Elon Musk DEFENDS Andrew Tate And DESTROYS Host For LYING Live!

In this recent interview, BBC reporter tries to trick Elon Musk but he fired back immediately at him. Elon Musk defended, free speech, Andrew Tate, caught the reporter lying about Twitter, and other controversies. Watching this debate was like watching a parent catch their kid lying! https://www.youtube.com/embed/Tm_nkAlp0ew

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Woke Feminist Tries To Outsmart Jordan Peterson, But He Strikes Back!

In this video, Jordan Peterson debates BBC journalist on the gender pay gap, equality, equality of outcome, transgenders, and more. JustPearlyThings also joins us for a short minute where she debates feminists on the VICE show. MORE VIDEOS RELATED: Jordan Peterson Instantly OWNS Woke Professor On Gender Pronouns: https://youtu.be/BPxQkQpEe1c...

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