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Logan Lapierre

Logan Lapierre is one of the most highly sought after experts in the fitness industry when it comes to sales & marketing. In 2018, nearing the end of his 4 year personal training career in one of the top personal training gyms in Canada, he found out his father who’d neglected his health had stage 4 cancer. This ignited a fire within Logan to master the skill of sales and marketing so that he could bring fitness and health coaching to more people. Because Logan believes that the more people work with fitness and health experts, the less people will have to watch their loved ones suffer like Logan did. In 2018 Logan went from helping people with their health in person to helping people on-line by enrolling them into programs helping with their health... The start of Logan's new career was not a smooth ride however... He slept on friends couches and was homeless in the middle of a shivering ice cold Canadian winter... Realising he needed to level himself up, he began investing thousands of dollars into mentorship and coaching from industry leading 8-figure entrepreneurs... In 2020, Logan began building 1-More-Rep Agency – a marketing and sales agency that helps high-profile online fitness coaches grow and scale their coaching business so they can impact more training clients... Coaches like fitness industry celebrity and 6x Mr.Olympia winner, Dorian Yates. Max “The Body” Philisaire – Global Elite Trainer & Military Veteran (3.9 million fans on social media) and AJ Ellison – 3x Muscle Model World Champion (1.1 million fans on social media)... As a contributor on, Logan interviews some of the most influential and recognized fitness and health experts in the world. With the goal of bringing to our readers, a better understanding of the impact health and fitness has on our lives. Not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and within our personal relationships.

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