Affiliate Offers To Help Boost Your Income

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Affiliate Offers To Help Boost Your Income!

So you’re looking for new ways to make money, improve your lifestyle, your health, and your relationships? Check out these various online marketing and affiliate offers to help you attain all of this plus more!

Fortunately for you, I have many programs in many niches to help you succeed in all walks of life. I have helped 1000s of entrepreneurs around the world make more money, and improve their lives.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur, social media influencer, mechanical engineer and internet marketer. I have generated well over 40 million in sales over my career from e-commerce to digital marketing.

Get the Tools

If you want to start your digital marketing business, these are the steps I recommend you follow, to learn the ropes, and start building success online with any offer!

“I own many businesses and Internet marketing is the most lucrative business model I have ever been in”

Get an Aweber account and start collecting leads, remember your biggest asset in this business is your email list! You will have your email list for life and that is the #1 way to stay in touch with your clients and prospects aside from social media and your website. Your email list is your biggest asset! “The money is in the list” Once you have this you can hook it up to many of the programs I am about to show you to create drip email campaigns.

Get an Instagram account if you do not already have one, this is how you start your personal brand. Think of it as a combination of my personal account @jason__stone mixed in with my business account @millionaire_mentor. If I were to do it all over again, I would combine them for my personal brand.

Get an automation software to put your account on autopilot. Now, set up this automation software that will drive leads to your account on autopilot. This is very key to getting leads and growth on Instagram. You can automate comments being sent out, telling people to visit your profile and learn about what you’re doing.You can also thank them for following you, and direct them to your bio link to start earning commissions from the traffic you drive. Also, you can leave automated comments on people’s profile as well. Remember guys, affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic; when you control the traffic, you control the money. More traffic, more money! I have probably driven over 2 million clicks on my Instagram account! All my traffic comes from Instagram!

Get ClickFunnels! Clickfunnels is great for building complex funnels and also have a great affiliate offer you can push to any business owner that needs to start making product funnels for their business! Most business owners need to get away from the notion of a website and start selling through funnels! This is a great upsell!

Traffic Tracking If you’re getting better at driving traffic and using paid traffic, even on Facebook and Instagram you have to track it and monitor it with this software!

Now that you have this setup you can start promoting an offer, choose from 1 of a couple below

The Right Affiliate Offers

Below are affiliate and network marketing offers you can choose from. Once you build your list you can take part in any one-time product launches that I will notify you about, but for long-term passive income, you will want to choose from a few of the opportunities below. Example of one-time product launches would be Amazing Selling Machine or Zero up by Fred Lam

Digital Altitude

The first program that I recommend is DA. This program teaches you how to become an internet marketer and online entrepreneur which will enable you to start a digital business. It teaches you how to drive traffic and leads to a business and how to become an affiliate marketer and brand yourself as a personal brand. How to set up sale funnels and email autoresponders for your business. It also allows you to license the products for a commission to sell to others.

Also, what’s nice about this program, are the exotic vacations masterminds, and the community that is built. They teach everything from wealth building, tax strategies to real estate investing. You get to meet with 7 figure earners and network with like minded Individuals. I have personally made 1.1 MIllion in commissions in this company in a little over a year, this is my most lucrative business opportunity.

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Insta Pro Academy

Instapro is a course that I endorse that teaches people how to grow Instagram accounts and monetize them with different offers. If you are unfamiliar with how I have monetized my Instagram account and made over 2 million dollars and built my email list to 600k, I suggest you go through this course a couple times! After that, you can sell it as an affiliate offer to your team and list. Its free to sign up to become an affiliate, but I highly recommend you take the course!

Insta Pro Academy Free Download
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If you travel or know anyone that travels often, this is a perfect fit! You get your very own Hotel booking site where you and your friends and family can use to save and to earn commissions on anything you book.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAV4AAAAJDNiMGM3NzkyLTcwMDEtNGIyMy04YzM2LWJkZjRhM2YxOTI4NASo you get to save, and even make commissions on your own hotel stays! I love this one and it’s FREE to sign up!

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Online Sales Pro

Digital Altitude may be an expensive business for you to get started so we have another much cheaper option to get started. Get Online Sales Pro for $37/month, and if you are able, upgrade to VIP; if you pay for a year upfront, you will save money in the long run. You can use OSP to generate supplemental income, and also to build lead capture pages for any future affiliate offers you run.

It’s like a mini customer relationship management tool (CRM) and is used by many in digital advertising as a capture page, and it can also be used to redirect your traffic directly to a niche-specific video sales letter (VSL).

I pitch this to all brick and mortar business owners and tell them how they need to start building an email list, and autoresponder.osp logo full[bsc_button size=”md” style=”primary” block=”false” title=”>>To sign up fill out your info here” url=”” target=”_blank” nofollow=”false”]

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The next business, me and my wife have been in is Herbalife. We have taken the products for over 7 years and just recently began promoting this as a business opportunity. One of our couple friends George and Disney have made over 3 million in commissions from this company, but they have been with them for a few years.

To order products click here.

We recommend starting with the Lean & Fit Product combo to start! I take the 24 product line (black and green) as well as the tea every day to burn fat.

defaultIf you want to promote this to your follower’s friends and family, you can sign up to become a distributor and earn commissions for everyone you refer and the products you sell.

For the business opportunity and to get a 20% discount you can sign up as a preferred member with an annual fee of $15

After you sign up, ill send you a link to our group chat.
Feel free to ask all questions about the supplements and workout guides here.
And I will also send you the meal plans and supplement guides.

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Pruvit KETO

The business opportunity company is the latest and greatest supplement to hit the market which is exogenous ketones. Do a little good search on putting your body into ketosis and you’ll see why I love this product. It gives me more focus, more mental clarity, more energy, and I sleep less, and burn fat throughout the day, it is a win-win!

Sign up to become a promoter, get a smart ship coming every month which is

Been on this on and off for 2 months testing it out. Not only is it an amazing product for Entrepreneurs sharpening their focus, raising mental clarity, becoming more efficient and fat loss, you can promote it as a business opportunity! Exogenous ketones are the latest and greatest supplement to hit the market! Also, you either you jump on this trend, make a shit load of money or get left behind and watch while others do it, like me. The team above me are already making $100k/month!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you up!

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Direct Cellars Wine Club

This is a great add-on company that you can offer to your members as another income stream. Who doesn’t like wine, and who doesn’t like the convenience of monthly deliveries to your doorstep?

I know I do!


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Financial Education

Here is another great product with a great opportunity tied to it. Yes I am a member and my credit has gone up almost 100 points from this!

You can become a customer or an agent that sells credit repair or recruit other agents and build your team.

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Become an Agent and Start Earning income

Or Become a customer and fix your credit now!

If you have any questions about any of these programs please don’t hesistate to contact me.

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