Why Attitude Trumps Intelligence

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A common misconception about people is that they believe the most intelligent people are the ones who are the most successful. While it’s true that many successful people are intelligent, you must also understand that it’s not so much a high intelligence that will make you successful, but the right attitude.

Having the right attitude can help you overcome any situation, any setback, or any tough time you find yourself in. An intelligent person without the proper mindset may quit or give up if their attitude isn’t correct

The person with the right attitude will have the following traits:

  1. You can do anything

This should be the attitude you take at all times. You can have, be, or do anything that you wish. The right attitude takes on this mindset at all times and believes nothing less.

  1. Flexibility

Things won’t always go your way, that’s just the way it goes. The right attitude when this happens is to be flexible in your approach towards going for your goal. Take a step back and be flexible, maybe the first way wasn’t the best way.


  1. The right attitude won’t complain

The person with the right attitude will never complain. This is because that person understand that he or she has created that situation for themselves and that they have the power to change any circumstance in their life!

  1. The inspire others

The person with the right attitude will inspire others. Many time someone will start making moves in an attempt to go towards their dreams, but if they don’t see immediate results, they will lose interest and quit. The person with the right attitude will also experience this, but they will forge ahead and push through. Once they break through to success, they will inspire others to keep going.


Having the right attitude is crucial to success, even more so than having high intelligence. Always work on developing your attitude to what it should be! For more, check out our book The Millionaire Mentor on Amazon!

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