Eren Legend: Becoming A Legend – The 3 Qualities Separating Winners From Everyone Else 

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Becoming a Legend – The 3 Qualities Separating Winners From Everyone Else 

Want to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled while achieving your own personal success? Let’s hear it from the Legend himself. 


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Eren Legend, Canada’s first-ever “Physique World Champion” AND first-ever “Physique Olympian” is a man who has accomplished a lot of things at such a young age. 

From winning these titles to running a very successful health and fitness business empire, he’s made a name for himself within the health and fitness industry.  

Not only has he built a strong reputation.. he’s also become an inspiration to those who want to achieve success.


“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” – Febienne Fredrickson


Finding your passion may not be as easy as it sounds. 


But Eren had such a clear passion from a young age…


What fueled his passion to help others? 


His childhood experiences made the biggest impact on who he is today. 


Raised with two elder brothers, he learned a lot through their upbringing…


He learned what to do and what not to do through watching them. 


And at an early age, he showed remarkable leadership skills…

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A lot of people were always waiting for his word and they always appreciated his advice.


It felt natural for him to be in a position to be a coach and to guide people on their journey.


“I always felt compelled to just help other people…I love seeing the smile on someone’s face when I’m able to help them achieve something that they thought was impossible.”


Material things don’t lead to true happiness, focus on self-actualization.


While a lot of people find fulfillment with material possessions, Eren is different.


Since he’s totally at peace with a lot of things in his life…


He doesn’t need a luxurious car or live in a penthouse – these things don’t give him joy. 


Self-actualization is something that’s always been important to him. 


And getting to a place of comfort, peace, and wholeness gave him that urge to just give back. 


“Seeing that one person who has a dream that he’s trying to achieve, has tried maybe a whole bunch of things and is at the final step of giving up and I recognize that, and I’m like NO! I wanna be the bridge between you and achieving success.”


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As a self-actualized person, he likes helping other people improve their own lives. 

That’s what gives him fulfillment. 


It’s something that no amount of money or material things can ever compare to.


Overcoming challenges.


Being a world champion did not only change his life, but it also made him into a household name.


However, his journey to becoming a world champion wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 


Just like some athletes who may have thought of walking away from something that they have put so much work into…


There were moments where it was hard and a part of him was so frustrated. 

“There was a lot of politics that I had to deal with. There’s favoritism, there’s nepotism, there’s who’s your coach, all those different things. It’s really disheartening.”

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These things make athletes second guess if they’re good enough… 


In some cases, athletes quit which can cause long-term effects such as low self-esteem and self-confidence issues.


It was tough for Eren…


However, the reason why he has come this far was that he always focused on inclusiveness.


Inclusiveness is a true key to his success.


“Always including other people was one of the biggest secrets of success that I was able to learn from a young age. That really empowers a lot of people because now, they’re happy to promote you and to bridge the gap between anything that you need to succeed.”

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Inclusiveness leads to more engagement and other positive outcomes.


Like people taking the reins and helping you out when you truly need it.


Using his clients as motivation.


Being inspired by your clients is a wonderful experience.


Because in the real world, clients come to coaches to be inspired…


As for Eren, “It’s like this cycle where one hand is washing the other. “


“I would see how they’re pushing it and their mindset. And how they had this desire to never give up when we’re doing training sessions. I would see that. I recognized that and I use that to empower myself. And I think it’s really empowering as a coach to be inspired by your clients.”


The impact of fitness on the other areas of his life.


“I took my competitive career as a professional athlete as a checklist. Every single thing that I was doing was like one by one.”


 That kind of discipline transcends into all aspects of Eren’s life. 


Being in the fitness industry and succeeding in it has been incredibly important to all the other businesses he’s been involved with. 


He believes that discipline teaches you a lot of things, especially in the world of business…

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“It teaches you to be functional, to show up… It teaches you organization, proper preparation, planning ahead… It teaches you a competitive mindset, like seeing other people you’re going up against, it lights you up.”


Delivering results


I’ve spoken to hundreds of coaches and the best ones are the ones that do it because they GENUINELY love what they do. 


And the money is just a by-product of how much value they give or how much they care.


“I sometimes see things in them that maybe others don’t or have never actually acknowledged. Something that maybe they themselves can’t see. And I like to bring light to that. I like to empower people. I wanna leave people better off than how I found them.”


For Eren, it comes down to not just body awareness but understanding what the client is capable of.


More than nutrition plans and workout programs…


It’s about empowering the client to become self-dependent.


To strengthen who they are and to be aware of what they should focus on and what they shouldn’t focus on.


“I’m not just here to change the physical. I’m here to change the mental, psychological, and spiritual. I look at it as a whole piece because it has to work in unison. Everything has to work together as a fully functioning machine if you wanna be truly successful.”


Eren has coached thousands of people and not all of them got the same results…


Some skyrocketed, got results quickly, and were able to maintain it, while others didn’t really get the results that they should even though they’re working with him. 


People who get phenomenal results 


Those who get average results


Eren told me the top 3 qualities that separate the ones that succeed from the ones that don’t are:


  • Commitment


When somebody is committed, he just can’t lose. 


When somebody shows up 100% of the time, you’ll know that he’s serious. 


“I know that if I have you here in my presence I can either if you’re not in a good mood I can uplift your mood, I can motivate you, I can empower you, I can inspire you in some way, and let’s say if we’re talking about working out for example then I know that a little bit is more than nothing at all.”


  • Discipline


Eren said that discipline is important in achieving great results.


He can’t be with his clients 24/7…


And if the discipline factor isn’t there, it’s like taking one step forward then taking two steps back.


“Every time I see that client, now it’s kind of like alright now we’re gonna waste time talking about why you weren’t following the plan, and what happened and why… There are always different things that distract us from actually achieving the goal that we set for.”


  • A powerful WHY


Every goal must be accompanied by a powerful WHY. 


Because let’s face it…


Sticking to a regular exercise schedule is the most difficult part.


However, having a strong WHY will keep people from giving up.


“Being able to remind your client of the WHY that they set out for is very important. Because it’s that second that they’re about to give up and that intrinsic motivation needs to kick in, I’m like hey remember why you’re doing this.”


Having these three qualities is important not just in fitness but in any endeavor in life. 


They will help you succeed and achieve excellence.


These are the qualities that separate winners from everyone else.


If you want to learn more about the Legend himself, you can check out his Instagram by clicking here

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