Christien Bouc: The 7-Figure CEO Of Bouc Media

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Navigating the digital landscape can be difficult for new business owners. In an era where information travels at the speed of light with a single click, the winners and losers in business are decided by who can adapt from the antiquated brick-and-mortar model to the internet economy. 

Christien Bouc

Christien Bouc, the founder of Bouc Media, saw this trend back in 2017 and decided to start his own digital marketing agency. Six years later, Christien and his team have generated over 7 figures in lifetime revenue for their agency and become one of the “go-to” marketing agencies to get more followers, leads, and sales on social media. 

From Humble Beginnings

Like many self-made entrepreneurs, Bouc did not come from wealth. His parents were divorced and Christien grew up with a single mother who worked as a real estate agent during the housing crisis of 2007. Bouc said, “During this time, we were quite poor, and the house my mom had purchased ended up getting foreclosed on.” While money was tight, Bouc focused on education to escape the financial rat race, and his priority was getting high grades to enter a top university and land a high-paying job. In 2012, Bouc graduated high school and attended the University of California: San Diego for Biochemistry, but left the following year. He said, “It didn’t make sense for me to continue going into debt to attend university, so I left UC San Diego to finish up my general education requirements at a local community college.” Because of this decision, Bouc moved back to Marin County, California and he started working full-time while attending school. He mentioned that at 19 years old he had moved into his own apartment and was financially independent while taking a full-time college course load.

The Entrepreneurial Fire

The entrepreneurial fire is what sets apart those who merely dream from those who take action and make their dreams a reality. While interviewing Christien Bouc of Bouc Media, I wanted to ask him, “What motivated you to start your entrepreneurial journey?” Bouc replied, “What triggered me to start my own business was seeing a Tai Lopez ad on YouTube. I could resonate with a lot of things he said like reading books written by billionaires and finding mentors. What kept me from starting my own business before this was that I had no idea what type of business to start. After watching Tai Lopez’s webinar and purchasing his online course, I was sold that a social media marketing agency would be a great online business.”  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20% of small businesses in the U.S. end up failing within a year, and 50% fail within the first five years. I wanted to ask Bouc, “What did you do differently from the majority of businesses that fail?” Bouc responded, “I think the main contribution to my success was my mindset and willingness to try new things. For me, failure was not an option. I was going to make this work no matter what. I also was open to trying many different strategies to obtain clients whether it be approaching business owners in person, checking Craigslist, posting videos on YouTube, answering questions or reddit/quora, or even creating a Facebook group. I tried many different strategies to acquire clients and I would not have been able to succeed if it were not for my never-give-up attitude and my openness to testing out new things.”

Scaling A Marketing Agency To 7 Figures

Scaling a business can be an immensely challenging endeavor. Rapid growth often requires substantial investments in infrastructure, technology, and personnel, which can strain financial resources and disrupt established workflows. It takes more than just ambition to progressively scale a company. It takes purpose and drive. Because of this, I wanted to inquire with Bouc, “What motivates you to keep scaling?” Bouc said, “I am motivated to keep scaling because I am very passionate about helping clients achieve their goals online. Nothing is more personally fulfilling than a happy client who we’ve built trust with and watching them reach their short term or long term goals. In the six years I have been selling services, I have found the journey of building a business deeply rewarding, and I am very passionate about helping clients get better results. This drives me to continue scaling the business even further.”

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