Clear Workspace, Clear Mind

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pexels lisa fotios 1957478 scaled

Nearly everyone will be familiar with the phrase “a clear space, a clear mind.”

If you already apply this principle to your life then you know well the benefit that comes from having a neat and organized work environment.

And while obsessing about cleanliness and order might be taking things too far, when you can hit the perfect balance between order and chaos, you free up a great deal of mental capacity.

Think about it: the more time you have to spend searching for files on your computer, looking for papers on your desk or searching for the keys in your apartment, the less time you can be spending concocting million dollar investment strategies.

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Invest in Success: Make Organization a Priority

You are an adult, take responsibility for your success: organization begins with you bub!

Keep reading for some ideas around how to bring order and balance into your organizational culture.

Start with a Clean Slate EVERY WEEK

Way back, when I first entered into the labor force, like so many of us, I found myself a lowly desk jockey in a vast corporate empire. Being young and inexperienced, I was impressed to simply have a work station of my own.

When I first started work, my desk felt incredibly vast. There was just so much space and I really loved it.

A quick glance around the office, revealed that nearly everyone else’s desk in my office was piled with paperwork, pictures of family, food and anything else you could possibly imagine.

Looking back, I think I thought that to fit in, I, too needed to load my desk with all kinds of things sacrificing the space and order that I had initially held so dear.

In just a few weeks, my once clean and clear space had devolved into a carbon copy of the rest of the organizational culture I found myself employed within. I was doing my best to focus on making a strong impression in the company I was working for. I didn’t really give a second thought to how my space had changed.

Then one day, I had a brief meeting with a member of the executive management team who would eventually become one of my organizational and operational mentors. His desk was immaculate: everything in it’s a place, a system and means of managing everything he needed.

Being young and impressionable, I looked up to this individual right out of the gate and by the time I got back to my desk, I knew I needed to try something else.

Don’t Give Up Your Power or Sacrifice Respect

Instead of being a carbon copy of the fellow desk jockeys around me, I would mold my ambitions on the executive office and the winner’s circle. It turned out to be a winning decision. On the next Friday afternoon, I created a ritual: way before that creepy movie came out, I called my little cleaning routine “The Purge”.

From that day forward, every Friday, I made a clear effort to throw out anything that was not essential. I purchased things to assist me with organizing the things I needed. I made maintaining order a focus and a priority. I reduced my personal affects and doubled down on my dedication to cleanliness, uniformity and organization.

While it didn’t happen overnight, the effects were clear: I was more focused and effective on the job and my superiors noticed. I soon found myself on a managerial track. Now, of course I think that had to do with many factors, but I do not in any way discount the valuable lesson I learned from my mentor.

When you intentionally create a neat and organized work space you send the message to your subconscious as well as those around you that you mean business. “The Purge” was in and mindlessly falling into unproductive and inefficient habits was out.

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Change Your Perception, Change Your Results

My work routine even translated into my personal life.

Friday, after getting home from work, I made sure to continue my efforts around my apartment. The benefits there were multifaceted as well. I got to enjoy a neat and orderly living space over the weekend when I was more likely to be home trying to catch up on rest.

My romantic partners were impressed, my productivity at work continued to soar and I had created a sustainable practice which I still hold dear to this day.

By maintaining a neat and orderly work station, you set the foundation for success. Don’t make excuses, create a plan and get focused: start every week with a clean slate. If you don’t already live this way, you will be amazed at the way just a few moments of effort can translate into success in multiple areas of your professional and personal lives!

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