Natalie Jill: How She Went From A Broke, Single, Overweight Mother To A Fit, 50-Year Old Running 2 Multi-Million Dollar Companies

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“I caught a glimpse of myself in this window. Here I was only 36, I saw these bags over my eyes, overweight. I see this frame of myself, but I see there’s more.” 

Back in 2007, Natalie hit rock bottom in her life. 

She just had a baby…

Was going through a divorce…

And had gained a lot of weight while she was pregnant. 

“I’m only 5’2 and gained 60lbs, which on a 5’2 frame, that’s quite a bit.” 

The housing market and stock market had just crashed around this time. 

So, a lot of things were changing for Natalie – in her personal life and the country was living in. 

Maybe you were going through tough times around 2007 because of the market crash. 

But, things changed when Natalie caught a reflection of herself in a window one day. 

“I was walking my daughter and my dogs, I caught a glimpse of myself in this window, like a mirror, having a reflection…

And I just remember having this moment with myself of…

’This is not who you are.’”

She felt like she lost her way of who she was after having her daughter. 

“It was just this crazy moment with myself.” 

That same day, she went home, put her daughter down for a nap…

Turned on the TV…

And saw Lisa Nichols. 

“She really changed my life in that moment because she was talking about vision and the idea of creating future possibility, instead of being in your circumstances.”

She felt like Lisa was speaking directly to her. 

Natalie was inspired by what she was hearing on her TV…

So, she pulled out a magazine to cut out pictures to build her vision board. 

“I remember I made a vision board. 

I put fit girls on there, I put happy moms with daughters, anything that made me feel good.

And I started looking at that board everyday saying ‘if I was the girl on that board, what actions would I take?” 

If you’ve ever made a vision board, you know how life-changing it is. Because it changed Natalie’s life. 

“It was asking myself those vision questions that got me really curious about nutrition and moving my body.” 

She started learning everything about nutrition, movement, and health. 

That’s how Natalie dove into the world of fat loss. 

So, in this article, you’re going to learn how Natalie turned her life around in 2007 when she was just a broke, single, overweight mom…

Weathering the storms of the 2007-2008 market crash and her personal life…

To transforming the lives of thousands of women with her fat loss programs…

Building 2 multi-million dollar companies…

And is in the best shape of her life at 50 years old. 

If you’re going through tough times in your personal life or your business right now…

Reading this article could flip the switch and put you back on track to your vision again. 

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How Natalie Started Her Business Selling A 12-Page Ebook To Her Facebook Friends

14 years ago, Natalie wrote what is now a best selling book in stores…

“7-Day Jumpstart”

7 day Jumpstart

The most inspiring part about this story is that she wrote it in one weekend…

Then shared it to about 100 Facebook friends, selling it for $35.

“I wrote it literally in a weekend because it was my truth, it wasn’t a big master book plan, it was what I walked through.

I knew nothing about internet marketing, I didn’t know what a sales page was, facebook ads, any of that.” 

She shared it and people bought her ebook. 

“And not only did they buy it, they did it, and they got results. They were inspired into action.” 

Her customers would send her happy messages like…

“I lost 7lbs. I feel amazing. I’m feeling energized, focused and confident”

Natalie would screenshot it and share it to inspire more people. 

And that’s how Natalie started her fat loss business that took her from broke and overweight to changing the lives of other women. 

“That took off, it went from 3 sales a day to 10 sales a day to 50 sales a day. That turned into multiple, hundreds, thousands of sales.”

So, what can you learn from this? 

This is the mindset shift that Natalie gave me…

“My business was initially built based on what people need and how can I help them?” 

The more customers she attracted, the more she could hear about their problems and how she can help them. 

“I heard people’s limitations, they didn’t have money, they didn’t have space, so I created at-home workouts.” 

So, you don’t need a fancy website, logo, or sales page to launch your business. 

Which brings me to the next point…

How can you launch a profitable business by creating irresistible offers/products that change people’s lives…

Without needing a fancy website and logo? 

How Natalie Built Her Million-Dollar Products Based On Her Own Journey

“People sometimes build the product and just think the audience is gonna come, it’s actually the opposite.” 

Natalie’s story really stands out to me because she started her fat loss journey by solving her own problems first. 

She learned about health, movement, and nutrition…

Applied what she learned so she could transform her body…

And documented her journey on social media.

That naturally made her an authority to help other single moms like her transform their body too…

Because other single moms watched Natalie document her own transformation…

As a result of that, her followers started asking her questions on how to solve their problems.  

“So, every product I came up with was a result of what people were asking for. You get that going first and from that, you can share a solution.

That’s how you build a product. Not the other way around. It’s a guessing game the other way.”

That’s why you don’t need a fancy website, logo, and branding. 

Because people are looking for solutions to their problems…

A fancy website and logo won’t solve their problems. 

You start your business by providing a solution to people’s problems. 

And if you do what Natalie suggests (by documenting your journey)…

You’ll naturally build an audience of people who want to learn and buy from you. 

“It doesn’t matter your website, your label, your branding. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an audience. So, it’s doing it that way first.” 

The beautiful part about this is that…

Natalie’s business is aligned to her story and her struggles…

And she’s built a multi-million dollar company from it…

While impacting the lives of thousands of women across the globe. 

So, if you want to build a business that’s deeply aligned with you…

Hopefully Natalie’s story shows you what’s possible for you. 

“I work with the type of clients I wanna work with, I spend my days the way I wanna spend them, I have the relationships I wanna have, I’m living that vision.”

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How Natalie Started Her Second Business – Brand Story Expansion, Just By Being Herself 

A lot of people ask Natalie…

“How do you crush it in fat loss, fitness, and have this big social media following? How do I do that too?” 

Natalie is big on building your social media following by sharing authentically who you are. 

She never set out an intention at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, to build Brand Story Expansion…

She built her first business in the fitness space…

And as she got world class at sharing her story, building her brand…she knew how to help other entrepreneurs build their brand too…

That’s how her second, million-dollar company – Brand Story Expansion was born. 

“What happens is when you share authentically who you are, and what you walked through and what you figured out, what you learned, that helps other people. 

Everyone has their own journey and their own story.

I figured this stuff out when I started operating towards my vision. 

That’s how my platform was built, was from me sharing what I was walking through and what I was learning. 

And people started asking questions and I started answering some of them.”

So, if you’re thinking about building your brand online…

But, you’re not sure how to build it by being authentic…

Keep reading.

Natalie’s Definition of How To Be Authentic

“My clients asked me ‘How do I become more authentic?’ 

Just that question alone is not authentic, because if someone has to tell you how to be authentic, that’s not authentic.” 

Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question before too. 

That’s totally normal…

Because the word, “authentic” has been thrown around as this marketing buzz word in the past several years. 

Here’s what Natalie’s definition of what being authentic means… 

“Authenticity is literally sharing your heart, sharing where you are, as your truth without that fear of judgement, without the people-pleasing. 

It’s being who you are, and that’s what makes you unique, makes you stand out.” 

So, when Natalie works with clients, she’s pulling out these factors that make them unique. 

Some questions Natalie asks her clients that you can ask yourself are…

“What’s my unique gift? What’s your unique story? 

And how are you relatable to people because of that?” 

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Your Audience Will Change As You Change – Why Natalie Helps Women In Their 40’s and 50’s

“I evolved my programs with who I am.” 

As Natalie got more dialled in with her own health & fitness…

And went through hormonal changes as a woman…

She evolved her programs with that. 

“I do my total body thrive, which I launch twice a year. It’s an epic experience for them, it’s for women in their 40s and 50s because that’s who I am now. 

I’m not the broke, single mom anymore. 

That’s not my audience anymore, my audience is the women in their 40s and 50s going through changes.” 

So, as you start building your business and your brand…

You’re going to evolve as a person. 

And that’s likely going to reflect in your business. 

That’s the amazing part about entrepreneurship is that you don’t just impact people’s lives and create financial success for yourself…

You also evolve into better versions of yourself.

Now, you’ve seen how Natalie has gone from rags to riches…

You might be thinking…

“How can I start building my business and turn my dreams into reality?” 

That’s where Natalie’s expertise comes in…

It’s not some 10-hour course…

Or a high-level mastermind. 

(Because Natalie didn’t have any of those when she started her first business). 

All you need is this 3-step framework that she shared with me…that I’m gonna share with you. 

Decision, Vision, Action: Natalie’s 3-Step Framework On How To Start Your Business

“Most people jump into action first, I gotta do this program, I gotta create this. They’re all over the place.” 

You’ve probably seen countless motivational, entrepreneurial quotes of “you gotta take action, put in the work.” 

Taking action burns people out… 

Because they’re not clear on where they’re headed with all the actions they’re taking. 

So, they end up nowhere. 

You’ve probably experienced this before. 

Action is actually the LAST step. 

  • Step 1 – Decision

“The first step is actually decision. 

What do you want to create? What are you deciding for yourself?

Get really clear on that decision and then declare your decision.” 

For example, if you wanna build a fitness business…

“Is that online? Who’s the person you wanna work with? Decide everything about that.” 

  • Step 2 – Vision

The second step is, vision. 

“What does that look like when you’ve arrived? How are you gonna be spending your day? What’s the result you’re creating with people? 

Get really laser clear on your vision.” 

If you want to build a fitness business, some questions you might be asking yourself are…

“How are you gonna be in your body around this? Are you gonna be fit and lead by example? Or are you gonna be a work in progress while you’re teaching it? 

Do you have coaches working for you or are you working for yourself?

What is it you want to create?” 

Now, once you’ve gotten crystal clear on the decision you’re making and the vision you want to create…

The last step is taking action. 

  • Step 3 – Action 

“Once you know your decision and your vision, you work backwards. What does that action look like? 

Do I need social media? Do I need a fancy sales page or do I just record myself on video? “

So, starting your business is as simple as that. 

If you feel self-doubt and limiting beliefs coming up…just remember how Natalie started her first business. 

Apply this 3-step framework if you’re serious about building your business and brand.

The Best Way To Grow Your Brand: How Natalie Built Her 534k Instagram Following   

There’s hundreds of strategies and tactics to build your brand on social media…

But, when it comes down to building a solid foundation…

This is how Natalie built her 534k Instagram following. 

“The best way to grow an audience, a brand, a business is to be really freaking good at what you do. Really good at what you do.

Are you standing out at what you do? 

Share your story the best you possibly can.” 

Remember, building a solid foundation for your business ALWAYS starts with you. 

It doesn’t start with any fancy strategies, hacks, and tactics. 

And Natalie’s story is real world proof of that.  

3 Character Attributes That Got Natalie From A Broke, Overweight Mom To Living Her Vision

Natalie Jill Shot

Now, after hearing Natalie’s rags to riches story, I was inspired by it. 

You’re probably inspired by it too. 

That’s why I asked her what character traits she would attribute to her success…

Because I think everyone can learn something valuable from her story. 

Natalie attributed her success to these Top 3 things. 

  • Conviction and Certainty around what you’re good at

“Be really clear about that niche vs. trying to be all things to all people. 

I have no doubt about when I provide a solution for somebody, that I don’t have an answer…that it’s the right solution and answer.” 

You wanna be a master of one thing instead of a “jack of all trades.” 

Trying to be good at everything means you won’t be good at anything. 

So, whatever niche you’re in, dominate it fully. 

“For instance, I don’t sit there and say…

‘Hey anybody that needs help with fat loss come to me. I say women in your 40s, 50s and beyond, who are struggling with this, I’m your person.’

I’m very specific on who I serve.”

  • Learn Sales, Not Marketing

Now, many people are turned off by the word “sales” because they usually associate it with being sleazy and taking advantage of people. 

However, you’ll never operate at your fullest potential as an entrepreneur if you don’t understand sales…

And you can’t build a business if you don’t sell to people. 

If you have a negative association with sales…

Here’s the mindset switch to make;

“Sales, to me, is providing a value-added solution to someone’s problem. 

If you have a solution to a problem and you don’t wanna share it because you’re worried about how you’re gonna come off, that’s selfish. 

If you can actually help somebody with your gift, why aren’t you doing it?

Sales is listening, understanding your audience, providing a solution that you actually have.

So, learning really how to be great at that.” 

Now, what about marketing? 

“Marketing is trying to be all things to all people. And trying to get a message out in all different directions, that’s very different.” 

Sales and marketing aren’t the same. 

  • Be Yourself 

Yeah, I know. 

You’ve heard this countless times. 

And while it sounds cliche, this is a timeless trait that the most successful people embody. 

But, what does Natalie mean exactly when she says “be yourself?”

“Being yourself is all sides of a funnel. 

You know people are looking at the funnel. ‘How do I create my premium? What’s my gift? What’s my target? How do I use ads?

All those questions, great. We’re giving them too much popularity and credit. 

How can you be yourself very very well? How can I show up and share the real you?” 

This is what connects people to you. 

Which brings me to the final words Natalie left on our interview on how she connects with her audience by being herself… 

Final Words From Natalie 

“No one’s gonna find you by hiding. 

You gotta put it out there, you gotta let people know. 

That you hear them and that you can help. And do it with conviction and certainty.” 

The biggest lesson you can learn from Natalie’s story is how powerful and life changing it can be when you authentically share who you are.

Here’s a quick story she shared with me… 

“When I looked at my last year, I only had 22 epic experiences. 

I thought there’s 365 days in a year, I’m 50 years old, I don’t wanna live a life where there’s only 22 epic days out of 365. That’s not what I want.”

That really got me thinking too.

I’d invite you to zoom out and think about how fully you’re living your life too. 

So, Natalie decided to do something about this. 

“I decided for 30 days, no matter what, I was gonna take on something new for 30 days. 

I’m on day 27 of this recording, it’s been very challenging but the most fun month I’ve ever had in my life. 

I’ve been sharing it everyday on my social media as I’ve been going along with it on my journey…

Because that’s my way of deciding and declaring, I’m sharing. 

Did it affect my likes and comments? Yeah, people are like this isn’t what I follow you for. 

But, the person that is in my world, is following my journey because they get what I’m working through. 

So, me sharing that is an example of me being authentic, sharing what I’m walking through.” 

Hopefully, Natalie’s story inspires you to start being authentic and sharing what you’re going through…

So, that you can build a business, a brand that’s aligned to who you are. 

If you’d like to learn more about Natalie, you can go to her Instagram page here. 

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