Patrick Bet-David Goes BALLISTIC Over Bill Maher’s Anti-Trump Rant!

In this video, we will talk about the intense clash between Patrick Bet-David and Bill Maher over Biden's mandates. Watch as PBD challenges Maher on the fundamental divide between choice and mandates, freedom and safety. Delve into the complexities of political ideologies, vaccine mandates, and the delicate balance between...

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Woke Students Laugh At Historian’s FACTS But Got DESTROYED Instantly

In this video, we will talk about the intense exchange at Cambridge Union, where historian Rafe Heydel-Mankoo challenges the idea of Britain paying reparations for slavery & colonialism. Watch as woke students react to his facts, sparking a heated debate on well-established historical realities. ►Subscribe for new weekly videos:...

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Watch Jordan Peterson Talking To A Muslim About Christ!

In this video we react to Jordan Peterson talking to Mohammed Hijab who's a famous YouTuber and a promoter of Islam about Christianity and Jesus Christ. ►Subscribe for new weekly videos: If you liked this video, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more! FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer...

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Kurt Russell OBLITERATES Woke Culture & Hollywood Goes INSANE!

In this video, we will talk about Kurt Russell's bold takedown of woke culture and Hollywood's reaction during a heated discussion on gun control. Watch as Russell confronts insinuations about his movies contributing to real-life violence and challenges the shifting goalposts in the gun control debate. Don't miss the...

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“This Is Going To Happen In 2024” | Tucker Carlson & Jordan Peterson

In this video, we will talk about Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson's compelling insights into the monumental events anticipated in 2024. Dive into the discussion on Trump's populist movement, the clash with the establishment, and the potential consequences for a nation at a crossroads. Explore lost trust in the...

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