:

  1. JetDeals: JetDeals, also known an “Empty Legs” are the perfect way to travel spontaneously. Using the JetSmarter app, you can lock in a flight on one of these in as short as 24-48 hour notice. The options for these flights are always changing. Because they are one-way flights, it is not always possible to use these empty leg flights to and from a location due to availability. Nonetheless, these flights are totally free to members. Using this service even two times in a year, more than justifies the expense of joining JetSmarter.

Traveling on empty legs can be a really amazing option depending on how flexible your plans are. If you have business to attend to in a specific city and don’t need to be back on any specific date, traveling with an empty leg could be the perfect solution.

You fly in, take care of business and then either fly to another city using the empty leg service or pay for a less expensive flight back at your convenience.

Considering a private chartered flight can easily cost upwards of $15,000, it is a tremendous benefit to be able to hop on flights of this caliber FOR FREE.

Because JetDeals are constantly departing from regional hubs across the United States and around the world, it is really easy to use these flights for travel to major destinations.

The JetSmarter app has a really slick and smooth interface. Searching for new Jet Deals is a fun part of the user experience. I’ve been enjoying scanning the JetSmarter app for the best deals and options for empty leg flights.

Because these short-term deals come and go, they can be an exciting way to add excitement to your travel life. If you are someone who loves exploring new areas, traveling with empty legs could be a really fun option.

  1. Jet Shuttle: The JetShuttle service is the perfect way to travel in style! These flights travel between regular destinations such as NYC and Miami, London and Paris, or Members get to book these regularly scheduled flights for free and can bring guests along for the price of standard first class pricing. Bringing guests typically costs between $599 and $1600.

JetSmarter is constantly adding new shuttle destinations.

Here are some of the most popular options

[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”6″]
  • New York – Los Angeles 
  • New York — London
  • New York – Miami
  • New York – Hamptons
  • Chicago – New York
  • Chicago – Miami
  • Chicago – Los Angeles
  • Atlanta – New York
  • Atlanta – Boca Raton
[/col][col size=”6″]
  • Los Angeles – Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles – Miami
  • Aspen – Los Angeles
  • London – Paris
  • London – Nice
  • London – Ibiza
  • Moscow – Nice
  • Paris – Nice
  • Ridyah – Dubai

If you frequently travel between any of JetSmarter shuttle service destinations, your membership will quickly pay for itself.

  1. JetCharter: JetCharter is a complete on-demand luxury travel service. Fly exactly where and when you need to. Chartered flights with JetSmarter are available on some of the world’s most luxurious planes. Learjets, Gulfstreams, Challengers, Legacy’s, these are the planes of the jet set class, and now they can be yours.

JetCharter provides pricing discounts ahead of normal chartered flight service. While these services are not free, the pricing makes them an attractive option for when the other options will not accommodate your specific travel needs.

A private jet is the perfect way to impress your business clients or personal connections. With JetSmarter receive incredible discounts to fly on the world’s most impressive planes.

4.HeliTransfers HeliTransfers offer direct helicopter connections to many of JetSmarters key destinations. The service in New York City will transfer you from the airport in White Plains (HPN) to a secured helipad in lower Manhattan at no additional cost. There is also a service straight to the Hamptons during the summer months. Perks like this really add value to the user experience of flying with JetSmarter.

JetSmarter App Ultra Premium Ground Service Benefits:

  • Homes Homes offers JetSmarter members access to premium pricing on luxury rentals around the world. Resorts, apartments, and sprawling properties are all available. With destinations around the world, this is the perfect way to round out your luxury travel experience.
  • Networking JetSmarter travelers are influencers from every international industry imaginable. A major benefit of the program is being able to meet and network with highly successful individuals. This is a major plus for entrepreneurs. Being able to create high-value relationships at 40,000 feet can translate into life-changing opportunities.
  • VIP Events On the ground and in the sky, JetSmarter creates extremely luxurious opportunities for its members. Go behind the scenes and dive deep into some of the most exclusive entertainment opportunities imaginable. Rub elbows with celebrities and experience unforgettable moments with VIPs from around the globe.
  • 24/7 Concierge JetSmarter is dedicated to providing a superior customer service experience. They can assist every aspect of your travel planning. They offer members the opportunity to explore many unique bespoke experiences uniquely tailored to their interests and desires. Concierge service completes the JetSmarter user experience and really drives home the amazing value of this membership.
  • Benefits Portal Members receive exclusive access to discounts on nightlife, entertainment, dining, shopping and so much more. Joining JetSmarter means access to exclusive insider opportunities.

Joining JetSmarter

After my first experience, I contacted a JetSmarter rep and decided to purchase a membership for my wife and I.

Because I live in South Florida and there are so many places JetSmarter flies to from here, joining was a really easy choice. I can fly to nearly any major US city totally free of charge as a member!

Of the cities I travel to frequently, only travel to Los Angeles could cost as much as $2,500 though I also saw flights from Miami to LA for $350. Basically, if you live near a major transportation hub like I do, and travel 3 times a year around the USA, joining JetSmarter will save you time and money.

You bet I’ll be planning a lot of family trips to Orlando and the Bahamas. My son Jayden can fly for an extra $50 to $350 to destinations like these. And that is with the comfort and convenience of flying on premium private jets.

I was amazed by the service and I have to say I am hooked on private jet travel. If you are someone who flies often, the JetSmarter app needs to be on your radar.

I think I first downloaded the app almost a year ago when memberships were around $9000, now they are up to $17,500.  I’m still kicking myself in the butt for not buying sooner. Don’t make the same mistake that I made!

This cost to join is only going to go up, up, and up, as more people hear about it, demand goes up, supply goes down, and the price will skyrocket!

I did my research and due diligence before I plunked down $30,000 for 2 membership fees to see I there was any other deals out there. I couldn’t find anything to come close!

The Millionaire Mentor Jason Stone Enjoys His First Private Jet with JetSmarter

Start Enjoying Luxury Travel with JetSmarter Today!

Do me a favor, download the app here, play around with it and see if the flights and shuttles from your area will be a good fit.

If you decide to take the plunge with JetSmarter, you can get $2500 off using my exclusive code: “MILLMENTOR”.

ALSO, CHECK THIS OUT! You can refer a friend and offer a $2,500 discount on their membership AND earn a $1,500 flight credit. Hook your friends up and receive even better prices for your own travel. It’s perfect!

The JetSmarter Referral Program: The Perfect Way to Help Friends & Earn Travel Rewards

The feature that got me hooked! Gift a seat:

Share the Love with JetSmarter’s Gift-A-Seat Program

You can actually gift a seat to virtually anyone! All from the app! Some last minute flights that are not filled and have empty seats on the jet shuttle section. You simply tap on the gift a seat feature, and send your friend a surprise email!

If anyone decides to become a member after that, you still get you $1500 in flight credit and give them $2500 off their membership!

Another reason why I like having a JetSmarter membership: The Events!

JetSmarter caters to the elite with their members only air travel and lifestyle community. I’m all about the lifestyle, so being able to network with other like-minded individuals is a key to success in business.

You can RSVP to any of the events all from the app, below are a couple events here in South Florida:

With JetSmarter Gain Access to Amazing International Events
The JetSmarter App Provides Access to Life-Changing Luxury Events

Drawbacks: My only drawback would be if you had to sit across from a total stranger that made things awkward. Some of the jets have captains chairs that face each other, and you might have to share legroom and play footsy with a total stranger!

To be honest, this drawback is not a huge concern to me as I really appreciate being able to network with other high powered individuals as I travel.

That said, if you are someone who is only comfortable flying with extreme levels of privacy, you might not like the seating arrangements available on every JetSmarter flight. You can of course, always just charter your own plane if privacy is of your utmost concern.

Start Enjoying Luxury Travel with JetSmarter Today!





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