Vision Pro Debut Brings a New Shopping Experience to Apple

Vision Pro Debut Brings a New Shopping Experience to Apple

Vision Pro Debut Brings a New Shopping Experience to Apple

Vision Pro Debut Brings a New Shopping Experience to Apple

Apple’s latest product, the Vision Pro, went on sale recently, introducing a distinctive customer shopping experience. Unlike the typical purchase process for iPhones, iPads, or Macs, buying the Vision Pro involves a more complex and orchestrated sales approach.

Customers interested in the Vision Pro start by undergoing a face scan at an Apple store or online. The process includes a detailed product demo, and the device is carefully fitted to the customer’s head, ensuring the right light seal and, if needed, prescription glass inserts.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman detailed his journey from pre ordering the Vision Pro online to the in-store pickup at Apple’s flagship location in Los Angeles. The purchase process involves a face scan, an elaborate product demo, and a personalized fitting to ensure the device sits comfortably on the customer’s head.

The Vision Pro finally went on sale this weekend

Mark Gurman mentioned that the overall experience was relatively smooth despite the complexity. Gurman praised the immersive video quality and the passthrough cameras, which provide a real-world view. However, he noted a minor issue with light bleeding from the headset’s bottom, prompting him to try different light-seal configurations.

Apple’s retail employees demonstrated a good understanding of the product, assisting customers through the demo process and addressing concerns. Gurman also highlighted the comfortable try-on area in flagship stores, which is equipped with couches and carpeting.

Regarding functionality, Gurman sees the Vision Pro as a potential game-changer for movie-watching, videoconferencing, and light computing on the go. He drew parallels between the Vision Pro and the iPad, suggesting that future iterations might replace the tablet for certain activities.

Additionally, Gurman praised the Vision Pro’s performance as an external monitor for a Mac, expressing a desire for multi-window capability in future updates. He commended the slick visionOS operating system, noting similarities to iPadOS.

Gurman shared initial impressions of the novel hand-and-eye controls, citing a minor issue with selecting small on-screen buttons. He expects Apple to address this through software updates.

The company returned to growth last quarter despite a slump in China

While Gurman acknowledged the high price of the Vision Pro, ranging from $3,500 to $3,900, he expressed concern about the additional cost of accessories, such as a $199 extra light seal or travel case. Despite these considerations, Gurman concluded that it’s still early days for Apple’s headset sales, anticipating potential changes and new uses for the device.

In addition to the Vision Pro launch Apple returned to growth, iPhone sales increased by 6%, and the iPhone 15 Pro performed well, there were concerns about other product segments falling below expectations. Sales in China also dropped by 13%, prompting caution about the current quarter’s revenue, with expectations of a decline of about $5 billion.

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