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The Talk TEDx Wouldn’t Post | Mikhaila Peterson

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The Talk TEDx Wouldn’t Post | Mikhaila Peterson

Mikhaila Peterson is a Canadian podcaster, CEO, and lifestyle and diet blogger. Her podcast, ‘The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast’ provides a platform where she hosts a wide range of experts to discuss health, cultural phenomena, politics, and other topics that are often shied away from. She also has a series called Opposing Views focusing on both sides of the debate on contentious subjects. Her background of overcoming severe autoimmune and mood disorders with diet and lifestyle alone (and subsequently becoming medication and symptom-free) have inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Mikhaila’s main goal is to help people become resilient, and realize how much control they have over their own life; to encourage others to take responsibility for their physical and mental health, and to help show people that they have the power to better their lives, regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt.

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TEDx Wouldn’t Post This: youtu.be/0ka9WBEijhk

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