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“No One In Britain & Germany Is Ready For What’s Coming..” | Jordan Peterson

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“No One In Britain & Germany Is Ready For What’s Coming..” | Jordan Peterson

In this video, Jordan Peterson argues that modern civilization has overextended itself and may collapse in the next century as a consequence. He speaks about what role the government should play in society to ensure the continuation of human life, while touching on related topics such as climate change, oil, natural gas, green energy, and more.

“If This Happens It’ll Change The Course Of History” | Jordan Peterson: https://youtu.be/v0UI5XvZQOE
“We All Need To Be Ready For What’s About To Happen” | Jordan Peterson: https://youtu.be/F9ivYWChVi8
“We Need To Be EXTREMELY WORRIED About Our Future..” | Jordan Peterson: https://youtu.be/QEPlOgc3yMA

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►Spoken by: Jordan Peterson.
Wicked Globalists Are Causing Starvation and Poverty Under the Guise of Environmentalism: youtu.be/tF5spyudTYA
Trump and Stoltenberg get into tense exchange at NATO summit: youtu.be/Vpwkdmwui3k

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