What is Mentoring?

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What is Mentoring?

Quite often on the journey to success you will come across the term of Mentoring. We’ve had this question several times, as it can sometimes be confused with leadership, coach, teacher, and other similar terms. Mentoring is a word that can be applicable to all of those words, however, they key difference is that mentorship is something that is more voluntary on both sides.

In 2004, an academic named David Clutterbuck, who studied mentoring, came up with a great acronym that describes what mentors do:

  • Manage the relationship
  • Encourage
  • Nurture
  • Teach
  • Offer mutual respect
  • Respond to the learner’s needs

This acronym highlights the essentials of what mentoring is all about. Anyone who is on a journey towards success in business, entrepreneurship, or life in general, can greatly benefit from having a mentor, and there are some great steps to take when finding one to help you.

The mentoring relationship can help both sides, as shown below:

For the learner, he or she can have several years of experience and wisdom to gain from the mind of the mentor. There will be plenty of expertise, advice, and knowledge that the learner will be able to acquire from the mentor.

For the mentor, they will gain value by giving back. The mentor was at one time, a learner, and giving back after they successfully secured their spot can be a feeling a value for the mentor. He or she is most likely very thankful and willing to help someone who they see as similar to them, only at the start of their journey.

Mentorship is something that is very beneficial to both parties. Check out our book The Millionaire Mentor, a great story with tips, advice, and wisdom to all who are on the journey to self-development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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