Apple Intensifies Talks With OpenAI for iOS 18 Generative AI Features

Apple Intensifies Talks With OpenAI for iOS 18 Generative AI Features

Apple Intensifies Talks With OpenAI for iOS 18 Generative AI Features

Apple Intensifies Talks With OpenAI for iOS 18 Generative AI Features

Apple is working with OpenAI to bring new features to the iPhone. The two companies are talking about using OpenAI technology for the next iPhone operating system, iOS 18. This news comes after Apple had earlier discussions with OpenAI this year.

The discussions between Apple and OpenAI are focused on how OpenAI’s features can be integrated into the iPhone. Apple is also in talks with Google about using its Gemini chatbot technology. However, Apple has not made a final decision on which partner to choose. They might even work with both OpenAI and Google, or go with another provider altogether.

The new iPhone operating system, iOS 18, will include features based on Apple’s own large language model. This model is AI software that can create text that sounds like it was written by a human. Apple is also looking to introduce a chatbot-like feature similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

The iPhone maker has also been holding discussions with Google

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is coming up soon, where they are expected to unveil new AI software and services. Apple wants to show that their AI features are seamlessly integrated into their devices and offer better privacy protections compared to other companies.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has mentioned using OpenAI’s ChatGPT personally. However, he noted that there were some issues that needed to be resolved. He assured that new AI features would be added to Apple’s platforms thoughtfully.

By partnering with companies like OpenAI and Google, Apple hopes to speed up their entry into the chatbot market while reducing potential risks. Outsourcing generative AI features to other companies could help Apple avoid some of the responsibilities and liabilities associated with such technology.

Negotiations center on powering AI chatbot in iOS 18 update

Apple’s discussions with OpenAI and Google show their commitment to enhancing the iPhone with advanced AI features. The upcoming iOS 18 is set to offer innovative capabilities powered by AI technology, making iPhones even more intelligent and user-friendly. Keep an eye out for more updates from Apple at their Worldwide Developers Conference as they continue to push the boundaries of AI integration in their products.

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