NotEssential: Breaking the traditional mindset to create avenues of change


NotEssential: Breaking the traditional mindset to create avenues of change


“Individually we are not Essential. Together we are all essential”


NotEssential aims to disrupt societal thinking of what it means to create change in the world. The Founders strongly believe in 4 core values to create avenues of change, these being Longevity, Prosperity, Wisdom and Freedom.


Shifting societal thinking

“We’re just a group of friends from western Sydney, Australia, no one pays attention to us. We want to put our city on the map”


This Creative collective decided to band together in order to curate a 4 phase NFT project that was more than just a collection of digital art. The CycloVerse was born out of hardship, breaking the norm, quitting steady incomes, taking risks and following passions.


“We all had a creative outlook on life but coming from migrant homes our parents had a traditional framework for success already set.”


They broke the traditional code and decided to jump into the new age of cryptocurrency and NFTs by creating Phase 1: CycloTurtles.


There’s been a lot of negative attention towards Cryptocurrency and NFTs in traditional media recently. We as people tend to shy away and be against things we don’t understand it’s in our nature to be reluctant to change but with the new generation of tech entrepreneurs paving the way, the early adopters of the new space will have the ability to influence the future direction of the way we live and see planet earth. We are entering the new age of Web3 development and the next progression of the internet  and it’s important to bridge the gap between the  digital age with the physical world.


Our Natural marine ecosystems are dying and a lot of people seem to think nothing can be done.


The NotEssential team are working with Stephen Rodan and Beyond Coral Foundation to not only pledge monetary donation to help with coral regeneration but also enable the CycloTurtles community to be educated and have opportunities to be hands on with upcoming restoration efforts in Australia, Mexico and United States. Each phase of the CycloVerse will target different global impacts.


“We are bringing a fresh audience into the NFT space by combining communities of tech and philanthropy. This can have an exponential impact on the world”


The community has grown from humble beginnings and now has over 30,000 members across all social media platforms.


Beside the charitable aspect of the project, NotEssential has connected a community of likeminded individuals. There are miracle stories of overnight millionaires in the new age. Everyone deserves to have a piece of the pie and what NotEssential are doing different is incentivising their holders through giveaways, entry into the Metaverse and establishing The Essential Club. Put simply changing lives.


Lifestyle management Services?

The Essential Club is an exclusive member benefits lifestyle management service to provide dedicated community members access to the lavish lifestyle of private jets, accomodation, red carpet events and invite only networking events.


“We are more than just an NFT, we are the second generation digital assets that will open up the world of possibilities to everyday people.”


This creative collective have created a large network of collaborators in such a short period of time and show no signs of slowing down. The possibilities for partnerships are endless as NotEssential enter into the most hyper realistic Metaverse (Holoforia) and being early adopters puts them at an advantage to create a digital space for the NotEssential community to prosper beyond the physical world.


“The metaverse allows people to trade cryptocurrency for goods and services from the comfort of their own home. The world is rapidly changing and we want to ensure that our community is not left behind”

NotEssentials CycloVerse collection, launching December 20th is well on its way to be the next Blue-Chip NFT project as the team are ticking all boxes of utility, community and innovation.


More information can be found on their website . Join the discord to stay up to date with the CycloVerse!

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