5 Ways To Earn More Respect

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pexels the lazy artist gallery 999267 scaled

In business and in life, it matters how much people value and respect your opinions.  If you are in a leadership position, it is especially important to earn the respect of your peers and those with whom you work with.  However, we know that respect is earned, not just given.


One key factor in the level of your success as a leader will be your level of respectability.  If you can gain the respect of your peers, you can go much further as a team. Below are 5 ways to help earn respect in the workplace and in life.


  1. Be authentic

People respect people who are authentic and truthful.  People who are not afraid to tell the truth about their skillsets, their limitations, and admit their faults will gain more trust and respect from their peers.  This shows that you are not afraid to feel vulnerable because you are secure with yourself.  In a world where people are full of insecurities, if you can be the one who is secure and authentic, you will be respected.


  1. Be kind

Be polite to everyone you meet. This is a great way to build your social skills and your empathy skills. Be kind to everyone you see at work, at the grocery store, at the ballgame, or wherever you may be.  A person who is kind is a person who is respected.


  1. Listen to others

If you want to earn respect, listen to what people have to say.  Often times, managers are don’t listen to the people who are working for them, and does not do anything to build respect. True leaders will listen open-mindedly to the ideas, problems, and solutions to the things that are going on in the workplace and beyond.  By doing this, respect is earned.


  1. Don’t make excuses

Remember that your responsibility as a leader is to take on the responsibility of failures that may happen.  Leaders don’t make excuses, they simply learn from a mistake and change course.


  1. Be open to change

Realize that sometimes a change will be needed in your business or your life and be open to that change.  Being stubborn won’t get you anywhere in earning the respect of your peers. Good leaders know that while the goal is the most important, flexibility in the approach is key.  If you are open to change and making adjustments, people will see you as respectable.


These simple 5 tips can get you a long way in earning the respect of the people you interact with on a daily basis. Keep them in mind and be sure to practice them. Earning the respect of others will open up many new doors and lead to a much more successful life.


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