How To Be A Great Mentor

We often get asked the question of how to be a great mentor. We’ve helped hundreds of successful individuals who are in a leadership role who know they are in a role to be a mentor, but often need to make sure they are doing what it takes to be a great one.

The first thing to recognize is that you ARE a mentor. That in itself is a responsibility to understand before moving forward. Below are some additional tips that you can make sure that you are doing

  1. Be Committed

This is an important first step for you to do as a mentor. Once you know that you are committed, then you will be able to see to it that your mentee will be in good hands throughout their journey – or at least until they are ready to go on their own. As a mentor, you should know how importance the idea of commitment is in order to attain success, and this principle is the same in this mentor/mentee relationship.

  1. Be Patient

As a mentor, you will need to be patient with your mentee. Often times, the mentee will want answers, advice, and can often wonder why they aren’t seeing results manifest in the way at which they would want. You must be patient yourself in order to instill the patience in your mentee.

  1. Listen

In order to have the ability to share the appropriate circumstantial wisdom with your mentee, it is vital that you be a good listener. A good mentor will ask the questions they need to, and listen open-mindedly to the mentee’s answers. Quite often, the mentee’s situation will mirror a similar situation that you as a mentor have been in before. When this happens, you’ll have the full ability to share your experiences and lessons with the mentee.

  1. Be Compassionate and Supportive

Often times your mentee will be either going into, in the middle, or coming out of a difficult or trying situation. These are times where you will want to understand this and be sure to show compassion and support. You will know the journey your mentee is on, so be sure to remember this as you are helping him/her develop.

  1. Be a role model

Simple, yet the most important point on the list. Always set the example of how a successful person should act. Act with positivity, confidence, and be the person who you would have wanted in your mentee’s situation.

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