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Social media is changing the world as we know it. Every day, people around the world, are utilizing the advanced modern telecommunications infrastructure and the power of their smart phones, tablets and computers to create a new landscape of connection, insight and meaning. Today, social media doesn’t refer to a single platform, tool or app but instead refers to a vast global constellation of connected products, services and opportunities. In essence, social media is a new paradigm of experience which is bringing people closer to the things they love. This is great for all the citizens of the world and it might even be even better for all the global businesses seeking to reach them.

Social media is driving a revolution in the business world which is as useful for small startup endeavors as it is for the largest of enterprise level corporations. All around the world, companies are learning that by connecting with social media meaningfully, they are better able to meet, understand and influence the behaviors of their customers. By creating high quality content, brands are able to tell their stories and the people that enjoy it are able to learn more about the things that are meaningful to them.

In this way, social media is built on reciprocity. That is, it opens a channel between businesses and their target audiences. Both groups receive tangible and intangible benefits from interacting meaningfully with social media content. The absolute best data around this behavior illustrates a very conclusive point: social media marketing campaigns, when wielded effectively, can boost sales, engagement and reputation in clear and increasingly measurable ways which offer clear advantages over other traditional marketing and advertising approaches.

Every once and awhile a product or service comes to my attention that I know that I have to share with my readership because I know it will help them to take greater control over their lives. If you have been following Millionaire Mentor, then you know that I value the control that comes from proper management of finances, matched with the willpower, ambition and a natural tenacity to succeed. These combined create the super saiyan known in the business world as the entrepreneur: builder of worlds, innovator.

Many of us strive to be, few of us will make it and it’s not for the reasons you might expect. Harnessing the true power of the entrepreneur, especially for those who do not have immediate access to liquid capital is a test of the intellect and a battle of the spirit. With the right choices in this monopoly like game of life you can secure your place in history and your seat at the champions table.

I never imagined my life would be where it is today. It certainly didn’t happen overnight but then I always believed in the value of hard work. Whether in building my body and athletic ability, or harnessing the power of my mind in academic laboratories and libraries, I always knew I had to work hard to get ahead. This is THE cornerstone my friends. Without it, there is no foundation, no building or bridge to the future.

There is no question in my mind, the best way to set yourself up for success is to commit yourself not so much to a vision or an ideal but to a level of exertion. Once you are sweating you are almost there. Look the purpose of this article is not to drill into your head the notion that you need to pound yourself into the ground to succeed. It is true you will need to put your head down and commit your will in ways you might not even be able to imagine yet. But you will.

Just by reading the Millionaire Mentor you are setting yourself up for success and that’s why I, Jason Stone, Founder and CEO of Treadstone Performance among many other successful ecommerce businesses and ventures am here to tell you about Zero to Launch!

“Zero to Launch: Cleared For Take Off”

Zero to Launch is an action orientated growth hacking system that will radically transform the way you view yourself, the expertise you offer the world as well as the way you interact with the world around you and earn an income. It is a plan that will support the growth of your business but it is so much more than that.

Ramit Sethi the mastermind who designed Zero to Launch is a certified New York Time’s Best Selling Author and the founder of A Stanford grad who knew he had to find a pathway to success and wealth while preparing to earn his undergraduate degree, Ramit became a financial guru by assisting over 1,000,000 people with his materials and platforms like Zero to Launch.

Zero to Launch is set of principles which in keeping with the core values of Millionaire Mentor, will take you into yourself to learn how to see the value and profitability in what you already know and value. Applying these strategies to your life will unlock new and unprecedented growth opportunities!


Zero to Launch is an educational strategy that will challenge you to think about your personality, past experience, unique social and professional networks in potentially radically new ways. You do not need to have a business strategy, product, or service in mind to use this program to harness the ability to generate revenue along multiple pathways simply by embracing the things you really love and believe in.

This is one of the absolute best aspects of Zero to Launch. It was designed to place right within your hands a sequential process that you can undertake to conduct market research and gain insight into which approaches will be the most profitable for your specific aspirations and ambitions . This is a system which will only benefit you more based on the amount of time that you put into it but it is also a system which can shift the perspectives of those who are already wildly successful in unique niches, regions or markets.

With Zero to Launch:

  • You will gain insight into how to best package and market your unique bases of knowledge and expertise.
  • You will secure knowledge of how to test the profitability of concepts to help you save time and focus your efforts.
  • You will access the wisdom you need to enter global marketplaces and unlock sustainable active and passive income streams across multiple channels, niches and markets.


Zero to Launch has an incredibly impressive global track record of success. This is not a plan that someone hatched overnight, it has come into fruition and has been tested over the last 10+ years, in more than 35 industries and over 15,000+ subscribers. This is an online strategy for designing the perfect online business. It neatly packages many unique and essential strategies into easy to follow ways that will ensure you meet success as you follow the plan. It is designed to challenge you and offer you the ability to gain mastery step by step in a very logical and intuitive way. This system, all of the course work, the ongoing support network and all the components of Zero to Launch are available forever. That’s right! This program includes lifetime access and support!

Zero to Launch will guide you in how to look within yourself, how to launch a profitable concept. You will gain insight into web design and digital marketing. You will realize new ways to present yourself online and across the multiple channels of social media. You will find value in marketing yourself uniquely across multiple global channels.

This business and marketing strategy education tool kit contains over 40 hours of unique high quality video content that will provide a constant reference as you dive deep into your dreams and start making serious money with your web business. The material will help you to build a website that converts and makes sales. You will have access to teardowns, case studies and behind the scenes analysis from product launches, rebrandings and many other advanced marketing actions and procedures that Zero to Launch have used in their global business.

Zero to Launch:

  • Combines a wealth of learning materials in various formats which will allow learners of all levels to advance their knowledge and self mastery.
  • Applies expertise derived from years of global success and innovation.
  • Focuses your attention where it is needed most and helps you to stay on task.
  • Guides you towards sustainably profitable concepts based on the bases of knowledge and skills you already have.


The sky’s the limit with Zero to Launch. This program has lead to successful growth for thousands of people around the world. This is not some get rich plan and it is not some simple investment scheme. It will require hard work and dedication but if you are ready to transform your life and realize unprecedented wealth and success by harnessing your truest potential and ambitions then Zero to Launch will open up pathways for the growth you deserve.

If you lean into this material and make it a part of your daily growth and personal development, it will pay lasting dividends in the way it transforms the way you brand yourself and secure an income. These strategies are backed with tons of data and promise success for those who are willing to pay attention and leverage their expertise in the ways this program supports. This Millionaire Mentor certified growth hacking and it can take you to the next level. Stop wondering and start achieving!


In my honest opinion, the aspect of the Zero to Launch Toolkit that is the most impressive to me is the access it offers to experts. That’s right, by signing up for the program, for your entire life, you will have access to 1-on-1 business coaching and growth coaching!

The Accelerator Program will allow you to have two dedicated business coaches as well as a supportive community manager. These are people that will be behind the growth of your brand in every possible way and will help iron out any and all issues keeping you from reaching the engagement or revenue numbers you need.

You will have access to 10 hours of coaching per week. This is broken down to cover specific time for adjusting your messaging and copywriting, time to modify business strategy as well as time to vent and make projections for the future growth of your website and brand. This level of support is truly unprecedented and allows even the most unsavvy of entrepreneurs to find their way to water by following the well trodden path of experts and industry leaders.

You won’t be an island, with Accelerator you are a welcome member of a trusted business community. This formalized social network of advanced Zero to Launch users will allow you to again learn from the best and brightest. Rather than compete, you will be able to meet up with those doing similar things to you to gain feedback and insight which will make the difference in your growth and success.


In Accelerator, you get access to two coaches and a community manager, each focused on a specific aspect of helping you grow your business:

Primoz Bozic, Accelerator’s Business Coach (who used Zero to Launch to build a business that generated over $40,000 in just a few months) will help you identify a profitable idea, target the right market, and get you started quickly.

Marc Aarons, Accelerator’s Copywriting Coach, will help you write mouthwatering copy once you have your business idea defined, your website set up, and are ready to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

Diana Tower, Accelerator’s Community Manager, will help you kick your pesky limiting scripts to the curb so you can trust the system and make your online business dreams a reality.

HOW Zero to Launch WORKS

Zero to Launch is an online, 8-week video based course. All videos are transcribed and downloadable so you can review them when it is most convenient for you and your team. Though videos are one of the core learning mediums employed there are additional supplements of all kinds in the form of case studies, market research, white papers and other worksheets, scripts, narratives and articles.

Once you sign up to the program, you will receive access to the materials on a weekly basis. The release of material is purposeful as the coursework is designed with 5 to 10 hours of weekly time spent on the material in mind. It really doesn’t matter if you want to take more or less time than that as you will have full lifetime access to all of these materials. As with many educational or personal enrichment based endeavors, the more time you put into Zero to Launch, the faster you will advance.

Zero to Launch: ALL SYSTEMS GO

 If you are ready to launch a vibrant and sustainable career by marketing the expertise you already have then you need to sign up for Zero to Launch!

This is not a strategy that will work with every type of business idea and it is very important that you know what this system is and what it is not. This is not a business education suite that will give you generalized knowledge about online businesses. There are many of those out there and I have recommended some right here on the pages of Millionaire Mentor before.

Zero to Launch is a plan that will offer the most benefit to those who are interested in learning about how to brand themselves and develop business strategies based on marketing self knowledge and expertise. To give you a hint, Millionaire Mentor is a web platform that is based on my self knowledge and expertise.

For a limited time and just for the readers of the Millionaire Mentor, Zero to Launch is being offered at an exclusive price that you will not be able to find anywhere else. To gain access to a proven wealth building strategy follow this link: Zero to Launch: All Systems Go!!!

If you are ready to discover earning potential and freedom like you never knew possible, you need to head over to Zero to Launch and get started today!

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