Korin Sutton: Multi 6-Figure Vegan Fitness Entrepreneur

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“You might as well go ahead and start investing into yourself when it comes to health and fitness, so once you start making more money 10, 15, 20 years later, you can actually enjoy your retirement or whatever you want to do.”


When people have extra money to spend, they often spend it on things like a new smartphone, clothes, video games, shoes, technology and a thousand other things.  

And that’s okay! We buy these things because they make us feel good.

However, have you ever thought of using that extra money you’ve earned to invest in your long-term health instead?

Korin believes that if more people invested their money into their long-term health and fitness, that more people would be happier and healthier, especially as they grow old. 

“You want to be old and happy, not old and sick.” – Korin Sutton

Korin Sutton is one of the best online fitness coaches in the world, he’s a 3X pro-vegan bodybuilder, sponsored athlete and has been featured on BBC news. 

Korin has helped 1000’s new vegans lose fat, learn nutrition and positively transform not just their body or their mind but also their perception of life.




However, Korin wasn’t always a full-fledged vegan like he is today.

It all began 10 years ago when he was watching a Gary Roski presentation.

During that presentation, he saw the practices that go on with the welfare and treatment of the animals from the day they are born, to the day they are slaughtered. 

It was at that very moment, when he saw how they were treated, that he consciously made the decision to transition into a vegan lifestyle. 


“When it comes to the abuse, the killing, the slaughtering, and the welfare, it was very traumatic for me. And if people really saw the reality of what happens to these animals and the treatment, most people would be vegetarian today.” – Korin Sutton

Thriving on the Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle 

There are so many ways that a vegan lifestyle can improve our lives.

Amazing health benefits that cannot be experienced when eating animals, less stress for the planet and more efficient ways to use our resources.  The list goes on and on.

When it comes to improving our physical aesthetics with a vegan diet, it is game-changing however that’s only one of the many benefits Korin gained from becoming vegan – the other benefits extend far beyond how he looks now. 


“With my aesthetics, I feel better. I work out a lot longer. I have more energy when I’m training. My mental clarity is a lot better.” -Korin Sutton



A well-planned vegan diet contains all the nutrients that your body needs.

And more and more clinical research studies show that a vegan diet can add years to your life. 

It is linked with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancer. 

So instead of trying to denounce the diet or the lifestyle, Korin said that people should ask the right questions about it. 


“Have you ever seen someone die from eating too many apples? – No. Every time you see something, any type of food by-product that’s correlated to something, it’s always an animal.” – Korin Sutton



Veganism and a Higher Level of Consciousness

Several people said when they went vegan, they felt a change in their consciousness. 

They became more aware of our planet’s declining health and the importance of life on earth.

They found themselves full of compassion for all other beings. Korin spoke with a deep level of certainty and passion. 

He pointed out that because of what people see on TV, we think that a lot of cows are treated nicely and are eating on green pastures.

But even if they’ve lived “full, happy lives”, the sad truth is that all living beings fear death.  


“All living beings strive to live. I’ve never seen a cow that lifted his neck for a butcher to just slice his neck off, they always struggle, just like a regular person will struggle.” – Korin Sutton


“These animals didn’t have a choice. They came into existence and their existence in life is hell. You have a choice and every choice you make is not that hard.

By choosing plants, you choose the path of compassion.

You choose to consciously make ethical decisions and enrich yourself spiritually. 


Fitness and Productivity 

Being an entrepreneur is tough, and if you put your health on the back burner, no matter how much profit you earn, your success will be hard to sustain.

Even the world’s best entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson take great care of their health and fitness..

Because they know that they can only be as productive and successful as their health allows them to be.

They understand that without their fitness and health is a top priority, that they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. 

Every entrepreneur should understand that fitness and productivity go hand in hand.

Because whether you realize it or not, your current health condition has a direct impact on your productivity and results. 

If you’re exhausted or sick, you’re not going to be as productive as you want in your business. 

Therefore, Korin suggests that you should have some type of exercise regimen within your lifestyle to keep you healthy. 


“If you sacrifice your health, and just put it all into the business chasing money, what’s gonna happen is when you have that little bit of freedom, a little bit of time to enjoy yourself, you’re gonna be so sick that you’re going to be using that money to fix yourself.” -Korin Sutton


Korin always reminds his students that it’s better to put an hour or two a day of pain and suffering in the gym because it’s only temporary…

Then to be comfortable eating junk food on your couch which often leads to some type of heart disease and clogged arteries 10-20 years down the line. 

Staying fit demands sacrifices, however, it also comes with so many benefits.


Korin’s 3 Keys to Success in Business

#1) Discipline 

“Just like the clouds in the sky, motivation is just a feeling that comes and goes.”

He believes that discipline always overrides motivation. 

Not every day, you’re going to be motivated to work on your own craft…

Not every day, you’re going to be motivated talking to a bunch of annoying customers…

Not every day, you’re going to enjoy your regular routine.

You’re going to get tired of the routine sometimes.

But when you have discipline, you do it no matter what.  

“You don’t care how you feel, you do it because you know it’s right.”

Another thing that he mentioned was how business goes up and down.

Korin believes you need proper discipline because not every day is going to be a sunny day. 

Your sales are not always going to be high…

Sometimes your sales are going to below.

And when the sales are low, that’s usually when you’re not going to feel motivated. 

That’s when you need the discipline to keep moving forward regardless of the hurdles business puts in front of you.


#2) Education 

“If you feel that you got a degree and went to school, and that’s all you need, I think it’s really foolish.” – Korin Sutton


He said as an entrepreneur, you should always be educating yourself. 

But you don’t have to go to school and stay in school forever.

There are a lot of self-courses, coaches, books, magazine articles, educational literature that will keep you up to date. 

Korin impacts thousands of people every day, but he doesn’t consider himself a master at his craft.

Why not?

Because he’s always reading and learning from other people, he understands that true masters are ALWAYS learning more about their craft.  

“I’m always trying to keep up to date to the newest literature and education that’s out there because if there’s anything I can learn that can help my business grow, I use it.”

You may be surprised to know that he has his own coaches. 

He doesn’t have coaches just for bodybuilding, he has coached for his own business as well.

He even hired a public relations coach recently so he could do his own PR work. 

The bottom line is there’s a lot of value that continuous learning can bring to your business.


#3) Good Communication

“Communication is a big thing when it comes to this day and age because everything is going electronic.”

Good communication goes beyond talking and listening. 

You need to consider the situation and the specific person you’re conversing with. 


“Just like what Jeff Bezos says, ‘One of the things he focuses on is customer service’ – it’s communication.” – Korin Sutton


Effective communication builds businesses and enhances customer loyalty.

Clients are your business and it’s crucial to have effective communication with them.

If you don’t understand your clients, you don’t understand your business.



Shifting Your Focus on Slow Seasons

In most situations, ignoring problems will only make them worse.  

However, sometimes it’s necessary. Specifically for problems that are out of your control.

The ability to shift your focus can help your business during the slow season.

His advice?

You can do things such as remaking a website or adding new features to your website.

Read books – maybe it’s a good time for you to study. 

You can also look into other things that you can work on to bring other income streams into your life. 

What Korin does when he knows that it’s the slow season, he tries not to focus so much on what’s happening out of his control.

Instead, he focuses on other things to help boost up his business. 


“I might look at marketing strategies. I can build better marketing structures. It’s during those slow seasons that you can work on other things. Take that downtime to work on other things that can be improved.”


Even with sales calls, he said that when you feel like you’re in this rut…

Sometimes it’s a sign from the universe for you to pull back and take a breather. 

Because maybe subconsciously the energy that you’re putting into the call is aggressive…

Because you’re trying to get that money.

And people can feel that sometimes

His advice is to read some books, buy some extra tools, maybe get into another course to build up your confidence again.

Use the strategies you learned and you might see that these things might work.

How does he know all of these?

Because he did all of them.

As many sales books and sales classes he took, you wouldn’t believe that he still buys more programs he finds online.

“Every business has ups and downs. It all depends on how you attack each situation.”


If you want to learn more from than man himself, then you can click here to checkout his Instagram page

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