Parallel Worlds

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In this thrilling journey into the mysteries of our cosmos, bestselling author Michio Kaku takes us on a dizzying ride to explore black holes and time machines, multidimensional space and, most tantalizing of all, the possibility that parallel universes may lay alongside our own.

Starred Review The success of physicist Brian Greene’s books (e.g., The Fabric of the Cosmos [BKL F 15 04]) demonstrates the interest in string and membrane (or brane) theories, which posit that matter and energy consist of 10- or 11-dimensional entities vibrating at different frequencies. A pioneering theorist in the field, Kaku is also a fluid general-interest writer (Einstein’s Cosmos [BKL Mr 15 04]) able to explain the essence and implications of strings. Purely theoretical constructs, strings have not been detected in nature, but in the course of describing some big-science observatories currently under development, Kaku states that he expects that evidence of their physical existence will be found. From this optimistic platform, Kaku expounds comprehensibly on why astrophysicists love strings and branes: they resolve various vexatious cosmological paradoxes and, Kaku comments, might ultimately be expressible in a single inch-long equation that describes our universe. On the other hand, millions of possible universes are permissible within the mathematical parameters of string theory, and since ours is destined to expand for eternity unto a frigid doom, according to cosmologists’ current thinking, early planning for emigrating to a warmer parallel universe makes sense. Speculating about escape routes through spacetime, Kaku caps a riveting popular treatment of the string revolution in physics. Gilbert Taylor
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Kaku skillfully guides us through the latest innovations in string theory and its latest iteration, M-theory, which posits that our universe may be just one in an endless multiverse, a singular bubble floating in a sea of infinite bubble universes. If M-theory is proven correct, we may perhaps finally find answer to the question, “What happened before the big bang?” This is an exciting and unforgettable introduction into the new cutting-edge theories of physics and cosmology from one of the pre-eminent voices in the field.


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