Work Like A Slave To Live Like A King

pexels mike 189528 scaled


pexels mike 189528 scaled

Are you willing to work like a slave now to live like a king later?

Will you do whatever it takes to get ahead?

Do your dreams really matter to you as much as you think they do?

Only you will be able to answer these questions and only you have the ability to stop making excuses and finally put in the work you need to do to get ahead.

There is no easy way, no simple plan, no magic pill. If you want to be successful you have to work tirelessly and perhaps even ruthlessly to achieve your goals.

That in no way means you need to sacrifice your values or morals but it does mean that you have to be willing to commit yourself to your path and the steps that you need to take to get ahead.

Are you someone who is always looking for the easy way out?

Do you frequently make and then abandon goals?

Will you lean in to adversity even if it hurts?

The most successful people in life are absolutely tireless.

They approach life with a natural tenacity that allows them to strategically focus on everything that they need to achieve the things they want.

They make personal and professional development a priority, they manage their time wisely, they do not make poor choices around their diets, wellness, relaxation or fitness.

They are willing to put in hard work and long hours to get ahead.

Are you willing to ask the right questions?

Can you handle the hard truths?

Do you think you are really cut out for this?

Being an entrepreneur is as much about working through blood, sweat and tears as it is about holding onto some elusive sense of control or success.

Moments of triumph can be fast and fleeting. One moment you’re up and the world is your oyster, the next, you’re back to the struggle, back to the grind, no better than before.

There are no guarantees in life and even less when you are seeking to be a self made man or woman.

Will you seize opportunities as they arise or be paralyzed by fear?

Do you really know what you want or are you chasing someone else’s goal?

When the time comes, will you do what it takes?

Your life as an entrepreneur is never going to be simple, neat or mellow.

You will need to put in long hours, juggle multiple competing perspectives.

At the end of the day, you might be forced to accept that not knowing is even more valuable than thinking you know.

Sometime far in the distant future, this may or may not be worth it and only you can decide that.

This is your life.

This is your chance.

Are you going to make the best of what you’ve got?

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