OpenAI Calls Elon Musk’s Claims ‘Incoherent’ in Court Filing

In a recent court filing, OpenAI has strongly rebutted Elon Musk's allegations against the company, calling them "incoherent" and based on convoluted factual premises. This response marks the company's first legal action following Musk's lawsuit in February, which targeted OpenAI, CEO Sam Altman, and President Greg Brockman. Musk accused...

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French Startup Raises $73 Million for Blockchain, AI Privacy

Paris-based startup Zama has secured $73 million in funding to advance its cryptography technology, aimed at bolstering data privacy for blockchain and artificial intelligence projects. The Series A funding round was led by crypto venture fund Multicoin Capital and Filecoin creator Protocol Labs, with participation from Solana blockchain’s co-founder...

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