Apple’s Vision Pro Platform Joins Forces with Pixar to Propel Standardization of 3D Content.

In a remarkable stride towards revolutionizing the world of 3D content creation and distribution, Apple's Vision Pro platform has partnered with none other than Pixar, the renowned animation studio famous for producing some of the most beloved and visually stunning films. This collaboration marks a significant step towards the...

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Barbenheimer is a billion-dollar win for the global box office.

In a cinematic coup that has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, the highly anticipated film "Barbenheimer" has achieved an extraordinary feat by crossing the billion-dollar mark at the global box office. This monumental success not only showcases the film's magnetic pull on audiences worldwide but also underscores the...

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Walmart Buys Tiger Global’s Flipkart Stake for $1.4 Billion.

In a significant development within the global retail landscape, retail giant Walmart buys Tiger Global's Flipkart stake , India's leading e-commerce platform, for an impressive $1.4 billion. This strategic acquisition underscores Walmart's commitment to expanding its digital footprint and solidifying its position in the fiercely competitive online retail market....

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