Woke Politicians Team-up Against Jordan Peterson But Get OWNED Immediately

In this video, Jordan Peterson engages in a heated debate with several woke politicians who team up against him on a political talk show. The politicians, all of whom espouse far-left views, take issue with Peterson's stance on free speech, gender identity, and cultural Marxism. However, Peterson doesn't back...

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US sets new record for billion-dollar climate disasters in a year.

The United States has recently experienced an alarming increase in the frequency and severity of climate-related disasters, shattering previous records for billion-dollar climate events. In a year marked by extreme weather events, wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, the nation finds itself at the forefront of the climate crisis. The US...

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Alibaba Will Focus on AI and Users in Business Revamp, CEO Says.

Alibaba, one of the world's leading e-commerce and technology giants, is embarking on a transformative journey that prioritizes artificial intelligence (AI) and user-centric strategies in its business operations. The company's CEO, Daniel Zhang, recently announced this strategic shift, marking a pivotal moment in Alibaba's evolution. we will explore Alibaba...

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Microsoft and Paige partner to create world’s largest AI model for cancer detection: ‘Unprecedented scale’.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Microsoft and Paige have joined forces to usher in a new era of cancer detection and diagnosis by creating the world's largest artificial intelligence (AI) model for this critical medical field. The initiative, announced with much anticipation, aims to leverage the power of AI and...

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