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‘They’re F***ed’ | Joe Rogan On Canada’s Future & Justin Trudeau

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‘They’re F***ed’ | Joe Rogan On Canada’s Future & Justin Trudeau

Joe Rogan is once again coming for Justin Trudeau and had some harsh words for Canada in general. He did not hold back his thoughts about Canadian Prime Minister.

During “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Joe Rogan sat down with the stand-up comedian Tom Segura on episode 1844. When Rogan told Segura that Donald Trump is cut out of Home Alone when it plays in Canada, the two started talking about Canada and Justin Trudeau. They were talking about the C-word lockdowns and regulations in Canada as he admitted that before the pandemic he actually liked Trudeau. “I liked him before the pandemic,” he admitted. “I was like, he’s a handsome guy. Seems sweet. You know, like a good-looking guy. Confident. Good talker.” But then during the pandemic, Joe Rogan changed his opinion based on the regulations Trudeau was putting in place and many other scandals the Prime Minister was involved in.

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