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If You Feel Lazy & Unmotivated, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! | Andrew Huberman

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If You Feel Lazy & Unmotivated, THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! | Andrew Huberman

“Dopamine is not a new topic. People have been obsessing and hearing about dopamine and its role in human behavior for years. You may think of it as the feel-good happy hormone, or you may associate it with addiction, love, lust and sex. As our lives convert over to a totally digital experience that is with us everywhere we are in the form of a cell phone, dopamine detox has even started gaining in popularity. Dr. Andrew Huberman from the Huberman Lab is back again to unpack some of the more surprising discoveries and uses of dopamine. He cleverly relates dopamine to being a biological currency that has a role to play in human desire for more. Dopamine is the catalyst pushing humanity forward exploring things like cryptocurrency and pushing our limitations and what is possible, but is all of that for the sake of pleasure and feeling good? Dr. Huberman breaks down the eternal balance of pain and pleasure, arousal and relaxation and gives you the insight you need to start regulating your body’s dopamine release. If you thought dopamine was all about feeling good, Dr. Huberman is about to reveal why it’s more about what motivates you in the pursuit of something greater.” – Tom Bilyeu

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►Spoken by: Andrew Huberman.
Change Your BRAIN By Using These Hacks to Increase Your DOPAMINE | Dr. Andrew Huberman: youtu.be/xLORsLlcT48

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