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The Self Made Real Estate Master: Cody Sperber

Mentorship is all about connecting people to the resources they need to improve their lives. It’s about taking the time to assist and guide others towards the decisions they need to grow and realize their fullest potential. Cody Sperber is a fellow millionaire mentor and someone who has a great deal to teach anyone interested in learning the secrets of a success.

A real estate investment guru, success guide and highly sought after wealth advisor, this is one U.S. Veteran who has defined his expertise in many phases of the game of life. A truly self made man, Cody is very candid about his journey to the upper echelon of the entrepreneurial world.

He has been there and seen it all: the heartache, setbacks, moments of struggle and celebrations of triumph. To know Cody is to have someone on your side who can truly assist you to change your life. There is very good reason why I consider Cody Sperber one of the most visionary business strategists operating in the world today. Cody has been there and done it.

If you have the time and motivation, he can take you there too. You don’t need to want, you can have it now: the big house, the fancy car, the opportunity to live how and where you want. These are the things that I enjoy, these are the things that make my life so satisfying.

That is why it is so important for me to introduce you to Cody Sperber. I can’t make these things happen for you. I also can’t tell you that is going to be easy. As I’ve said many times before, there is no easy way to the top but with someone like Cody Sperber on your side, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat will come naturally.

Financial intelligence is something some of us are born with and something others of us have to learn.

If you aren’t living the life of your dreams now, maybe it’s time you took the time to start learning the skills you need to accumulate the financial intelligence which will ensure your family will never want for anything ever again?
Keep reading to learn more about this dedicated family man, mentor and internationally recognized leader!

Get to Know the Clever Investor

To date Cody Sperber has orchestrated more than 1,000 successful real estate deals worth a truly awe inspiring $200 Million in capital. There really is no area of the real estate landscape that this maverick has not conquered.

Whether you are interested in flipping properties, closing wholesale deals, profiting from short sales, or earning on multi-unit dwellings, Cody has the right stuff to take your game from the minors to the all star leagues in just a few strategic moves. He knows the ins and outs of making the most out of destination rentals, setting advantageous leasing options and has even developed an inhouse he coined himself called “The Reverse Short Sale”.

Cody has branded himself successfully branded around the world as “The Clever Investor”.

Prospective students of all ability levels have flocked to this platform to try to learn insights about how to generate success and wealth like the very talented Mr. Sperber.

Forever humble, Cody is the kind of mentor who makes himself available to the people he works with. A family man based in Phoenix, Arizona, Cody is not someone who is motivated at crushing the game of life simply to stack cash or inflate his ego. At the center of this man’s empire stands his wife and beloved children. The reason for the immense sweat equity he has poured into life and the motivation behind his investment strategy.

From Serviceman to Student

Growing up in Mesa, Arizona, Cody was always interested in American history and early on aspired to dedicate himself to enriching the lives of young people. Eventually when he faced the hard facts around how much teachers struggle to get ahead in the modern business landscape, he shifted his focus towards supporting the American Armed Forces.

In the U.S. Navy Cody learned a great deal about what it takes to submit to a power and system greater than himself. As a Quartermaster, he was responsible for men and women’s lives. People counted on him to survive and he was the center of many very important strategic operations.

Upon being discharged honorably from service, Cody would go on to receive the Navy Achievement Medal for his tenacity to excel as a leader, team builder and someone with the right stuff to get the job done. Once transitioning back to civilian life, Cody Sperber is not someone who was done with life, in fact the most exciting phase of his career was just beginning to get started.

Enrolled in the University of Arizona pursuing a degree in Finance, this former sailor would go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude. A distinguished title for any young student perhaps even more impressive considering Cody’s status as a veteran and non traditional student.

While some people spend their time at Arizona State University living the high life on Lake Havasu, Cody was already beginning to display the sort of leadership skills which had won him the respect of his fellow Navy Men and commanding officers. Not one to passively sit back and watch life go by, when he saw a friend successfully make over $80K in a real estate deal gone right, he knew he had to get into the game. He knew that he could achieve what his friend had and he poured himself into trying to find the right formula to fuel his own success.

A lifelong pursuit was born and while Cody initially struggled to find his place in the investment landscape, he didn’t let his dream die. After much soul searching Cody came to terms with the fact that to truly reach the place he wanted he needed to again submit to insight and expertise greater than his own.

A Push in the Right Direction

A friend named Zach would create a very important moment in Cody Sperber’s young life when he invited him to come watch an educational seminar put on by West Coast Real Estate Guru, Jack Miller.

Life is all about choices and for Cody Sperber, the decision to finally seek out the advice of someone who knew and had been there before was one of the most singular and defining of his entire life.

Finally, surrounded by those who had been there and made their mark on the investment landscape in the realm of real estate, Cody knew he had finally found his people and begun to gather the resources he needed to take his investment aspirations to the next level.

With renewed passion and fire lit under him, Cody rededicated himself to chasing his dreams of building a fortune, the way he wanted to, on his own terms. Sure he would need the assistance of others to achieve his goals but finally for the first time he had the necessary formula to truly make things happen.

At Jack Miller’s Real Estate seminar in San Francisco, Cody would run into a man by the name of Lyle and instantly the two clicked. Sometimes succeeding in life takes building the right team of supporters around you and that is exactly what Cody found in allies like Zach and Lyle who helped to push him along the way.

Ascent to Glory

In a very short period of time, Lyle and Cody would grow into an extremely successful real estate team that defined itself by going after wholesale opportunities. Right from the beginning of their time together, Lyle worked by Cody’s side to help him improve his business strategy and market capitalization.

Lyle had taught Cody the very valuable skill of transactional engineering. The art of influence became a second nature and with unparalleled negotiation skills, Cody’s pathway to wealth was finally secured.

With Lyle’s assistance, Cody would build the largest cash buyers list in the entire state of Arizona. Over the next year he would translate the insights Lyle had provided him with into a truly successful enterprise.

Dedicated to technology from the start, a key element of Cody’s success in real estate hinged on his ability to rise in Google search rankings. The funnels he created and leads he were able to generate would completely transform his earning potential and put him well on his way to the heights of success and the beginnings of true wealth.

It’s one thing when someone starts out with tremendous financial resources and is able to grow them further. This in and of itself is amazing and certainly something to admire. Managing money is not easy and for as many people start out with a silver spoon, many more of these people end up going on spending sprees and what was once very promising quickly evaporates within a generation or two.

Cody Sperber is much different. He started out a humble and down to earth Navy Quartermaster, struggled hard as bookkeeper and help fast to an iron clad dream. He is a self made man and someone who has built true wealth for his family through his dedication to innovative thinking and his willingness to learn from others when the opportunity arose.

The Cycle Continues

Like myself, Jason Stone, Cody has decided to take the things he has learned and share them with the world. That is why I describe him as a fellow millionaire mentor.

Like myself, he has channeled his success into the ability to educate and empower others to take control of their lives and realize the opportunities that may have previously felt unreachable. That is why I believe if you are interested in building success through real estate, you need to listen to what this man has to say.

Like myself, Cody has created value not just for himself and his family but for millions of followers around the world who gravitate towards his website, educational training programs, webinars, speaking engagements and other public offerings. That is why I believe if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn some new skills, I truly believe Cody Sperber is someone who can help you transform what was into what will be.

To date, Cody has closed more than a 1,000 real estate deals worth more than $200 Million. He is still very active in this area of his life, still closing between 7 and 15 real estate deals every month, constantly refining his skills while also offering his time to others.

Being a passive daisy that floats through life just doesn’t work for some of us. I know I can’t sit still for very long. My mind is always working and the wheels are always turning. Cody is the same way and that is why I am so proud to introduce him to my audience.

Sealing the Deal

Today, Cody Sperber is known around the world not simply as a successful real estate entrepreneur though he is most certainly that. For thousands of clients around the world, Cody has become the center of a truly revolutionary wealth and success management strategy.

Of course real estate is at the center of this world but it is just one element of a multi-tiered system which harnesses the best of digital marketing, reputation management, business psychology, transactional engineering and many other concepts into a proven system which has lead to life changing results for thousands of clients around the world.

If you are ready to transform you life, you need to get to know Cody Sperber!

There are so many pretenders out there and yet every once and awhile a truly genuine, down to earth and humble leader comes around who can really make all the difference in the world.

If you are ready to plant seeds that will grow into sustainable wealth for you and your family to enjoy for generations, you need to check out Cody Sperber and his unique approaches to building wealth through real estate internet marketing!



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