INSIDE: 4 Steps You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Get Into Trading Profitably in 2021.

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4 Simple Steps COMPLETE BEGINNERS Should Do To Start Making Money On The Foreign Exchange Markets this 2021 and beyond.

Here’s something really obvious not many people think about: Money can’t magically just disappear. It has to go from one place to another.

If you can figure out where money is going these days, you’ll be able to make money trading FOREX in just a few weeks even as a complete beginner.

Isn’t it amazing if you could just start waking up to an extra $1000-$3000 every single day from your laptop (even your smartphone)?

Of course. But that’s just nothing but a fantasy… or is it?

There are two types of traders that trade the financial markets. Traders that trade based on emotions and “what they feel or think” is a good trade.

Amateurs tend to get a “feel” of the trade and say to themselves “oh this trade looks really good, I’m gonna go big on this one” and they get really excited about a trade because they THINK they found a real winner.

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And they increase their trade sizes and bet their farm on it, and a lot of the time, this normally doesn’t always workout the way they want to.

On the other hand of the spectrum…

We have professional traders who have methodical trading plans that have SYSTEMS and PROCESSES that help them find profitable “trade set-ups”.

They use SMART SYSTEMS to find the opportunities, they have a checklist of things to see if they want to proceed with the trade…

And if everything checks out, they will place the trade and let it play out.

Overtime, they will make a ridiculous amount of money with discipline, emotional control, and great risk management.

They are focused, controlled, and are systematic in the way that they approach the things that they do in trading.

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In this blog, I’ll show you a few things that you need to KNOW and DO before you even start trading the financial markets.

Now, as a beginner who wants to make money online…

Chances are you’ve probably seen so many ways to make money online:


  • Trading stocks, forex, crypto, etc…
  • Ecommerce
  • Doing surveys
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And so many more…

All of which are really great ways to make money, and all have different pros and cons.

But just like every normal human being on the planet, having more choices makes things even more confusing.

However, if there’s one thing that applies to all in today’s fast changing world where anything could happen…

Figuring things out all on your own will be the last thing you’d want to do… especially when it comes to trading the Financial Markets in 2021.

Look, as I’ve said, there’s many ways you can start making money online.

But if you want something that’s extremely straightforward I’d recommend getting into forex.

There’s nothing in the world that’s more straightforward than understanding the concept of buying things you know will increase in value…

And selling things you know will decrease in value.

If you want to become a successful trader:


  • You don’t have to become a genius marketer to make money
  • You don’t need to be an ultra-creative Instagram influencer
  • You don’t even have to be a good salesman

Develop the skill to predict the rise and fall of currencies, and that skill will literally take care of you in any condition.

There’s many ways to explain how YOU TOO can start making money trading the FOREX markets with nothing but your phone and laptop.

But if I was to teach how TRADING FOREX works to a 10 year old, here’s how I would explain it:


What is FOREX?

FOREX (AKA Foreign Exchange Markets) is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world.

There’s literally 6.6 TRILLION dollars that is being traded every 24hrs.

That dwarfs the midget thousand-dollar paychecks that my students and I make on Team LFG.

In a nutshell, the FOREX market is where currency traders around the world exchange a currency of one country against another.

If you’ve traveled to another country, chances are you’ve exchanged your own currency to that country’s currency.

That means you’ve already participated in FOREX without even knowing about it.


There’s roughly 6.6 trillion US dollars per day that’s being traded in the Forex Markets.

There are many entities that are involved in this exciting industry. 


  • institutional investors, 
  • central banks, 
  • private banks, 
  • corporations, 
  • and individual traders (like me and my students)


All of which are trading around the world… including individual trades like my students and I.

How you too… can start making money trading Forex, using your phone.

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Forex traders make money by buying or selling one currency against its other currency pair. 

Specifically speaking, traders make money by buying a currency at a lower price, and selling it a higher price.

And reversely, they can also make money by selling a currency at a higher price, and buying it back at a lower price.

This only means one thing: The more you can successfully predict the increase (or decrease) of the value of a certain currency…

The faster you’ll make MORE money in trading the financial markets.

Because of the advancement of technology and Artificial intelligence…

You don’t have to travel to another country to buy and sell currencies.

You can now do that just from your phone, and make money from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.


The IMPORTANT question: How do you accurately predict the rise & fall of the value of currencies around the world?

Well, there’s many ways to do it, it’s really about finding what works for you.

There are complicated FOREX TRADING strategies that will take you 10hrs a day staring at complicated-looking-charts.

These are the traders who love the excitement of FAST-PACED trading.

They like to get in and out of trades quickly which is why these kinds of trades have to keep staring at the charts for hours every single day.

There are also trading strategies that are for people who prefer to spend an hour or even less a day, place a trade, and see what happens this week.

These are traders who love slow-paced trading wherein you’ll be able to see your money grow nicely over time.

And then there’s me…

An individual forex trader who likes to follow the trades of profitable traders who have been doing this for years…

And use the incredible power of Artificial Intelligence that can scan the markets over a million times in less than a second.

It’s a big reason why I’m able to consistently make money in just a few weeks instead of going the long route.

Long story short, there are ways to start making money in the Foreign Exchange market without having to be a MASTER TRADER.

Clue: follow the exact footsteps of a master trader who has UNDENIABLE proven track records for years.

With that said:

Here are the 4 simple steps you should be doing right now, if you want to make money as a complete beginner trader:

1) Stop Trying to Figure out the Stock Market On Your Own. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN WORLD CLAS TRAINING

This is the most crucial step if you want to become a successful FOREX trader in the fastest time humanly possible.

And that is to UNDERSTAND what you’re doing. 

Nothing in the world is better than the feeling of doing something that you know you truly understand.

It’s about getting your fundamentals right, because if you don’t…

What will end up happening is that you’re like a basketball player spending 8hrs a day shooting in the wrong way.

And the only thing that’s waiting for you, is a future of getting very good at shooting in the wrong way. (or trading in the wrong way in this context.)

That’s why it is important to IMMERSE YOURSELF in world-class training that will get your fundamentals right…

Which will allow you to UNDERSTAND what you’re doing.

2) Get WORLD-CLASS EXPERT FEEDBACK from PRO Forex-Traders in a live environment.

I love reading books, and I love watching videos. But the one thing I don’t like about them is that I can’t ask them questions.

More than that, they can’t give me hands-on guidance.

The only way I can do that, is finding a mentor or a coach that can show me the ropes live.

I’ve always been a fan of HANDS-ON MENTORING and COACHING since it makes me learn really fast.

It was the very same experience as I was learning how to Trade the FOREX MARKET.

Now that you’ve gotten your fundamentals right.

The next thing you want to do is to start stepping it up and go for LIVE MENTORSHIP where you can get LIVE-EXPERT-FEEDBACK.

This is where you’ll be able to see the FUNDAMENTALS being implemented in action by the PROs.

3) Learn from PRO Forex-Traders in a live environment.

The third step is to start dramatically increasing your consistent profitability with the aid of AI (AKA Artificial Intelligence).

If you don’t understand what you’re doing, and you skip the fundamentals part, or if you don’t have expert feedback on what you’re doing…

Chances are, you won’t even understand what or how the AI is even telling you to do.

But at this phase, you’ve already understood trading deeply.

You know the terminologies, what they mean, and all the good stuff.

The next step is to finally get help from certain proprietary software that has a brain that is 1 million times faster than the human brain…

And the intelligence of 1000 WORLD-CLASS traders helping you analyze the markets and get in one the right trades with abnormally high accuracy. 


For my case, I use AI Softwares that tell me:

  • What kind of currencies to invest in
  • When to get inside your trades
  • What direction the trade is gonna be
  • how much of your capital to invest
  • How much you could potentially put in your pockets
  • How much you could potentially lose 


The best part? You’ll know all of that before you could even enter a trade.

Here’s what step 3 will essentially do for you when it comes to trading FOREX:


4) COPY AND PASTE profitable trades placed by VETERAN FOREX traders day in and day out.

There are traders who trade on their own, and there are traders who follow the trades of incredible individuals.

I’m part of the latter… why? Because it saves me time and even gives me more ideas that I wouldn’t have otherwise found on my own.

The crucial part here is that you have to GET THE FUNDAMENTALS right.

You don’t want to be a mindlessly following the trades.

But all you really have to do here is to confirm the trades of the VETERANS through all the things that you’ve learned on the first three steps.

That’s pretty much a dumb-down step by step process that you can use to go from beginner…

From absolutely zero, to becoming consistently profitable in the fastest time humanly possible.

This way, your road to profitability is dramatically shorter…

Your odds of succeeding are significantly higher…

And you get to learn the ropes with way less potential downside.

By any chance, if you want to find a ONE-STOP place where you’ll be able to go through all those 4-STEPS right away…

Then you’re a perfect fit to become part of TEAM LFG. 

We’re a team, a family, and most importantly, a movement composed of dedicated traders who have one goal:

TO INSPIRE THE INNER LEADERS hiding inside of everyone around the world.

If the thought of being part of an extremely driven and passionate team where you get to hang out with me and all the other members excites you.


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– Jason Stone

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