The Perfect Social Media List Building Strategy

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Using social media effectively is all about building connections and generating engagement. It provides the perfect opportunity to learn about your customers wants and answer to their desires. Social media list building should always have a clear focus: to convert social media contacts into subscribers, buyers, and satisfied long-term customers.

Converting Your Social Media Contacts into a Profitable Buyers List

That conversion takes place when you produce high-value content and marketing tools designed to capture the user information you need to succeed. To send emails to your audience, you need to create lists of your users’ email information. Landing pages and newsletters are some important ways you can capture user information from your social media followers.

As you keep reading, we will discuss other important methods for attracting your audience, qualifying them as prospects and converting them into satisfied customers.

The Winning Formula: Email Marketing and Social Media List Building

With a clear strategy and sales funnel in place for qualifying buyers, your social media list building will be a key asset for your online business. It’s important to understand that not all people who encounter your marketing efforts will want to buy immediately.

Many will need to build a relationship with your brand before they will ever consider spending money with you. You will need to find a way to generate FOMO or a fear of missing out. Scarcity drives sales and can be used to leverage the emotions of your target audience.

Fear, gain, and logic are powerful leverage points that can allow you to influence your target audience. Social media and email marketing are the perfect vehicles for building a relationship and exploiting these points with your target audience. Social media gives your audience a feel for your brand; email lets you target your messaging even further.

As advantageous as social media is, email is the premier communication tool for business. More people use email and the channel has greater trust in the eyes of the general public. As you build an email list you are creating an incredible asset that can provide the key to long-term, passive income.

Building a profitable buyers list can take some time. Unlike prospect or lead lists, a buyer’s list will generate 10 times more profit. This list is a valuable asset which you alone control and have sole ownership over. The rewards are well worth the efforts.

The profits are in the follow-up and the slow drip. With social media and email marketing, you can lead prospective buyers through activities which will qualify them for bigger purchases down the line. With the right structure for converting leads into buyers, your profits soar.

Converting cold offers into warm prospects and red-hot sales volume requires having the right strategy. Social media list building begins with content marketing.

Building a Relationship with your Social Media Lists

Building a social following on a blog or social network requires high-value content which speaks to a target audience in their unique emotional language. It requires engaging with this audience on a personal level and providing content which enriches their experience.

You want to schedule your social media posts and marketing emails to be delivered at regular intervals. When you provide a consistent drip of quality content, your audience is able to get a better feel for your brand and unique value proposition.

Relationship and credibility with your audience define your success in social media. When you are viewed as an authority, your messaging converts much better. People look forward to your posts and are genuinely excited to champion your brand.

If you consistently repeat your messages or post content which is not relevant to your audience, they will tune you out. This is why it is so important to spend the time and effort to create high-value content that will enrich and excite your target market.

A successful content marketing strategy will focus your efforts on speaking to the niches most relevant to the product or service you are marketing. Seeking out your target market is as easy as searching for the keywords most relevant to your brand.

Your social media list building will take place across the following social networks and communication channels:

Social Media Channels

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Less is more when it comes to social media marketing. Instead of trying to do it all, focus your attention on the social network which best matches your brand. Once you build a substantive following there, branch out.

Don’t try to have a presence on each and every network at once, especially if you are just starting. Choosing an option like Facebook, because it is so large and caters to every niche; YouTube, because you can produce high-quality video content; or LinkedIn, because you have a B2B service or product to sell, is probably the best.

Once you’ve decided where to focus your energy, it is important to put yourself in the center of conversation with other influencers relevant to your industry. On Facebook, you might accomplish this by searching for brands which sell different product categories to the same niches you are going after and engaging with these brands.

For instance, if you are trying to market a  high-end business opportunity such as Digital Altitude, you might consider seeking out brands which seek to sell products to entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses.

Off the top of my head, some brands that might come to mind could include email marketing companies like Aweber, Get Response or Online Sales Pro. Seeking these brands out on Facebook will help you come into contact with more people who are likely to be interested in a business opportunity like Digital Altitude.

Another option could be to seek out relevant groups. Keywords such as “Work From Home”, “Digital Marketing”, or “Digital Nomad” could all be very useful for connecting with people who would enjoy learning more about a business opportunity like Digital Altitude.

As you start to build your own audience on your social media pages, you will begin to acquire prospects. These are people who have liked or followed your social media pages. Depending on the social network you have chosen to use, you may or may not be able to start sending emails to these people right away.

In most cases, you will need to convert your social media followers into bonafide prospects by specifically asking your followers to opt-in.

Building Your Social Media Lists

You will build your prospect list by getting your social media followers to take specific actions such as signing up for a newsletter, offering their email address on a landing page or signing up to watch a webinar you are offering.

There are many, many ways to generate leads or prospects. You will have to explore your options to find what the best fit is for your brand and target audience.

If your sales funnels are designed effectively, you will very easily be able to convert followers into prospects and then buyers.

The following tools can be useful for building a responsive prospect list:

Prospect List

Generated With:

Landing pages


Live events


Product launches


Each of these options allows you to build a more substantial relationship with your social media followers. They offer you their contact details and you provide value that is relevant to their desires. Each of these will allow you to bring more targeted email marketing content to your social media followers.

Sales conversions occur when people purchase the products or services you are offering. Often you will need to bring people into your buyers’ list with lower ticket items as you build a relationship and the conditions for larger sales.

Buyers List

Converted With:


Training Programs

Physical products

Travel Packages

Conversion Rate Optimization 101: Write Email Headlines that Influence

Clicks lead to results!

When people open your emails and are influenced by the information you present, this leads to results for your brand and it’s growth. Everyone gets a million emails a day so it is very important to design email headlines that attract interest and clicks.

Which of the following headlines would you click on?

  1. This is my latest blog
  2. Don’t miss this
  3. How to Be a Millionaire in 5 Steps
  4. Digital Marketing Article #33
  5. Huge Sale. Buy Now

If #3 caught your eye, then you are not alone. IMO this one clearly stands out to the rest while at the same time offers a bit of mystery, speaks directly to the interests and concerns of my audience and adds value to their experience and aspirations.

Rise to the Top

Most people realistically get over 100 emails a day. Being able to rise to the top of people’s minds so that yours actually get’s read should be a major focus of your marketing endeavors. It’s not enough to have a huge email list if people don’t actually read your emails or check out the links your send to them.

I have built a list with over 400,000 contacts and trust me, being able to boost the conversion rate even slightly translates into massive profits for me and my brand. Millionaire Mentor would not be what it is today without people clicking my emails and opting in.

To influence behavior and drive conversions, follow these principles:

Short, Punchy Headlines

People are very likely to read your email on a mobile device. As a result, something short is much more easily read. You want your headline to be punchy meaning it is something that attracts interest and speaks to your target audience in the tone and emotional language they use.

In the case of my example above: Be a Millionaire in 5 Steps, it is slightly mysterious and vague. These can actually be great qualities for an email headline because like a great mystery novel, they encourage the reader to click so they can satisfy their curiosity. Everyone loves solving a mystery.

Especially one that is based on clues which can offer them the things they want and hope to achieve in life. At the end of the day, creating something memorable and intriguing should be your goal.

Sell the Dream

One of the easiest headline templates you can ever use is: “How to…” as in:

How to build passive income streams

How to manage a successful blog

How to become a top digital marketer

These are all very simple and straight to the point but you know what? They tend to do very well and convert.

To take things a step forward, consider solving a problem and counter a fear. A way to do this could be the following:

How to build passive income with the skills you already have

How to build a blog that people will actually read

How to be the top digital marketer in any niche

In each of these cases, I took the simple How to headline and added on something extra to make it a little punchier and to counter a fear that my reader might have about what I am proposing.

Smooth and Functional Sales Language

Do not discuss sales, discounts, or amazing unbeatable prices. These heavy-handed and overly aggressive sales phrases will not get you far with readers.

In many cases, people are not interested in being sold to. There are advertisements literally everywhere and when people know they are being sold to, they often tune out.

This is precisely why content marketing has emerged as such a game changer. Do not be direct, be smooth, coy and cunning. Embed your sales language into email content which speaks to the concerns, wants and wishes of your audience. Save the heavy-handed stuff for the content if need be but by all means, do not use these phrases in your headline if you want people to actually read the email!

Test, Improve, Optimize

You can almost always split up the headlines you use and see which one converts more. When you do this and say, send 100 emails with one headline and 100 emails with a second headline, you will see which one leads to more follow-ups.

In time as you continue to test, improve and optimize your headlines, you will know what phrases and keywords are the most influential to the audience you are hoping to reach. Testing is an essential element of marketing and it will let you get way more strategic and scientific with how you approach your overall content marketing.

Convert like a Boss

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is king when it comes to growing your brand and its global reputation. Every little step you do to boost conversions even slightly translates into more earnings and influence.

Make sure you do everything in your abilities to maximize your conversion rate!


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