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Mastering Business with WordPress

Mastering Business with WordPress

If you are using the internet for business and haven’t at least heard of WordPress, you might be living under a rock. If that’s the case, welcome to life in the sunshine but more importantly welcome to 2017, where WordPress is a certified kingmaker, and one of the most important technology focused companies in the entire world. Even if you are late to the party, now is the perfect time to get to know the world’s most successful destination for people looking to manage web content.

Way back in 2003, WordPress was just another Content Management System (CMS) battling for global supremacy in a crowded field. In 2017, while competitors continue to pop up, none can truly compete. If you want to make an impact in the world of digital business, there are some very key reasons why you should be considering how to conduct business within the WordPress framework.

When it comes to absolutes such as size and scope, WordPress remains totally unmatched by its competitors such as Joomla and Drupal. It’s more than just a big and fancy clunker though. WordPress is giant which continues to age gracefully reaching into maturity with the innovative spirit of an adolescent and the wisdom of a sage. If you want to get ahead in business in 2017, you need to check out the king of all CMS’ WordPress.

Keep reading to learn more about WordPress and why it is the top choice for the most successful entrepreneurs and brands in the world.

Here are just a few of the numbers guiding WordPress’ rise in 2017:

  • 117,939,148,357 Words published on WordPress in 2016
  • 409 Million Monthly Viewers on WordPress in 2016
  • 3,000+ Free GPL-licensed Themes for WordPress
  • 5 Minutes or Less required for Installation
  • 48,500+ Free Plugins for WordPress
  • 39% of All Online Stores Run on WooCommerce
  • 2,000,000 New Websites running JetPack in 2016
  • 80 Billion Spam Comments blocked by Akismet in 2016
  • 532 dedicated employees support the entire WordPress Network

Construction of WordPress took over 112 years to complete

Take a look at any of the marvels of the ancient or modern worlds of architecture and you might be amazed to learn how long it took to create some of the most iconic destinations.

Though it exists in a digital landscape, the construction of WordPress has been a truly impressive wonder to behold. Consider that it has taken over 112 years of time for this CMS to be developed. While some claim it is impossible to accurately quantify the amount of time that goes into building something like WordPress, others like Open Hub have tried and that is where this amount of time comes from.

According to Open Hub’s Project Cost Calculator, WordPress took more than 112 years of time to complete based on the 423,759 lines of code and $6 million it has cost to fund the project since it’s inception way back in 2003.
All that hard work really shows. Today, as the top CMS for website applications of all shapes and sizes, WordPress has defined itself for its utility and ability to consistently exceed the expectations of its core users.

WordPress is undeniably the premier CMS in the world

Depending on what sources of data you are looking at, WordPress controls between 50-70% of all CMS traffic on the entire internet. Take a moment and consider that. Most of the worldwide web that exists today is built within th WordPress architecture.

As a result, WordPress remains a valuable content management system for some of the biggest names in the world. Power users flock to WordPress for the wealth of options they receive when creating or migrating their existing content onto this framework.

WordPress powers as much as 30% of the entire internet

There are estimated to be 172 million active websites in operation currently in 2017. Of this number, 750,000 of those are using WordPress and about half of those are being hosted directly on This means that as many as 20% of all self-hosted websites are using this CMS to guide their design infrastructure.

While it’s competitors struggle to attract attention, repeat users and lifelong customers, WordPress is practically minting money off the strength of it’s appeal to its target customers.

WordPress’ latest version 4.8 has been downloaded 22,277,075 times

WordPress lists the number of times it has been downloaded directly on its main website. Every hour of every day, new users are flocking to WordPress. Every moment that passes, new customers are being acquired by the businesses that make their digital homes on this CMS.
WordPress continues to expand

“When I first got into technology I didn’t really understand what open source was. Once I started writing software, I realized how important this would be”, Matt Wullenweg, WordPress Founder.

WordPress is a healthy and viable community in large part because it relies so heavily on the people who love it to improve it’s open source framework. Because WordPress is a totally open source project, hundreds of individual people are responsible for its design, utility and overall architecture. No one person can claim ownership of it. As a result, WordPress continues to expand and find better ways to meet its user’s needs by putting the power right in their hands.

Central to its open source design, the WordPress Foundation has emerged as a truly disruptive and paradigm shifting element of this company which continues to defy expectations. Consider the following projects which have been so central in this firm’s ability to scale with ease into a truly dominant market leader in what was a very confused and crowded field back in 2003 when it was first founded:

WordPress, freely available GPL blogging software with about 346,509 lines of code representing about 91 person-years of development.
WordPress is available in over 50 languages and the latest version has been downloaded over 22 million times.
WordPress Plugins, a repository of over 36,000 freely available plugins representing about as many volunteers. These plugins have received over 859 million downloads that we know about.
WordPress Themes, over 3,048 free GPL-licensed design and themes for WordPress that have received over 128 million downloads.
Currently there are over 700 WordPress meetup groups and in 2014 over 80 WordCamps were held in countries all over the world.
bbPress, open source forum software that works right inside of WordPress.
BuddyPress, a project that allows anyone to create a social network on purely Free Software.
WordPress is not isolated to any single geographical location
Since it’s inception, WordPress has sought to be as available to the world as possible and adding language support has been a major element of why this firm has been able to grow so quickly in so many unique areas of the world.
Currently, WordPress language support for over 169 world languages. While only 51 languages have access to the complete latest version of the platform, that number continues to rise and there has been a concerted effort to support developers who need language support to work with WordPress.
All of this translates into greater profitability for businesses as they seek to cover international customers. With WordPress it is very easy to host traffic in multiple languages and there is a ton of support to be able to achieve that. Options like full spectrum translation support make WordPress the digital business destination of choice for those who understand and know.

WordPress makes up an important 15% of the 1oo most popular websites in the world

So many of the world’s most important brands use WordPress to host their websites, ecommerce stops and online destination portals. Some notable names include TechCrunch, NBC, The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, TED, People Magazine, Sony Music and the list goes on. Top businesses all around the world rely on WordPress and it’s ever expanding array of plugins to meet their customers and boost profits.
In business, certain choices can always be guided by what the biggest and most dominant players are up to. Sure you could reinvent the wheel and try your hand at making an unproven CMS your home base, but why would you want to?
Doesn’t it make the most sense to create your own presence on what for most of the top brands in the world is their bread and butter?

WordPress handles an epic amount of traffic on a daily basis
Back in 2016, an election focused website received 187 million unique page views in a single day but that is just business as usual for the top CMS in the world.
Each month, users upload as many as 42 million new posts.
Users make as many asd 60 million comments on WordPress posts each month.
These numbers continue to rise demonstrating why WordPress is the king of managing, hosting and modulating web traffic.

WordPress for Business: What You Need to Know

Now that you know how successful WordPress has been since it was founded in 2003, you might be wondering why exactly it is a top choice for businesses, better yet you might be wondering why this platform is a great choice for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Keep reading to learn more about why WordPress and business play so nicely together.

An All-in-One Solution
WordPress will let you choose a domain, design a website and get many key features such as email and shopping cart up and running in as little as 5 minutes.

The utility of this platform simply cannot be matched. With all the things you need to run your business in one place, you have more time to focus on raising conversions and less time spent struggling to get your site to work the way you originally planned.

WordPress is home to an ever expanding array of plugins, widgets and add ons which help to enrich your experience. Many of the best ones are totally free to use.

WordPress contains powerful analytical tools which allow you to make the best of your website right from the first day of launch. SEO support, seamless social media integration and the ability to easily share your content across various networks make WordPress the top choice for businesses.

Finally WordPress offers complete support for creating a mobile friendly website. The internet is mobile and WordPress understands that. Choosing to build on this CMS means having complete support for your website and the assurance that it will look good on whatever your customers are using to access your destination website.

Complete 24/7 Support

When you work with WordPress, you do not simply gain access to a powerful CMS, you also get the peace of mind to know that you can get help along every step of the way towards employing it to meet your business needs.

Support comes in the form of live chat, support pages, guided courses, and situation specific expert advice. WordPress can require some learning but it’s easy when you have so many unique avenues for building your base of knowledge around the best practices of how to get the most out of this content management system.

With WordPress you spend less time waiting for your customer support ticket to be responded to and more time making your business successful.

The Top Business CMS is Here and it’s WordPress
WordPress is a truly astounding piece of human ingenuity and innovation that can truly transform the way you meet your customers.

Whether you are looking to monetize a blog, set up an ecommerce store or create a digital presence for a brick and mortar business, WordPress is the perfect choice.

If you haven’t thought about hosting your business website on WordPress, you could be missing out on some tremendous opportunities.

WordPress continues to improve on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs and brands who create websites on this CMS can be assured they will be supported along every step of their way.

The time has come to check out WordPress and learn more about what this powerful all-in-one business tool can do for you!



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