From Stay-at-Home Mom to 7-Figure CEO: How Lacey Madison’s Journey Inspires Women to Reach the Elite 1%

Lacey Madison

From Shutting Down Her Business to Become a Full-Time Mom to Building Another 7-Figure Company: Lacey Madison’s Inspiring Journey

Are you a female entrepreneur who feels like you can never quite have it all? Meet Lacey Madison, the founder of Sir Consulting Haus, The Sir Method™️, The Elite CEO Method™️, and Sir Private Equity Initiative™️. Lacey is on a mission to create more female millionaires in 2023 and take their rightful seat at the table with the elite 1%.

Overcoming Challenges as a Female Entrepreneur: How Lacey Used Her Experience in Motherhood to Lead a Revolution in the Online Business World

As a woman in business, Lacey understands the unique challenges that come with balancing motherhood and running a company. But instead of letting those challenges defeat her, Lacey used her experience in motherhood as fuel to lead a revolution in the online business world.

Lacey’s Childhood and Early Entrepreneurial Journey

Lacey’s childhood wasn’t easy. She was often referred to as the rebellious child, the troubled kid, and even ran away from home at 15. But behind this troubled girl was a tenacity, drive, and purpose to lead other women and raise the cumulative standard.

From a young age, Lacey had a knack for business and people, which was instilled in her by her father. By the age of 5, she was hustling candy in the school playground. By 14, she had started her first venture into the PR and marketing industry, refining her skillset for building elite personal brands. By 18, she had created a multiple 6-figure PR, media, and talent management agency, servicing some of the largest names in the fashion industry.

At 21 years old, Lacey had already achieved immense success as a 4x multiple 6-7 figure business founder and had been featured in some of the most recognized publications in her industry. But all of that changed when she gave birth to her son. She quickly realized that life was too short and these moments were too precious to miss. And with that, she shut down all of her companies to explore being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Finding Balance and Fulfillment as a Mother and Entrepreneur

While those were the best moments of her life, Lacey realized there was something missing. She knew that as much as it was her calling to be a mother, the business landscape needed her back. There was change and a revolution to be started, and there were gaps to be filled that no one could fill quite like her. And she knew that she could in fact have it all.

Thus began the journey of Sir Consulting Haus, the ONLY industry-agnostic full-service consulting and advisory firm that is expertly curated to help female business owners, in particular, scale their business to multiple 6, 7 & 8 figures through the lens and support of a 10x C-Suite team.

How Motherhood Taught Lacey Empathy, Leadership, and Resilience

Lacey’s time in motherhood taught her empathy, self-leadership, community leadership, and team leadership that she never knew possible. It also taught her resilience and perseverance, which is necessary to fulfilling the vision she has for Sir Consulting Haus. Lacey’s journey inspires women to overcome challenges and reach the elite 1%. So, Are you ready to join her in the journey? Yes, click here.

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