Scientists discover the first new antibiotics in over 60 years using AI

Researchers have harnessed the power of more transparent deep learning models to uncover a novel class of new antibiotics targeting drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria, marking a significant breakthrough in combating antibiotic resistance. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized medicine, enabling scientists to unveil the first new...

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OpenAI’s nonprofit arm showed revenue of $45,000 last year, even though company is worth billions

OpenAI’s nonprofit branch disclosed a modest revenue of $45,000 for the past year, a stark contrast to the company's staggering valuation of $86 billion, primarily attributed to the success of ChatGPT. The nonprofit's financial details surfaced through its 990 filing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), mandated for organizations...

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Sam Altman Officially Returns to OpenAI—With a New Board Seat for Microsoft.

In a significant development that marks a homecoming for one of its co-founders, Sam Altman has officially returns to OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research laboratory. What makes this announcement even more noteworthy is Altman's appointment to a new board seat, representing technology giant Microsoft. This strategic move not...

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