Frank Den Blanken: From IT Guy to 8-Figure Fitness Business Owner

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“I’m not gonna be stuck in an office for 40 hours a week writing reports about how bad the security is.” 

Frank thought he loved IT and computer science but found out he wasn’t passionate about it. 


He played basketball and football in school and wasn’t the best at it…


Until he discovered fitness at 15 years-old and realized how good he was at it. 


Frank was easily bench pressing 40kgs at only 15! 


Fitness was the first thing he was really good at so that became his passion. 


After leaving the IT space, he became a personal trainer. And started training clients 1 on 1 in the gym, getting them insane results. 


There was only so much time in a day and he couldn’t train more clients. 


That’s when he started looking online and found his (now) mentor, Vince Delmonte. 


Within the first year of working with Vince Delmonte…


“In one year, I 28 X’ed my company and it just exploded.”


Now, Frank runs an online, 8-figure fitness business with a team of over 80 people changing the lives of thousands of men and women with his fitness coaching programs. 


I could tell Frank wasn’t just a great fitness coach with all the transformations he shared with me, but the bookshelf in his office told he was a knowledgeable business owner. 


If you read this article to the end, you’ll learn how Frank took his online fitness business to 7-figures in only one year, and how you can apply his strategies and tips to take your business to the next level too.  


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The 2 Changes That Skyrocketed Frank’s Fitness Business from 6-Figures to 7-Figures


“All the big guys I know in the space that make more than 7, 8-figures, they make most of their revenue from email.” 


  • You Need an Email List 


One of the biggest mistakes of building an online business is relying on only one social media channel. 


Most fitness coaches rely on Instagram or Facebook to grow their business…but, what happens if your account gets shut down? 


What happens if you’ve maximized your audience?


Or…what do you do when lead flow is down?


If you’re just starting or you’re stuck at the 6-figure mark, Frank recommends that all fitness coaches build an email list. 


Not only is it safe and secure, it’s another channel for building a relationship with your audience and generating clients. 


  1. “You’re gonna need a team. I didn’t hit 7-figures by myself.” 


Frank tried taking his business to 7-figures by himself…


“It’s impossible, I tried it, I didn’t come close.” 


Think about it, you have to create content, generate leads, write workout and nutrition plans, do check-in calls, sales calls, and juggle it with your personal life. 


You’re gonna burn out trying to build a 7-figure empire as a one-man show. 


Frank recommends that you find great trainers to coach clients for you. 


That frees your mental bandwidth to focus on scaling the business by creating content, marketing yourself, and turning leads into high-paying clients. 


Now, you might be thinking…


“What if I hire trainers that want to start their own business?” 


This is what Frank does within his business… 


“I find people who are an intrapreneur, not an entrepreneur. If they’re the person that’s money orientated, they’re never gonna stay. But if you get the person that wants more knowledge, those are perfect for coaching.”


Bottom line: You have to find and hire the right trainers. 


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The Most Pivotal Changes That Allowed Frank To Scale from 6-Figures to 7-Figures 


Instead of throwing a bunch of tactics on how you can grow your business…


Frank focused on giving the biggest needle movers that took his business to the million dollar mark. 


Here’s the 4 things that we’re most pivotal:


  • Have a clear marketing schedule 


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin 


If it’s one major lesson I’ve learned from every 7-figure and 8-figure entrepreneur I’ve spoken to is that they’re INTENTIONAL about everything they do. 


And that includes your marketing schedule.


Frank knows exactly what he’s promoting and what times of the month he’s promoting a program at. 


“When do we promote what…So every month, we just promote one program, very hard. And then 3 weeks we build up with value. Having a system like that really helped.” 


  • Keep your offer simple 


One of the biggest mistakes fitness coaches make when they launch their online business is promoting a low-ticket offer. 


But, most fitness coaches don’t have a big following so it’s hard to scale your business to 7-figures with a low ticket offer. 


Frank focuses on consistently selling one big, high-ticket offer because that’s where you provide the most value and can charge the most. 


  • Email Marketing – mail your list 5-7 times a week 


As mentioned earlier in this article, Email marketing is a key component of any 7-figure and above online business.


You need to maximize every channel that your customers are hanging out at. 


Mailing your list 5-7 times a week allows you to build a close relationship with the list and promote your high-ticket offer. 


  • “What gets measured, gets improved.” -Peter Drucker


Just like your fitness, if you want to make improvements…you need to keep track of your numbers. 


If you want to get stronger, you track your sets, reps, and the amount of weight you use every workout. 


The same applies to your business…


You need to track data. 


You cannot improve your marketing and your sales process if you don’t have the numbers. 


“We started tracking like crazy, ‘How many conversations did we start? Where are those people in the conversations? Who do we need to follow up with?’” 


Having the numbers allows you to destroy the bottlenecks that are slowing down sales. 


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The Social Platforms You Need To Be On To Hit The Million-Dollar Mark 


I mentioned earlier in the article that you can’t just rely on one social media channel to grow your business…


So, which platforms are the most important to be on? 


This is what Frank recommends…


If you have a YouTube channel with a big audience…that’s the best platform to be on, especially for selling high-ticket coaching. 


Now, if you don’t have a massive following on Youtube, these are the 3 platforms you need to dominate, even if you’re just starting out: 


  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Email list 


If you focus on marketing yourself on these 3 platforms, you’ll hit the 7-figure mark just like Frank. 


Frank’s Top 3 Pieces Of Advice For Fitness Coaches Building Their Online Fitness Business


Tony Robbins says that “Success is 80% psychology and 20% skill.” 


It’s undeniable that every successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur thinks at a higher level than the average person. 


Frank didn’t have any crazy talent for being an entrepreneur, he just understood what it took to get there and then took action to build his business. 


Here’s a snapshot of Frank’s multi-million dollar mindset: 


  • You gotta prioritize your day


“I see a lot of entrepreneurs waste time browsing on social media. Like everyday, think of 3 things that move your business forward.” -Frank


It could be as simple as adding 30 people a day on facebook, making a stronger call-to-action on an instagram story, or tracking sales data from last month. 


Focus on doing something to grow your business everyday and it will compound to massive results overtime. 


  • The 80/20 rule for creating content that puts money in your bank 


Frank sees content creation like a bank account. 


“If you want to make a withdrawal and get clients, you first need to deposit before you get trust from people.”


This is Frank’s framework for how he creates content and then “withdraws” clients from it. 


“A ratio for me is like the 80/20 percent rule. I need to do at least 8 pieces of content with value before I can make a withdrawal and get people into my word and sign them up. Otherwise it won’t work.” 


Instead of ask, ask, ask…Frank leads with the giving hand first. 


And I couldn’t agree with him more, leading with the giving hand is one of the most underrated strategies for building a million-dollar audience. 


  • Always keep learning 


If you’re the most successful person in your environment, then it’s time to change environments. 


You only grow as much as your environment. 


“I thought I knew a lot a few years back already, and then I meet people and they’re so smart, I’m so dumb.


“Always learn and get better. I like Atomic Habits by James Clear…improve 1% each day and that will lead to 37% growth every year.” 


Don’t let pride and ego get in your way, be humble. 


The most successful entrepreneurs never stop learning because they know there’s never a cap, there’s always room for growth. 

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Final Words From Frank


What I love about Frank’s story is how he cut straight to the chase with his answers. 


There isn’t any fancy formula for building a thriving, online fitness empire…it’s simple once you break down what action steps you need to take. 


Here’s Frank’s final words for fitness coaches:


  1. “Make sure you have a great program that actually gets results. You have to be convinced that if you do your own program yourself, you’ll get insane results.”


  1. “Start studying marketing. Marketing will make you way better than any program you can write.”


  1. “Find like minded people around you, that’s helped me a lot. To get people around me that are also growing.” 


If you’d like to learn more about Frank, you can go to his Instagram page here. 


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