Jack Dorsey Leaves Bluesky Board, Calls X ‘Freedom Technology’

Jack Dorsey Leaves Bluesky Board, Calls X ‘Freedom Technology’

Jack Dorsey Leaves Bluesky Board, Calls X ‘Freedom Technology’

Jack Dorsey Leaves Bluesky Board, Calls X ‘Freedom Technology’

Jack Dorsey has left the board of Bluesky, a social networking service he helped start a year ago. This happened after he felt bad about selling Twitter to Elon Musk. He made this announcement on X, a platform now owned by Musk. Dorsey is giving money to support open internet protocols. He calls these protocols “freedom technology.” He also said that companies can use open protocols to build new tech.

Bluesky is a platform where users can share posts and connect with others. Dorsey was a big part of creating Bluesky, but now he has decided to leave the board. He explained his decision on X, a platform he now likes to use. He talked about giving grants to support open internet protocols. These protocols are like rules that help the internet work better.

Jack Dorsey thinks open internet protocols are important for the future of technology. He believes they can help make the internet more free and open for everyone. This is why he calls them “freedom technology.” Dorsey also mentioned that companies can use these protocols to create new tech products. This means that open protocols can benefit both users and businesses.

Jack Dorsey’s apparent endorsement of X came after regret over sale

Dorsey’s decision to leave Bluesky’s board comes after he regretted selling Twitter to Elon Musk. He started Bluesky as a way to support a different kind of social networking platform. Now, he is focusing on supporting open internet protocols through his philanthropic efforts. Jack Dorsey believes that these protocols can make a positive impact on the future of technology.

On X, Jack Dorsey shared his thoughts on open internet protocols and their importance. He believes that these protocols can help create a more open and inclusive internet for everyone. By supporting these protocols, Dorsey hopes to contribute to the development of what he calls “freedom technology.” This technology can benefit both individuals and companies looking to innovate in the tech space.

Jack Dorsey has left the board of Bluesky to focus on supporting open internet protocols. He believes that these protocols can help create a more free and open internet for all users. By calling them “freedom technology,” Dorsey highlights their importance in shaping the future of tech. Companies can also benefit from using open protocols to develop new products and services. Dorsey’s decision reflects his commitment to advancing technology in a way that benefits everyone.

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