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You Want To Build A 6 Figure Business But You Can’t Get Off The Free Version Of Mailchimp.

HAHAHA. Sometimes I really want to help people out. And then when I dig a little deeper, they aren’t even at the level where they can get off of the free version of the tools they are using. Listen, I am not being condescending, I am speaking the truth. You need to spend money to make money. Even I practice what I preach…I pay tens of thousands every month for people, software, equipment, etc. Far more than that often. But, the inverse effect is hundreds of thousands every month. And to get to the next level I am going to spend more. Period. Invest into the things that will take you where you need to go.

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Jason Stone

Jason Stone is widely known by celebrities and almost 2 million people around the world as @Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram. Stone has successfully launched multiple 6 and 7 figure Instagram and Internet platforms and is becoming a well known social media influencer and marketer.

Known for his e-commerce success in the automotive industry in his early years with Treadstone Performance Engineering, Inc., Jason is a mechanical engineer, real estate investor, car enthusiast, and startup investor. Jason has Co-founded the Impact Billions Movement and also created Gentlemen’s Mafia Instagram network which culminates relationships and success among the thousands of its members worldwide and utilizes his experience and passion as a motivator, mentor, teacher, and social media influencer to help others create success.

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