The Lombardi Rules

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26 Lessons from Vince Lombardi–the World’s Greatest Coach.

Vince Lombardi’s uncanny ability to motivate others, along with his insatiable drive for victory, made him the standard against which leaders in very field are measured. The Lombardi Rules provides an insider’s look at Lombardi’s extraordinary methods, and shows you how to adapt and adopt those methods for leadership success in your own career.- Amazon Review.

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Vince Lombardi is considered by most to be the greatest NFL coach ever. His leadership and motivational skills drove the Green Bay Packers to four NFL titles in seven years, an amazing record that has yet to be equaled. The Lombardi Rules examines the strategies and techniques that Lombardi followed to achieve his unprecedented success. Especially valuable in today’s take-no-prisoners business environment, it provides an insider’s look at Lombardi’s remarkable methods and how they can be transformed to any field or endeavor.


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