Benedict Ang – Singapore’s #1 Health & Fitness Coach For Busy Professionals

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Benedict Ang – Singapore’s #1 Health & Fitness Coach For Busy Professionals

Benedict Ang is a Nationally Recognised MMA and Kickboxing Champion who empowers people worldwide to be the best version of themselves. 


Benedict Ang has personally helped countless hundreds of people achieve positive life-changing results in the last year alone while now enjoying his life in beautiful Bali, Indonesia.

However, his life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows…

Because when he was 15 years old, he woke up to the devastating news that his Mom committed suicide.

As it would be for anyone, especially at the young age of 15.. 

He went through traumatic grieving, completely lost his sense of self, and got involved in a lot of trouble as a result.

It wasn’t until he met his mentor Eddie Ng that everything changed for young Benedict.

Eddie played an extremely important role in his transformation.

He served as the catalyst for Benedict’s change.

Not only did Eddie guide him to become a Nationally recognized MMA and kickboxing champion…

But he also taught him positive re-framing – a skill that helped him overcome his traumatic experience.


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“It took me a while but then I realized I only had 2 choices. If I’m not changing it, then I’m choosing it. It’s how you change one bad situation into a good one.” 


From border-line criminal to worldwide fitness mentor


“I had a very good mentor. He’s very selfless and has helped me believe in myself.” 

Being mentored by an influential coach helped him find his life’s purpose. 

Serving others through fitness while helping them get the results they desire. 

Do you remember a moment in your life when you felt pure ecstasy?

That’s exactly how Benedict felt when his first client looked at him and said..

“I finally have the body of my dreams because of you Benedict”

Since then, his full-time career has been helping busy professionals take charge of their health through his coaching, personalized exercises and nutrition programs.

So why choose to hire Benedict, Singapore’s #1 health and fitness coach for busy professionals?

Because for busy professionals, one of the biggest barriers to physical health being part of their lifestyle is not only a lack of knowledge, but also a “lack of time”.

And if you’re a hardworking professional, maybe you’re spending most of your time commuting or working at the office.

Not to mention all the other things that you’ve got going on in your life that may get in the way of your fitness journey, right?


Benedict’s Top 5 Tips for Busy Professionals


  • Don’t try to do everything at once 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or try to do it all at once.

Instead, take one tiny step and do a little each day. 

Because small steps when done consistently will bring you closer to your goal.


  • Assess your current situation


If you think your current situation is preventing you from reaching your goals…

Then change your environment so you can change your outcome. 


  • Break bad habits slowly


“If you drink soda every night, try drinking half.” 


Bad habits are tough to break but addressing your habits one step at a time can help.

Cutting back slowly rather than going “cold turkey” is always better. 


  • Schedule your workouts


Find time for physical activity. 

Put it on a calendar then get it done when you need to do it. 


“It’s really about scheduling, being disciplined, and sticking to it.” 


  • Eat according to your goal


The first thing that you must realize when it comes to healthy eating, is that no one diet is going to work for everyone. 

Your goal may require you to eat differently and it’s important to be aware of your food choices.



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Find Wins to Build More Wins


“How can someone feel motivated if they always feel like a failure? When they’re always trying and always fail. So, the goal is to find something that you can really do consistently that makes you feel like a winner.” 


Instead of just looking at the number on the scale…

Focusing on small wins is a good way to gauge your progress. 

Good regimens, higher energy, better sleep, making fewer excuses, etc.

Benedict always tells his clients to search for things that are going well.

He helps them find their small wins and use them as motivation to create more wins…

They have to believe they can achieve more. 


“So, to me, it’s really about helping them find small wins, make them feel they can do it, and then push them further so they can achieve more.” 


Getting past a weight-loss plateau as a busy professional


Hitting a weight loss plateau can keep you wondering if you’re doing something wrong.

It can make you feel frustrated.

But don’t give up and revert to your old eating and exercise habits.

Because if you’re “stuck” then.


“Watch your sleep.”


According to Benedict, sleep is something most busy professionals underutilize and a big reason why they become “stuck”. 

Once you get a consistent sleep schedule, a lot of progress will come as well. 


“Strive not starve!”


Most people think that starving themselves is a great way to lose weight.

What they don’t know is if they’re starving, they won’t have the energy to work out.

Nor will their body recover properly.

And how’s that gonna affect their progress?

It will ruin their progress, that’s how.

In short, make sure you’re eating enough and that your body is striving instead of starving.


“Make it Fun!”


A lot of people fall off the fitness wagon because they get tired of a repetitive workout day after day.

But exercise doesn’t have to be boring. 

Exercise with your kids, friends, relatives, partners, or co-workers. 

Not only will you enjoy the camaraderie but you’ll also increase your commitment to a fitness routine.


The cost of inaction is the life you could have lived. 2 1

Helping clients beyond physical transformations 


Benedict believes that everything is connected. 

The problems are connected however the good thing is the solutions are also connected. 


“Physical health is not everything. I know a lot of people with six-pack abs…they worked out every single day but they committed suicide. It’s sad to see things like this happen.”


I help my clients by turning their goals into something more meaningful and inspiring.

I want to continually help them learn, grow and improve.


“It’s not like me telling them, ‘Hey! do this.’ It’s about them being able to feel they’re in charge as well. Because if you want a long-lasting change, you need to feel you’re in charge.”


Fitness Is Only One Piece Of The “Health” Pie


In his coaching, Benedict helps his clients achieve deep health which doesn’t only come from physical health, instead it is a combination of 6 dimensions.

When I was speaking to Benedict, I could feel through his energy that he truly cares that his clients become more confident, fulfilled and happy in all aspects of their life.


The 6 Dimensions of Deep Health


1) EmotionalHow someone feels emotionally every day can impact all the other areas of their life from nutrition to their relationships

2) MentalHow a person handles challenges or how they react in difficult situations

3) PhysicalHow someone feels physically and how it affects their activities and overall performance

4) RelationalThe people in someone’s life who are supporting them in their fitness journey 

5) ExistentialA deeper WHY. The reason why people want to make changes to their health

6) EnvironmentalThe effect of one’s environment or surroundings on their health 


These six dimensions are strongly connected and struggling in one area means struggling in others.

However, improving in one area can also improve others.

As deep health looks different for everyone because of where they’re at in their existence as a human.

Benedict gets to know his clients on a deeper level so he can provide personalized help.  

He talks to them one on one to understand where they need the most help or where they want to improve the most. 


“I want to help people fulfill their full potential and achieve more in life through health and fitness.”  


If you want to connect with the man himself, Benedict you can do so by clicking here

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