Is Remote Work Really All That?

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Is Remote Work Really All That?

Remote work opportunities are on the rise and it is a trend which shows no signs of slowing as we move further into the bold, technological, interconnected workplaces of the future.

The internet has made it easier than ever before for professionals of all kinds to forgo investing their time and energy with one firm and in one geographical location.

Gone are the days of working for a single company or even in a single professional role. Today’s savviest professionals are marketing themselves uniquely to match the lifestyles they aspire to and the unique skills they have developed.

Globalization for All

The remote work revolution is one which is benefiting workers of all ages, skill levels and from all corners of the globe.

Workers from western countries are able to live in more affordable locations while still earning the kinds of income they were pulling down when they were more established in a single geographical location.

Workers with valuable skills from more developing parts of the world are able to advance their careers providing essential professional services to firms based from from their native lands.

The remote market is truly an example of the best of globalization and the winners come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds.

One Remote Job Board to Rule Them All

There are thousands of unique marketplaces available for freelance remote workers. Established generalist providers such as,,, a month others are coming into their own and businesses of all sizes are turning to these to secure the talents they need on short term and project by project basis.

Many remote jobs are segmented even further so that specific professionals are only assisting on the tasks most relevant to their skills freeing up their time to secure other opportunities.

Enhanced digital security, identity verification and payment systems have made doing business across these platforms exceptionally attractive for both firms looking for talent and the professionals seeking gainful employment.

It is true, that making a full time remote career work takes a lot of tenacity, bravery and creativity but there are millions of people around the world making it happen on a daily basis. This new breed of workers, often known as digital nomads, are not tied to any specific geographical location but instead live where they want to and work for companies based around their world.

In many cases they do not hold down a single position but instead spread their time around offering skills here and skills there to round out their monthly earnings.

The Future is Wow

As companies increasingly seek out freelance employees, they are saving tremendous amounts of money in not having to pay for the same types of overhead expenses which have made it hard for so many firms to transition from small to medium and medium to large size enterprises.

Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you might need to consider entering the remote workplace revolution:

1. Remote work can boost productivity across your firm.

In the remote environment, there are far few distractions to take talented workers off their grind. It is much easier to hit a stride when a worker wants to, take breaks when it is most beneficial and then get back on track when they are ready and most able to contribute. A big part of what is boosting productivity is the increased scheduling flexibility that comes with these arrangements.

2.Remote work makes workers more efficient at their core tasks.

For a disciplined remote worker, fewer distractions and more control over one’s schedule means more accomplished in less time. Cultivating this discipline may not be an easy task for workers who are inexperienced working in traditional office settings. However those who have paid their dues and proven their loyalty are likely to exceed expectations when given value added benefits such as the ability to complete more of their deliverables from mobile office arrangements.

3. Remote work lowers stress and boosts morale.

Going to work is really stressful. From the commute to fitting into office culture, many of your employees who are at their desks are likely more “checked out” then you might realize. When workers are able to attend to their work/life balance, they feel happier and are way more willing to put in long hours to help the company succeed knowing they will be rewarded with more time and freedom to spend with friends and family once a task is complete.

4. Remote work helps retain the best talent.

When you give employees what they want, it make it much harder for them to walk away. By contributing to choices which make it easier for your workers to balance the stress and personal obligations of their lives, they are more committed to your organization.

5.Remote work decreases overhead costs.

Firms like Aetna where 14,500 out of 35,000 employees work remotely has been able to shed nearly 3 million square footage of office space and save close to $80 Million in annual expenses as a result. These are no small sums but even firms much smaller than Aetna can benefit from the same perks.

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