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“Iron sharpens Iron. One man sharpens another.” -Proverbs 27:17

Vince Del Monte Fitness Business Genius, Reveals 3 Powerful Frameworks That Online Fitness Coaches Need to Have To Scale Past 6-Figures and Beyond in 2021


“If we train in the gym together, are you gonna push harder because I’m there or if you were there by yourself?”

I responded with, “It helps to have someone pushing you there, always.”

Vince was making the point that proximity equals power. When we’re surrounded by other people that wanna grow and thrive, we pull each other up.

“What I’m saying is, if it’s testing day, are you gonna hit your personal best in a competition or on your own?”

I think we both know the answer to that question.

So, who is Vince Del Monte?

He’s the CEO of the 7-Figure Fitness Business Mastermind.

Vince stage

“Vince teaching at his 7-Figure Fitness Business Mastermind.”

After a 55 minute interview with him on Monday, March 15th 2021, I was stunned by the numbers his students in his mastermind were hitting.

“One of our students is hitting $200k a month and one of her secrets is that she trains news anchors.” – Vince Del Monte, CEO of the 7-Figure Fitness Business Mastermind.

So I was blessed to have a chance to ask him questions about what he teaches his Fitness mastermind students to scale a successful online fitness business.

And I wanna share with you the top 3 golden nuggets I got from our interview with you today.

If you’re a fitness coach who struggles with…

Not knowing what kind of content to post on social media…

How to properly establish your authority…

And you’re not getting nearly as many leads and clients from your social media as you see other online fitness coaches getting right now…

It’s probably affecting your confidence to become a full-time online fitness coach.

As I’ve spoken with my own clients, you’ve probably wasted money on Facebook ads. Have leads not show up to phone calls. Or not book any calls at all.

You’re posting content that isn’t connecting with your audience, so you’re losing their attention to other online fitness coaches.

Or as one of my clients told me over a zoom call, “I know I’m a better coach than them but it kinda irritates me that they’re making more money than me.

If you’re ready to leave that behind and level up your online fitness business…

Then this article is going to reveal the 3 Powerful Frameworks That Online Fitness Coaches Need to Have To Scale to Multiple 6-Figures and Beyond in 2021.

The funny thing is that one of these frameworks as you’re about to learn about was the answer to the first question I asked him.

I was instantly jarred by what he had shared.

In short, I asked Vince what he would say is the “80/20” of creating engaging fitness content on social media that builds a loyal audience.

8020 rule

1.“VPS” Content – The “80/20” of Creating Engaging Fitness content on Social Media

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all heard of Pareto’s 80/20 Principle that states 20% of our actions will get us 80% of our results, right?

In order to build a truly successful and thriving online fitness business from the beginning, we must focus on working smarter, not harder. Right?

We can’t build a mansion on a foundation of sand.

Because being an online fitness coach can be quite hectic sometimes, you’ve gotta handle your marketing, content creation, sales calls, onboarding calls, check-in calls, program design, your sleep schedule, workouts, meals, and your personal life.

So in order to be more effective with your time, we want to know… What are the 20% we should be focusing on when it comes to creating 80% of our results with our content on social media?”

Vince shared his “VPS content” framework that turns followers into fans.

VPS stands for – Valuable, Purposeful, Shareable.

What might “VPS content” look like?

Making use of Carousel Videos of a full-blown workout. Vince recommended following this framework: Intro, Exercise 1, Explanation, Exercise 2, Explanation, and it repeats until the whole workout is finished. Aim for a workout with 4 exercises.


Another insight he gave is that you want to look for 3 metrics that will help you create VPS content.

Likes, Shares, and Saves.

Vince shared that:
Likes mean that “I agree”
Share means that “I told you so.
Save means that “I want to come back to this because this was valuable.”

This is the general framework from which you will build VPS content from.


“Vince with his 2 beautiful daughters”

2. The “C4 Method” – Remove the Roadblocks that Constrain Your Business From Scaling

Are you not getting the level of engagement you want from your social media content?

Are you not receiving enough inbound messages that are potential clients? What’s the conversion rate from your sales calls?

What percentage of your clients are renewing after 3 months in your coaching program?

If your business isn’t scaling at the rate you know it should be, then ask yourself these questions using the “C4 Method.

Imagine a faucet for a second – like an upside triangle. We have what’s called your “funnel” in your business.

We want to break down this funnel from top to bottom. At the top of the funnel, we have your Content, that’s the first “C” in C4.

Then we have your Conversations, Calls, and Cash.

Content – When it comes to your content, you should be getting likes, comments, shares, and saves. If you aren’t then it’s time to improve your content (this is where the VPS content framework comes in.)

The second question you want to ask yourself is, “is my content triggering inbound messages that could be potential clients?”

If it isn’t, then it’s time to make better CTAs.

Conversations – How many conversations are you having in your messages on Instagram and Facebook every day? How many of those conversations are turning into phone call appointments?

Vince says, “You should be having 50 conversations a day and booking 5-10 calls a day”

If you’re not hitting that industry standard, then it’s time to put the magnifying glass on that and figure out how you can get those numbers up.

Calls – What’s your close rate? Vince says that your close rate should be 70%.

So if you’re not hitting that, then Vince recommends looking at these factors:

  • Price point
  • Cash being made
  • Your Offer
  • Your bonuses
  • How you pre-frame the call

Once you get your close rate up. Guess what happens? You are scaling your business again.

Cash – How many clients do you have in your program? How many of your clients are renewing after the first 3 months?

Vince says it should be at 60%. Once you increase your renewal rate, then your business is scaling again.

Whew! I know that was a lot of information and strategies, so how do you use this?

The key is to find out which parts of your business within this C4 funnel are your business being constrained at.

Identify the problem, fix it, and then move onto the next one.

As Vince says, “Concentrate on that problem until you hit your KPIs.

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. For example, if you only have 15 conversations a day, you should be having 50 conversations a day.

Focus on getting more conversations until you hit 50 conversations (Your KPI), then move onto the next problem.


“Vince and his fitness coaching clients at his Muscle Camp event”

3. The Most Important Mindset You Must Have To Grow Your Online Fitness Business right now

You and I have heard this over and over again. Mindset. You talk about it all the time in your content and with your clients, don’t you?

If you’re curious and you’re not fully committed, then you’re not gonna take full action.

It’s the same thing you see all the time with fitness prospects who fall off because they aren’t ready to transform their bodies yet right?

The same applies to growing your online fitness business as well.

As Vince says, “You need to go all in.”

So, where is your online fitness business going to be by December 31st, 2021?

Now, you’ve been equipped with the 3 Powerful Frameworks that Online Fitness Coaches Need To Scale Your Fitness Business to 6-Figures and beyond this year.

Regardless of what’s going on in the world right now, the online fitness industry is thriving more than ever before.

As Vince mentioned that his students are hitting 10k months, 15k months, 20k months, 50k months, and even 200k months.

Thousands of personal trainers have lost their jobs since March 2020.

If that’s you or you’ve been trying to take your online fitness business to the next level, then I’ll wrap up this article with some final words from Vince Del Monte himself.

“The number one thing for online fitness coaches is they need to get in a community where there are people further ahead of them. Getting into a community where there are people further ahead of you is going to push you to think bigger and to act faster.”

Summary of the 3 Powerful Frameworks That Online Fitness Coaches Need to Have To Scale to 6-Figures and Beyond in 2021

1: Create “VPS” Content – The “80/20” of Creating Engaging Fitness content on Social Media

2: Deploy The “C4 Method” – Remove the Roadblocks that Constrain Your Business From Scaling

3: Adopt the Mindset of “Going All In.”

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