5 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

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Picking a good domain name can be a challenge. We understand this below we’ve put together 5 great tips to consider when choosing one for your business.

  1. It should be brand able

What we mean here is that you should make short enough that it will fit great on a business card, ad, billboard, or anywhere you might wish to promote it. Don’t make it so long that people forget it or have trouble remembering it. A good rule of thumb is 8 or less syllables.

  1. Make it easy to say

Pretend you are having a nice conversation at a cocktail party. If someone asks about your business and what your domain name is, you want to be able to tell them once. You don’t want to have to do is tell them 3 or 4 times, spell it out, and then have to write it down for them.

Best practice is to keep it easy to spell and simple to remember and you’ll be golden.

  1. Imagine it being say through the radio

Pretend you’ve bought an ad over the radio and you are in your car and your commercial comes on. Think out how it would sound coming through your speakers. When you’re buying ads like this, time is money. Therefore, you want the announcer to be able to say your domain name once or twice and not have to spell it out.

If it is easy to spell and remember, then the announcer won’t have to take any time explaining avoidable things like spelling it. This is also easier for the passengers to remember as well.

  1. Avoid using hyphens

Another thing to avoid are hyphens when choosing your domain. Again, picture yourself having to tell someone or it coming over the radio.  You are better off if the domain doesn’t need to be explained as, “hyphen . . . hyphen. . .” in between words. This just sounds choppy and not as smooth.

  1. Avoid numbers

Many times we see websites that use numbers in them. For example, “www.motiv8edforlife.com”. Notice the number 8 in the middle of the domain name. In this scenario, you would have to pause and explain that there is actually a number in your domain, and that it’s not actually the word “motivated”.

You can see how this can be confusing in all aspects and takes time to explain that could have been avoided. Make it easier for people to remember by avoiding numbers in your domain name.


Hopefully these 5 tips can steer you in the right direction when considering your domain name. All-in-all, if you take these into consideration and avoid them, your domain name should be poised in position to give your business great results!

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