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Secrets of the Billionaire Biohacking Club

Perhaps you’ve already experienced it before.

There you are, toiling away, mission focused and chained to your desk for the better part of the day, if not the week or even month when suddenly you hit a wall.

Instinctively, your body gives you the message that it is time to shake things up.

You find yourself strolling outside, enjoying the fresh air, taking in the gentle birdsong and soaking up some Vitamin D from the sun.

Next thing you know, your mind is clear, your energy reserves return and you are once again ready to be the champion that you were always meant to be.

It’s not an accident!

Master the Body, Conquer the Mind

Biohacking is a term which describes what happens when you use knowledge about human biology to effectively hack your body to achieve specific outcomes. There are millions of ways to biohack your body.

I have discussed many of these previously.

Whether you are eating superfoods, ensuring that you get deep and restorative rest or creating an intentional organizational culture that equally balances teamwork and competition, you are making choices that lead to a better and more productive version of yourself.

All of the world’s most successful people invest in themselves. They carve out time in their days to devote time to personal development, exercise, building relationships and many other useful things.

They do not see these as something that takes them away from work but choices that fuel the life they want to lead.

The time they devote to these activities may take them out of the office or the mission in the short term but in the long term, they intuitively know that it is better to function at their very best sustainably then to brilliantly crash and burn due to exhaustion, improper diet or any of many other potential factors.

The first step in harnessing the power of what biohacking can do for you is accepting that you can improve yourself.

If you are a regular reader of this material I would presume you are motivated by this concept.

Making the right investments as a savvy entrepreneur really is everything. It is what separates the winners from those that just didn’t have the guts.

If you accept that you can improve the way you function and you want to be guided by the wild world of scientific inquiry, there are a vast array of physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits that you can derive from the choices you make.

What is your sweat equity worth?

Movement and physical exercise, especially when practiced outside, offer clear and scientifically verifiable benefits.

Truthfully, the benefits are holistic, meaning all your body systems are positively influenced by exercise, but for the purposes of this article, the focus is on the cognitive side of things.

Entrepreneurs that can solve problems faster, think clearer and articulate themselves in the world with greater clarity reach for success and capture it.

What separates the best from the rest so often has to do with the time and dedication put towards activities which generate advantageous outcomes.

If you aren’t making an investment in yourself and giving your body the nutrition, rest and exercise that it needs to function optimally, you are quite simply leaving points on the table.

Choices like breaking out of the office and your mission focus with regularity to go shoot some hoops, walk your dog in the woods, jog by the lake or simply just stroll around the grounds of your office space.

These choices take you out of the game for the moment but prepare you to win the championship.

There is quite simply no reason why you would not want to make a serious investment in your own brain power and cognitive ability.

The difference between you and the man or woman trying to occupy the same spot as you could be miniscule at best.

Utilizing every advantage at your disposal is the Millionaire Mentor way.

The Science of Success

Dr. Postal is board certified in neuropsychology and pediatric neuropsychology. She is a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical school where she teaches postdoctoral fellows in neuropsychology.  She is the president of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology. She also has an expertise in working with traumatic brain injury, and has been designated a neutral neuropsychologist for the National Football League.

Dr. Postal knows quite a lot about how the brain functions and her research has uncovered many compelling linkages between exercise and the brain especially as these relate to human development across the lifespan. According to medical experts like Dr. Postal, there is quite simply no reason why you would not want to be exercising regularly.

The science is clear: physical activity has immense benefits that fuel innovation, resilience and tenacity, the sorts of things that fuel success. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you will be well advised to consider what Dr. Postal has to say about what exercise will do for your brain:

Sweating literally leads to Innovation.

 Exercise is the most beneficial thing you can do to improve memory and attention at any area of life. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you can read this, intense, sweaty exercise can offer you incredible benefits that are honestly too important to pass up on.

A single hour of intense exercise per day will allow you to focus better at and away from your professional life. Exercise aids your ability to retain information, it will also even out  moods, improve sleep patterns, and build self confidence.

People who exercise are more than 50% less likely to develop cognitive disorders like Dementia later in life. Science has a better handle on why this is happening and it has everything to do with the way new memories are formed in a part of the brain known as the hippocampus.

When you exercise rigorously, this area of the brain, responsible for forming new memories actually generates new cells. Just a few short years ago, leading neuroscientists actually believed that humans were born with a set number of brain cells and that these decreased over the lifespan.

The best research today paints a different picture which clearly indicates the connection between exercise and the generation of new brain cells in the hippocampus.

When your brain produces new brain cells, you get more brain power and an even greater ability to create innovative and novel solutions to your problems.

Why on earth would you ever neglect activities which can do that?

If you are an aspiring millionaire, you don’t!

But wait there’s more…

Curiously, the research takes things a step further and suggests that new brain cells formed through intense exercise actually die in a few days IF the brain is not challenged to learn and retain new information. The old saying really is true: if you don’t use your brain, you lose it.

Now this should actually be viewed by entrepreneurs as a benefit. Think about it. You care about professional development, you are always trying to learn as much as you possibly can, you frequently challenge yourself and more often than not you are engaged with solving a myriad of problems.

That means that as long as you combine regular intense exercise with all the other parts of your normal and potentially stressful life, you will actually be strengthening and protecting your brain.

You will be improving your focus, sharpening your mental reasoning capability and supercharging your brain power, all by taking frequent breaks to exercise.

Science has also show that exercise which elevates the heart rate leads directly, and immediately to improved focus and concentration.  Following a half hour of heart pumping, booty bursting exercise, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex goes into overdrive to cancel out distractions.

The reasons for this are pretty clear from an evolutionary standpoint: in the past, getting the heart rate up was likely to mean human were being preyed upon and running for their lives or seeking to put a nice steak on the dinner table. In either scenario, increased focus, or even a tunnel vision effect could be a real advantage. Immediately following exercise, problem solving, memory, and attention all improve.

Stop Making Excuses, Do Work

Now earlier in this article I mentioned some low impact exercise ideas like taking gentle walks and such. It is important to note that one of the key reasons new brain cells are generated has to do with the specifics related to neurogenesis.

Without going to in-depth here, the science is clear: while low impact exercise has benefits, if you really want to biohack your brain to fire quicker and be more effective, you need to be working up a serious sweat through intense exercise. It’s fine though, the answer is simple.

When you don’t have the time to sweat buckets, a light workout will still improve blood flow, counter stress and return the life to your mind and body complex.

If you want to biohack your brain into actually improving the way it functions however, you are going to need to stop making excuses and do work!

Doesn’t matter how you do it, it just matters that you do it.

To be your best, invest in the time to exercise everyday!

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