Freelancing, Is It For You?

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pexels andrea piacquadio 3769726 scaled

Why you should considering the new paradigms of work

If you are trying to get ahead with your entrepreneurial ambitions, maybe it is time you considered how the new paradigms shaping the digital office environment in 2017 could help you to expand your earnings and better attack your ever evolving to-do list.

Enter the Freelance Revolution

This is the new paradigm in organizational culture which is allowing firms everywhere to secure the specific skills they need, regardless of where this talent is located in the world. With the advanced communications infrastructure that is at the core of the modern business environment, it is very possible to work with globally dispersed teams while still being nimble, communicative and mission focused.

Entrepreneurs and individual subject area experts are realizing that they can leverage their specific talent with a global pool of prospective employers by utilizing top freelance marketplaces such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Zirtual, 99Designs, TopTal, Gigster, and Folyo. Freelancing gigs offer a lot of benefits to the talented people. With the freedom to work for as many employers as one wishes, being tied to geographical location or the will of a single management structure cease to exist. Once on board, nationally and globally dispersed teams are collaborating on project management apps like Asana, BaseCamp, Slack, Trello, Jira, Podio, Zoho. 

A whole new class of workers today consider themselves digital nomads explicitly because they are connected to the freelance work environment and utilize the freedom it offers to be able to set up shop and travel while in engaged with many of the same professional activities and skills they used to have to do from a traditional on-site office environment. In many cases, as long as a prospective freelancer has access to their personal computer and a stable wifi connection, they are able to work just about anywhere in the world at any given time once they have established themselves and begun to build a reputation which the niche industries they serve.

Gone are the days of setting up shop with one job and riding the trajectory of your career growth through that firm until you finally land neatly just where you planned to be all along. In today’s labor market, there are opportunities everywhere. Savvy employees realize this and instead of being tied down to one job or even one labor market, they use the freelance and remote working environments to secure side gigs and projects which offer freedom and control over earning potential.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you are looking for ways to build capital or better leverage your unique talents, perhaps it’s time to start looking into how you could use the global freelance marketplace to expand your reach and secure the future you deserve. The world is changing. The internet is connecting people in profound and exciting ways. These are things to be at the forefront of and to embrace. If you are looking for new ways to earn revenue, you need to consider how lucrative it could be for you to market your talents on a project by project basis.

Whether you build a service providing Shopify marketplace or start offering your graphic design creations some place like Creative Market, there are millions of ways to bolster your income, freedom and fulfillment by looking into the benefits of project by project, gig by gig based freelance roles.

The freelance revolution is underway, will you be a part of it?

Even if you are completely overwhelmed with your own projects and cannot possibly consider taking on any extra work, the global freelance marketplace can benefit you as well. You see, around the world their are people with the talents you need. Instead of struggling through areas of your business which are extremely challenging or time consuming, you could hire specific subject area or niche specific experts to sort out your tasks for you. Instead of having to hire more staff, you can hire specific help to allow you to put out fires as they blaze up and before they get out of control.

If you want to simplify the process of hiring and acquiring talent, maybe it’s time you considered the global freelance marketplace!

Simplifying Talent Acquisition: Utilizing the Global Freelancer Marketplace for Recruitment

Eventually, to advance your goals, you are going to need to begin to pursue recruitment of the best and most talented employees you can possibly find. As the saying goes: “Rome wasn’t build in a day”; well it also wasn’t built single handedly either! For as much as the aspiring business leader or entrepreneur can achieve on their own, that number grows exponentially every time he or she is able to bolster their team. This is where the power of recruitment comes in: bringing in the right people, at the right time, for the right price and with the right organizational dynamics in place is a tough a calculus no doubt but with the global freelancer talent pool, it doesn’t have to be!

The global marketplace of freelance human capital simplifies talent acquisition because it very vastly extends the search radius of your recruitment efforts. Instead of being limited to only content area experts that live within your local region, platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Zirtual, 99Designs, TopTal, Gigster, Folyo etc makes it very easy and possible to attract applicants from the other side of the country and literally around the world. The more choice you have in hiring, the better results. Additionally, instead of needing to allocate resources to cover salary and benefits, you can pay your freelancer directly for the work they do for you without having to take on other commitments. It is the perfect system because it allows your freelance expert the freedom to work for as many firms as they like while as the employer you retain the freedom and flexibility to stay in control of your company’s changing needs.

Expand your potential and maximize your reach, utilize the global Freelance talent acquisition marketplace and watch all your troubles disappear. You may recruit long term staff or you may simply address the emerging challenges of the day. With the marketplace, you are in control and you benefit. Recruitment of experts can and will change your game but it doesn’t have to threaten your vision. By utilizing content area freelance experts you gain access to all the education, insight and creativity of market leaders but you retain the flexibility and control to guide your company as you see fit. Your new freelance staff appreciates the freedom they receive in being paid fairly for exactly the work they do while also receiving the ability to retain more control of their work, life balance and overall earning potential.

If you have been putting off, or possibly struggling to meet your talent acquisition goals, you need to consider what hiring some project specific freelance staff can do to boost your firm’s recruitment of human capital. With all the amazing freelance platforms available across the web and catering to every imaginable subset of professional skill imaginable, recruiting expert talent is a seamless and easy process which has tangible benefits for both your firm as well as your new  staff. The time has come to check out why the remote, freelance workforce revolution is one of the hottest solutions sweeping international business in various sectors.

The revolution is underway, will you be a part of it?

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