Justin Feldman: The “Wealthy Body 4B” Framework To Dominating Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships As A High Performing Entrepreneur

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“He had multiple successful clients making more money than they knew what to do with…who ended up committing suicide because they were in such a dark place in other areas of life.”

That’s insane.


As I was interviewing Justin Feldman, founder of one of Wealthy Body – The World’s #1 Holistic Health Coaching Program For Entrepreneurs…


He was telling me a story about how… 


“In one of my masterminds, we had a guest speaker, his name was Alex Charfen, he has a 9-figure business and he’s worked with 6 or 7 billionaires.


He could have easily spoken for hours about different business strategies…


However, he didn’t.


He spoke about physical health, mental health, and overcoming your trauma.




Because while implementing effective strategies are important to growing the business…


…what’s more important is: The man running the business.


Alex went on to tell us he’s helped thousands of people become millionaires…and even coached 6 or 7 billionaires…


Yet, they all had one thing in common…


They were trying to fill a “hole” inside of themselves that wasn’t possible to fill through money alone.


“In fact, he had multiple successful clients making more money than they knew what to do with…who ended up committing suicide because they were in such a dark place in all other areas of their life.”


Have you ever questioned why you became an entrepreneur in the first place? 


Did you want to leave your 9-5 job to be your own boss?


Is it to create a freedom-filled life?


Or to build generational wealth? 


Whatever answers your brain came up with…I challenge you to go deeper on those questions. 


After interviewing Justin, he raised my standards on what it means to be a successful, high performing entrepreneur…


Who dominates, not just in business, but also with my health and relationships. 


But, first, who is Justin Feldman? 


And how the hell did he start the World’s #1 Holistic Health Coaching Program For Entrepreneurs? 


It all started when he was born with clubfeet.


“When I was a baby, I was born with club feet. My feet were sideways and they had to cut my tibial tendon and rotate my feet back into place.”




Now, while they were able to place Justin’s feet back into place…


It didn’t solve the problem. 


One night, when Justin was 13 or 14 years old, he silently collapsed. 


It was winter time in Florida… 


“I was walking my dog outside. At one point, I got down on the ground and lied on the floor…


I could literally feel the road touching my skin. I was just so doped up, so depressed, I was almost on the verge of crying, just feeling terrible.”


That was Justin’s rock bottom moment. 


From a young age, Justin learned that… 


“Without your body, without your health, you don’t have anything.


I was dealing with stuff that most people don’t deal with until their 50s, 60s, and 70s. I realized, ‘Shit, I need my health to be on point.” 


Have you ever hit rock bottom with your health? Your business? Your relationships? How did it feel? 


“All the pain we go through is essentially God giving us these struggles to go to where we need to go in life.”


Retreat Social Proof


That’s what led Justin to becoming a personal trainer to then, building Wealthy Body… 


Helping men from all over the world transform their body, their health, and their lifestyle…


Using the Wealthy Body 4B Framework. 


The 4 B’s stand for: 

  1. Body
  2. Being
  3. Business 
  4. Brotherhood


So, if you’re a busy entrepreneur struggling to transform your body…


And you feel like there’s something blocking you from living a balanced, freedom filled life…


In this article, you’ll learn how his 4B framework can help you seamlessly integrate fitness into your busy lifestyle…


Without sacrificing your health, your business, and your relationships.


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The Wealthy Body 4B Framework To Dominating Your Health, Wealth, and Relationships


1.Body – Optimizing The Ferrari That Drives You To Your Freedom Filled Life


Your body is a ferrari, if you’re not putting high quality fuel, you’re not taking care of it, it doesn’t matter how nice the car is or what the potential of the car is, you’re not gonna perform at a high level.”


Body is the first B in the 4B framework because it’s your foundation. 


If you think of a pyramid, the body is the bottom. 


“If you were building a house and you don’t build a solid foundation, if a hurricane or storm comes through, it crumbles down.”


Nothing else matters if your body is weak, tired, and malnourished. 


For example, bad posture kills focus because when you’re slouched for hours working on your business…


You’re cutting off the blood flow from your heart to your brain to the rest of your body. 


This kills your energy levels. 


So, how do you build a strong foundation? 


Justin mentions the 6 elements of health to capitalize on your body:

  1. Breathing 
  2. Thinking 
  3. Sleeping 
  4. Movement
  5. Hydration
  6. Nutrition 


How is your breathing? Are you breathing shallowly from your chest? Or breathing deep from your belly? 


Your breathing directly affects your mentality. People who breathe deeper are in control of their thoughts and emotions. 


People who breathe shallowly from their chest are stressed out and can’t think clearly. 


This translates to your performance in business. 


Now, optimizing your body like a ferrari is important…


However…“The physical shift isn’t enough, it’s about doing the work, the deep work.”


This brings us to the next B – Being.


2.Being – Making Peace With The Mental War That Entrepreneurs Battle


“Google what’s the best diet to lose weight. Guess how many responses you’re gonna get? It’s 450 million. So, the information is there, but why are people struggling to see results?” 


In our interview, Justin talks about one of his clients, Mike…


Who’s lost over 400lbs cumulatively in his life but could never keep the weight off. 


“He gains 40lbs, then loses 30lbs. Then he gains 50lbs, then loses 20lbs. He keeps going on this route because he hasn’t stepped into the identity he’s looking to become.” 


Maybe you know a friend, co-worker, business partner, or someone in your family who’s gone through this “up and down” cycle in their fitness journey… 


Or even in their business or relationships. 


“We’re so held back. Yes, we can make a physical transformation, but there’s the mental war we go through every single day.” 


Being is “not sexy stuff”, it’s looking at the blockages…


The limiting beliefs that are chaining you down from attacking your life. 


Is this resonating with you? 


How have limiting beliefs held you back from achieving your dream body? Closing a life-changing business deal? Attracting your dream partner?


Limiting beliefs are sickening. 


But, why are they there? 


They typically come from our childhood. 


“I was on ADD medication since I was 8 or 9 years old. I grew up believing that I was too loud, too obnoxious, and that being me wasn’t good enough.


Once I made a physical transformation, I was seeing change happen but I didn’t believe I could keep it and was worthy of having it.”


You’ve probably felt the same way – if you’ve ever made a dramatic body transformation. 


Or you hit a milestone in business but self-sabotaged because you didn’t feel worthy of having a successful business. 


So, what’s Justin’s recommendation for dialling in your Being? 


Step into the belief system that you ARE worthy of doing this.


Before After


“It’s not about how we can get rid of them, but how we can start facing what is going on. There’s a lot of shadow work to be done.” 


Now, once you dial in your body and being…


How do you integrate it with performing at a high level in your business? 


Let’s jump to the third B – Business.


3. Business – Ascend From The Rat Race That Entrepreneurs Unconsciously Create For Themselves


If you had to pick between two ways of living, which one would you choose?


  1. A life where your business comes before your health and your relationships (you put yourself last and work 10-12 hour days with zero fun time)


  1. A lifestyle where you put your health and your relationships while sustainably building your business (an integrated life) 


I’d choose the latter. 


“Craig Ballantyne, one of my mentors, says ‘You don’t want your life to revolve around your business, you want your business to revolve around your life.” 


Take a step back and zoom out. 


How many hours are you spending on your business per day? Per week? 


Do you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor? 


For many entrepreneurs, that’s not the case. 


In fact, many entrepreneurs unconsciously create a business that is no better than someone clocking in at a 9-5 job. 


They’ve created an “entrepreneur’s rat race” for themselves. 


Now, is that what you really want? 


“People talk about the rat race, getting out of the 9-5, creating your own business. But, why did we step into this entrepreneurial lifestyle in the first place? 


It’s to create freedom in our life. So, inside of business we have to be productive and perform.” 




Before Justin started Wealthy Body…


He was doing email marketing and copywriting for multiple 7-figure fitness businesses. (If you’re on Instagram, you’ve heard of them.) 


“I woke up at 6am, grabbed my computer and started working. I put my health to the side because that season of my life was making money, building my business.”


Justin’s stress levels were so high that he had debilitating migraines 3-4 times a week. 


Has your brain and body backfired on you like this? 


It’s not an ideal place for a super driven, ambitious, Type A personality entrepreneur to be in. 


If you’ve gone through this or you’re going through this right now… 


Here’s Justin’s advice on how to integrate your business with your body and being:


“Script your day out. Have a structure. 


Find a system where time is no longer an excuse. 


That’s business, having systems in play that allow you to make time for everything, so that you can operate at the highest level possible.” 


Now, once you’ve built your body, your being, and your business…


How do you keep it alive? 


Better yet, how do you take all of this to the next level? 


That’s where the last B comes into play – Brotherhood. 


4. Brotherhood – Iron Sharpens Iron


“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” -Dan Pena


Who are you surrounding yourself with? 


As entrepreneurs, we all know how important our environment is. Because when we hit roadblocks, it’s easy for us to sink back to old ways. 


But, when you have the right people around you…your brothers, your community, your team, or your network. Whatever you wanna call it. 


You’re held accountable to your goals. 


“Most people operate out of obligation, I believe in order to sustain something long term, you must operate out of inspiration.


How you create chronic inspiration, it’s ultimately gonna come down to being around that over and over again.”


A big part of Justin’s Wealthy Body program is that he hosts in-person retreats every 3 months with his clients…




Most male entrepreneurs isolate themselves, the retreats allow men to get in a safe space to express themselves and connect with other men. 


Bonfire Proof


“You can have all the 3 B’s, but if you don’t have a support system, the right people, the environment, you’re ultimately gonna sink back down.”


Your environment upholds the standards you’re going to operate at. 


“Poor people hang out with poor people. Rich people hang out with rich people. You are going to be a product of your environment.”


So, when things hit the fan…


“One of my past mentors, Brandon Carter, he always used to say “When life gets tough, You don’t ever rise to your potential, you sink to your standards.” 


Who do you wanna be around when life gets tough? 


That’s the power of having a brotherhood. A support system. 


You’re unbreakable. 


Final Words From Justin 


Cabin Authority Shot 1


What I love about Justin’s story and his approach is how he ties everything together holistically…


…into a simple framework for entrepreneurs who want to dominate their health, wealth and relationships. 


The 4B framework: “Is essentially what I crafted for my business, for myself and my clients.


It’s just 4 pillars I live by, a system in our lives to get everything in.” 


Here’s some final words from Justin…


“We work so damn hard to create this life of freedom. But, why do we want that? 


As human beings, I believe we’re all connected to each other on a deeper, spiritual level. 


If you neglect yourself to create good in the world, ultimately, you’re just mirroring back into the world, a lack of. 


Going within you is gonna allow you to take the gifts you have to offer and ultimately help other people.”


“To go within, is to go without.” -Osho


If you want to learn more about Justin, check out his Instagram page here.


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