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20 Reasons WordPress is Top Choice for Commercial Websites

1. Totally Free Service

Whether you are just getting started in business or just starting to bridge the gap to building a digital presence for your already established venture, WordPress is a great choice for entrepreneurs because it packs a ton of utility into a totally FREE base product.

2. Useful Right Away

You won’t need a ton on add-ons to utilize the core functionality of WordPress. This means less time struggling and more time creating profit. After installation, you are ready to start building your reputation and engaging your target market.

3. Nimble

Whether you are building a personal blog or ecommerce destination, WordPress is highly adaptable to many needs. It is the kind product designed to fulfill a wide variety of business applications for SME’s to Enterprise level customers.

4. SEO Optimization

WordPress is built on an infrastructure that is extremely compatible with modern search engines like Google. Web Pages are better optimized by design then many other competitor pages built on rival CMS’s.

5. Secure Transactions and Data Integrity

WordPress since it’s launch, has taken a really intensive stance towards providing constant updates to ensure it’s websites are totally safe and secure. While any website can be a target to hackers, the popularity of WordPress internationally has allowed it to attract top information security human capital to ensure it remains strongly guarded and secure.

6. Totally Customizable

With thousands of templates, plugins and themes available both for free and cost, there is truly an ever expanding landscape of possibility with WordPress. Stay at the forefront of design with a system that is celebrated around the world as a top choice platform for building a digital platform.

7. Good for Beginners and Experts Alike

WordPress is known for having a 5-Minute Installation Time. This means it is very easy to pick up and play regardless of what your level of technical expertise might be. Even you can build a beautiful and highly functional WordPress site!

8. Community of Global Support

The global WordPress community is very well established both in the form of dedicated experts employed by the firm itself as well as by the users around the world that just love this product. Unlike other CMS’ systems,  there are a wealth of tutorials, forums and opportunities for best in class customer services that other competitors just can’t match.

9. Seamlessly Embed Pictures, Video, Audio Content

WordPress makes it extremely easy to include multimedia content with every post you create. Your content will look beautiful and aesthetic on the system as well. There is even the ability to edit media content on the fly with a built in design studio.

10. Mobile Mastery

As I have mentioned numerous times in the past, being accessible on the mobile web is one of the most important factors guiding success in the modern digital business landscape. Your website needs to look good where people access it and increasingly that is from smartphones and tablets. WordPress has you covered here. Every site scales beautifully to the mobile web.

11. Plays Well with Your Other Toys

WordPress integrates exceptionally well with other top business tools across social media, messaging, email delivery and ecommerce services. Add the pieces you already are using and don’t miss a beat. Add the platforms that are already core elements of your business management strategy with ease.

12. FutureProofed

WordPress is constantly updated for security and functionality. All themes, plugins and other tools it works with update automatically to ensure you are always running the best, most easily accessible and secure site possible.

13. Versatile for Business

WordPress built it’s name in the blogosphere but it can do so much more than blogs. Create any type of website you desire on the same simple and highly intuitive platform!

14.Build Your Reputation

Because of WordPress’s Blog pedigree, it has an incredible amount of features designed to help you reach your target market and drive engagement. From support for email chains, social media posting, comment sections and so much more, WordPress has all the tools you need to build an audience of support.

15. Costs Contained

Not only is WordPress a totally free piece of software, because of how well it is maintained and supported, kyou are unlikely to have to spend money to buy additional design and IT maintenance services.

16. Optimized Storefronts

All the top Ecommerce solutions work well with WordPress. Create your store and start selling in just a few hours time. Plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Shopify and Shop are all supported by WordPress.

17. Hosting Options

WordPress can be hosted anywhere you like. You are in control. As your business scales, you can move to a faster and more secure host with ease. Don’t let downtime or network speeds get you down!

18. Always Look Sharp

With 1000’s of free themes, you can always ensure your website looks its best. So many of the free design tools on WordPress are designed by internationally renowned creatives. It is very easy to use totally free plugins and themes to create a truly modern and highly attractive website.

19. Become a Subscription or Membership Site

With WordPress you can build a member’s only website. Once you have a loyal base of fans this shift could add additional pathways to commoditize your presence.

20. One Click Publishing, Scheduled Posts

Business is time consuming but with WordPress, updating does not have to be. Publish directly with the simple press of a button. There is additional support to allow you to schedule posts based on when you have the most traffic. With built in analytic tools, you will have the insight you need to build your empire!

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