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How To Prioritize More Efficiently

Learning how to prioritize your tasks is a great way to become a more efficient worker, leader, father, husband, and an overall better person in life. This is because when you prioritize, you get the most important things done first. This gives you a sense of freedom, improves your discipline, and improves your mental clarity.

Not prioritizing, on the other hand, can lead to unwanted stress, unaccomplished tasks, and slow progress towards accomplishing one’s goals.

We recognize how difficult it can be to get prioritize in line in today’s age, especially with the hustle and bustle of the work office, social media, phones buzzing, and meetings that you probably go through on a day-to-day basis.

Below, we’ve put together some ways that you can apply to make sure you’re effectively prioritizing the things that need to be done so that you can become more efficient.

  1. Write down all of your tasks throughout that you need to get done during the day. It doesn’t matter if you put them in order of importance or not. The first step is to write them all out. Make sure you put them each on 1 line because we will number them by importance later.
  2. Look at the list and determine which ones are urgent (meaning they should be done in in the first half of your day). Put a star next to those urgent ones.
  3. Then, look at the ones that you put a star next to and number them in order starting with 1.
  4. After you’ve numbered your list, you can re-write the list out in the order that you numbered them. You can then put the remaining tasks after the ones that you numbered.
  5. As you go throughout your day, look at your list to make sure that you’re on track with your priorities for the day.

This is a great way to help yourself every day to establish a priority list. Remember, the list doesn’t have to be exactly to the tee when following it during the day. As long as you take the action to write them down and make the effort, your mind will be able to work much more efficiently throughout the day.

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