Ahead of the Curve: The $1 Trillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Prediction

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How ahead of the curve would you be if you had predicted that the Cryptocurrency would breach $1 Trillion in market capitalization?

Well, that’s exactly the prediction made in February 2020 that had put the futurist and entrepreneur, Thomas Carter, on the map as a leader in foreseeing trends in the cryptocurrency market. 

He also saw the potential in regulatory compliant tokenized securities issuance and investment platforms and founded DealBox in 2018. 

It is now highly regarded by entrepreneurs and investors and is continuing to create groundbreaking technology. 

“We use Tezos blockchain technology and its powerful features to provide both issuers and investors a smart way to invest and raise capital. This has been as successful as it has been because of the smart securities issuance technologies that we use,” said Carter.

There are both similarities and differences when these tokenized assets are compared to traditional securities. 

Dealbox is very careful to be sure the assets are vetted, and of course, they fall under the same regulation of the CFTC and the SEC. 

However, according to Carter’s website, they are “more efficient, affordable, secure and easier to regulate due to the novel features of blockchain technology.”

At Dealbox, Carter’s fintech innovation team focuses on usability, and the team has used what it has learned from their ongoing success at Dealbox to begin a usability campaign, “make crypto easy.”

“I really wanted users of digital names to be able to create a simpler, easier-to-read name since those long, alpha-numerical addresses used in digital wallets are difficult to remember. So, through the campaign, Total Network Service Corp (TNS) is able to do this and is simplifying the sending and receiving of cryptocurrency.”

Digital names for cryptocurrency and digital wallets will accomplish what domain names did for the internet in the 1990s. Rather than remember a numerical IP address for a website, you can just enter a business or term into a search engine and arrive at the desired destination.

Photo 3Carter’s mission is to change the future of finance.
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The results of the innovations in the domain service industry have led to gross profits of roughly $6 billion annually.

Though, leaders at DealBox project that the growth of their industry will potentially be even larger than that.

Carter has lately been guiding TNS to work with a consortium of Telco and manufacturing companies on a stealth project aimed at delivering an interoperable solution that will bring a new spectrum of networked communication between the traditional internet, blockchains, and IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices.

Carter’s website further states:

“The significance of the crypto space breaching $1 trillion in market cap isn’t so much the number, as that certainly will fluctuate over time. 

I think the takeaway for investors and entrepreneurs is in realizing that the market cap milestone was fueled by institutional investment activity which seems to validate the intrinsic value and utility of the blockchain technology I’ve been evangelizing for the past several years.

Blockchain is truly novel. There are things you can do with blockchain that you just can’t do with any other technology. 

The things you can do only with blockchain technology have one thing in common and that is the empowerment of the individual and democratization of transactional activities whether that be in logistics, finance, communications, etc.

My career focus has been on empowerment and providing value in the fintech space. 

The advent of blockchain tech has increased that capability 1000x and represents a generational disruption across all the industries that can benefit from distributed ledger technology. 

I’m excited to be among those leading the charge.”

With more innovations on the horizon, Carter is excited about the future of his industry and believes that it is limitless. 

“I love what I do. I get up every morning excited about my day and by the potential, I have to impact the world.”

Read more about Thomas Carter, founder and CEO of DealBox, Inc. through this press release: “This FinTech Veteran Is Making Cryptocurrency Startup Funding Legitimate”, or connect with him on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

About Dealbox

Deal Box, Inc.’s mission is to “democratize wealth for all.” Deal Box, Inc. is the new standard for venture investment and funding. We are a specialty capital markets consulting firm focusing on traditional and digital securities industries, utilizing blockchain-based technologies, enhancing capital formation for entrepreneurs, and early ventures to growth-stage companies.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Crowdfunding investments can result in total loss and may be impossible to liquidate.

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