Twitter is working on introducing voice and video calls

Twitter is working on Introducing voice and video calls.

Twitter is working on introducing voice and video calls

Twitter is working on Introducing voice and video calls.

Twitter has been known primarily as a text-based social media platform and now twitter is working on introducing voice and video calls. However, in recent years, the company has been exploring ways to expand its offerings beyond just text-based content.

Twitter’s Plans for Voice and Video Calls.

Twitter has been experimenting with voice and video features for some time. In 2020, the company launched audio tweets, which allowed users to record and share short audio clips. More recently, Twitter began testing Spaces, a feature that allows users to join and participate in live audio conversations with others on the platform.

In addition to these features, Twitter has confirmed that it is working on introducing voice and video calls. According to a job listing posted by the company, Twitter is looking for a product manager to “lead a team focused on building the next generation of conversational products and experiences that will enable people to connect in ways that are meaningful, human and delightful.”

While Twitter has not yet provided any specific details on what these voice and video features will look like, it’s likely that they will be integrated into the existing Twitter app. This would make it easier for users to make voice and video calls without having to switch to a separate app.

What This Means for Users.

The introduction of voice and video calls on Twitter could have several benefits for users. First, it could make it easier for people to connect with others on the platform. While Twitter has traditionally been a text-based platform, adding voice and video calls would allow users to communicate more effectively and in real-time.

In addition, voice and video calls could make it easier for people to conduct business on Twitter. For example, journalists could conduct interviews with sources, while businesses could use the platform to conduct virtual meetings with clients.

However, there are also concerns about the potential misuse of voice and video calls on Twitter. For example, there is a risk of harassment and abuse, as has been seen with other social media platforms that have introduced voice and video features.

To address these concerns, Twitter will need to implement strong moderation tools to prevent harassment and abuse. The company will also need to ensure that users have control over who they communicate with and who can contact them on the platform.


Twitter’s plans to introduce voice and video calls represent a significant expansion of the platform’s capabilities. While there are concerns about the potential misuse of these features, they also have the potential to make Twitter a more effective tool for communication and collaboration. As Twitter continues to develop these features, it will be important for the company to prioritize user safety and ensure that these features are implemented in a way that promotes healthy communication on the platform.

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