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Uber is quite simply the easiest and most straightforward way to save time, effort and money on your commute. Whether you own your own car or take public transportation with regularity, you will find that a switch to Uber will offer you more time to attend to the things you need to do and less time spent getting frustrated in traffic or having to contend with the rush hour shuffle in the local bus or train terminal. Think about it: instead of driving, instead of feeling squished like a sardine into a tiny and exceptionally overheated subway car, what if you could be in a completely comfortable, climate controlled modern vehicle being driven by a friendly and courteous driver?

The extra time and peace of mind that Uber offers me is a true benefit that adds value to my life and daily commuting and recreational travel experiences. I have used this service in many markets across the United States and I feel it is an excellent choice. Whether you are someone who commutes regularly into an urban area using a personal vehicle or the public transport system, you could  probably benefit from the quality of having a more peaceful and restorative commute then they are used to.

Once I realized this, it was a major game changer, I saw that instead of battling traffic, I could spend time while traveling working on personal development, business, and other relaxing or restorative things which made the whole commuting and travel process that much more efficient. Uber allowed me to save time and get more done. What entrepreneur or executive wouldn’t love that?

There is good reason why Uber has created so much controversy. In just a few short years, this upstart company has offered millions of drivers the ability to earn extra money driving other normal people like themselves around for fare rates that are mutually appealing to both parties. It’s a system which disrupts many of the traditional taxi and car service pricing schemes in most major markets. If you are someone who is on the go in the United States, Uber is pretty ubiquitous. In just about every major and even many smaller and more rural markets, Uber has a presence simply because even in those less busy markets, drivers are still interested in making some extra money when they can.

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Since I first tried this service several years ago, it has become an integral part of how I travel. Being a busy person who is often on the go in new markets and cities, I have found Uber drivers to be exceptionally reliable local experts in most cases who can really make it easier to travel in and around a new place.

In most major markets that I travel to, there are always a wide array of car services and public transport options. Learning the ins and outs of these when just flying in to take care of some business can be a hassle, this is where, for me, the convenience factor of Uber really shines.

If you are someone who frequently uses car services or public transport frequently, why  haven’t tried Uber just yet, what is holding you back?

Convenient and Discreet Pick Up

You won’t need to give much thought to meeting your car service when you use the straightforward Uber app. Simply request a ride and you are free to stay in the comfort of your home or wherever you are getting the things you need to done instead of having to walk to the bus station or go wait on the curb. In the markets where Uber is most successful, it is likely for your driver to arrive in as little as one minute. This means you won’t have to wait on a telephone line working with a dispatcher. It also means that you can save a great deal of time by relying on the convenience of a service that can get a driver to your exact location with so little fuss. 

Convenient Payment Options 

Instead of having to search around for the right amount of cash, with Uber you can simply thank your driver and then exit. Your payment is automated through the app itself and your receipt is delivered digitally.

Uber’s pricing system is extremely straightforward and fairly. Typically, standard car services charge you by the mile driven. Uber works in a similar way, and will charge you for every mile, providing you travel at least 11 miles per hour. If you are going less than 11 miles per hour such as if you are stuck in traffic or otherwise crawling through a busy urban area, then you get charged for every minute that you are on the road. That means that the person that is driving you across the city is getting paid a fair wage and Uber is still able to provide services at extremely affordable prices. There are also constant coupons and other discounts to be found for Uber. I have taken many a free and discounted ride.

Convenient Dispute Resolution

Every Uber receipt comes with a GPS linked route map, so if your driver tried to bilk you for extra money by taking an efficient route, you can challenge this. I have never had an issue of this nature but I have used the Uber route maps to retrace my way around areas I was unfamiliar with. Being able to look at a map and recollect a trip can really offers you an advantage which makes it easier to go back and visit that really cool restaurant you saw out of the corner of your eye while on a trip. 


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Convenient Service

Because Uber allows you to rate their drivers and deactivates those who do not perform well, you are extremely likely to be driven around by friendly and competent people. The drivers have a clear incentive to maintain a clean, orderly vehicle and to offer exceptional levels of customer service.

Now not every city or market is like this so your mileage may vary but for so many entrepreneurs, the rush of either driving or using public transport to get to and from work or other obligations can create major stress. This is time that you could be utilizing in a better way if you had the convenience of someone to drive you.

Convenient Credit Card Rewards

If you carry various types of credit cards from Chase or American Express, you can earn extra rewards by using Uber. These can really add up if you use the service as much as I have.

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